Hands-On with Gigabyte’s GSmart Lineup of Android Phones at Computex


Gigabyte was at Computex showing off not one, but three new Android handsets in their GSmart lineup, all of which aim to bring a full Android experience at a low price, starting in the mid-$200 range. The GSmart G1310, G1315, and G1317D all run Android 2.2 and feature dual-SIM support. The handsets don’t look all that bad either, as you can see in the above hands-on video courtesy of our buddy Charbax. Nothing here will knock your socks off, but we like where Gigabyte is going.

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  1. what about the other specs? CPU? RAM? Display?


  2. That GSmart logo resembles the Smart car logo.

  3. Maybe they can make some quality handsets for the prepaid market. Which may force Plans to compete price-wise wise with both phones and service… Competition Baby! 

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