T-Mobile to Increase Price on G2x Due to Supply Constraints?


Well this is just the most backwards thing we have ever heard, if true. T-Mobile, due to recent supposed shortage issues, will be increasing the price of the T-Mobile G2x once it’s back on store shelves, according to an inside document sent to TmoNews. New owners would need to pay $300 after a $50 rebate. It’s quite an unusual move as the price of consumer technology tends to go down over time, not up.

There are a couple of different things T-Mobile could be thinking here. The first obvious reaction for most of you is that they’re looking to capitalize on an opportunity to squeeze more money out of customers. I would say that this is the wrong way of thinking about it, though, as T-Mobile gets the full cost of the device back over time through subsidy.

An even more likely scenario is they just want to make it harder for people to buy the device so that they can keep it on store shelves longer. If that is true, I can’t be mad at them. In any case, if you were looking to purchase a T-Mobile G2x sometime soon you may need to hit a third party store up to get the lowest price. (That’s if you can find it, anyway.)

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yup, just basic supply and demand.

    1. Yeah, when the supply goes down hurry up and jack up the prices and screw your customers. Great business model. #FAIL

      1. Nobody is forcing anyone to actually buy it. The more sophisticated buyers (us) will wait it out. By raising the price they keep supply in stores for the people that REALLY want the phone or don’t know any better. It’s actually pretty smart.

        I know Office Depot does it. For my job I had to buy chairs. I bought 2 for 79.99 each. They went out of stock and when I tried to reorder they were 149.99 each. They came back to stock and they were 89.99.

        1. Im an AT&T iphone 4 customer (my wife also) and Im looking to switch to Android. I really like the G2X but Ive been reading  a lot now about rebooting issues and screen bleed. now they wanna jack up the price!!! guess I’ll be getting the iphone 4S this summer :-(

          1. Price will go down by then and they’re releasing an update to fix problemsin the summer. Or you can get the sensation in the summer

  2. Not surprised. 

  3. Wow, who they think they are VERIZON…..

    1. Squiddy..you never cease to amaze me. :D

      1. I would just like to know why my comment was removed. I had no profanity, I didn’t put any of it in all caps, it wasn’t outrageous or crazy. It proved a simple point that anyone (especially a 40+ year old man) should have gotten. Could some mod please chime in here?

        1. I’m not the mod that did it, but I’ve looked and I can see what’s happened. Your post was quite full of name-calling (idiot, moron, etc). We’re all getting tired of the YarrelRay+hater fights overtaking things. I’ve got another thread here today where he didn’t come in and say a single word – but in anticipation of him, there was over a half-page of lame cat-calling and bickering – anticipating a  guy that never showed.

          You think YarrelRay is a troll? DON’T RESPOND – you’re just encouraging him.

          Maybe – I’m just saying maybe – if people would simply not respond to him and not build threads around him, we might have an easier time moderating specific comments to make this site a little less about people flaming each other, and a little more about Android. And a whole lot less trolling – and we all want that, right?

          That’s my point of view, you do what you think best.

          1. Good points. My bad. I will try to refrain in the future.

          2. I would just like to say, that in certain articles, he was specifically encouraged to “chime in”. And considering MOST of his posts do exactly what you say (name calling), maybe that is where the problem is?

  4. i just got two for 160.00 dollars glad i ordered when i did  

  5. Ever take Economics 101? Supply and demand. I am just curious what’s going to happen when Sensation comes out. Doesn’t it cost 199 dollars?

    1. Yes, but a supply constraint doesn’t usually constitute price increases in the consumer retail market. If you’re talking industrial and agriculture, sure. But in the consumer electronics market, things are different.

      1. The consumer retail market is no different. If you have a product (widgets)
        and demand for widgets is high, price will be high.

      2. I totally get what you’re saying, even though I’m agreeing with Biggbrother.  Paradox, right?

        Tech items have a finite lifespan in the sales world.  So, when an item makes it big, a company generally tries to cash in on that by selling as many units as possible.  This equates to lowering the price point.  This leads to a perceived counter-supply and demand.

        However, supply and demand does apply.  Demand may be high in this scenario, but the supply chain can generally handle it just fine.  In this case, however, the supply chain can’t.  Maybe it was the disaster in Japan.  Whatever the cause, the supply is drying up, making the retailer revert to charging a premium for a device with a limited supply.

      3. @Quentyn  I agree with you.  Based upon TMobile’s logic, Apple could jack the price up for the iPad 2 since it’s in such a popular product and is in such high demand.  TMobile set a price point that allows them to make money on the phone.  To raise the price because the phone is hard to get is not consumer friendly and goes against TMobile’s reputation as a customer friendly carrier (which I think is overstated anyways)

  6. Good luck with that. Cellphones usually get cheaper as time goes on, not more expensive but this is something that has been occurring in the camera industry after the earthquake in Japan. Even companies like B&H and Adorama have raised their prices back up to or close to MSRP due to shortages.

  7. T-Mobile is trying to make all it can before we’re all paying our bills at at&t

    I’ve been wanting a new handset for a minute, but not until this stuff with the merger gets sorted out.

    That’s why they’re changing up their plans and what not ‘trying to make their customers forget what’s coming and make as much as they can before they cash out.

  8. Hahaha at& oops!! tmobile just keep on shooting it self on the foot.

  9. Don’t forget about the Optimus V.  When it came out, it was $150, and they couldn’t keep it in stock anywhere.  Within 2 months, the price shot up to $200.

  10. Actually it would be 249.99 after 50 rebate. The document shows 299.99 at point off sale then rebate brings it to 249.99. Still don’t like the price increase.

  11. This is a joke. Do you see other carriers jacking the price on low supply phones? LOL

  12. Like everyone is going to rush to the stores and buy one….Anyone paying that price
    for a LG product and having to be stuck with a 2 year contract with T-Mobile,
    would be pretty stupid.

  13. the G2X sucks. besides t-mobiles spotty network, it has nothing to offer but REBOOTS and POOR SCREEN quality. I’ve had 3. that’s my source. 

  14. Or maybe price hike due to, to increase sales of sensation out soon???

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