Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Display Defect Sees Glass Protruding from Chassis


The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that was given to Google I/O attendees a couple of weeks ago is a fantastic piece of hardward – I’ve said as much in my review. I also said that nothing is without its problems and it seems another big hardware problem has risen from the depths of, well, Android tablet hell.

Some users are seeing their Tab 10.1’s glass rise up from the chassis in which it sits. Our tipster says trying to push the glass back in lightly doesn’t do anything but expose the feeling of the glue trying to grasp onto it, while pushing it in hard will usually do the trick, but only for about 10 minutes or so.

He says he saw this problem as soon as he received the device at Google I/O and had them swap it out for a different one. The device he received after that suffered the same defect. Only the top two corners of his device are affected, while the other two remain in place.

It’s clear as day in the photos above and below, and a beneficiary of Android Community’s is also experiencing the same. Upon contacting Samsung about it (the poor soul lives outside of the United States), he was told to contact Samsung America as the device was intended to be used and supported here.

These are the only two accounts we’ve heard of the problem thus far. I should note that my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has not displayed these issues or any signs of it waiting to happen. This is obviously a huge concern for anyone who experiences the problem, and will be a huge concern for anyone looking to buy the consumer version of the device when it launches June 8th here in the United States. We’ve contacted Samsung about the issue and hope to hear back from them soon. We’ll update you if we hear anything. [Thanks Aaron!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. @Quentyn Kennemer everyone knows who you really are and what your actual intent is. Please stop.

  2. Yes, please keep us updated as I hope to buy one of these!

    1. Someone said you won’t see this happening to an iPad. I love my iPad, but you also won’t see a large number of websites, a considerable number of YouTube videos on the iPad. I just retired my iPhone for a Samsung infuse. I will likely do the same with my iPad in favor of the 10.1, pretty soon. one thing I will never do is upgrade the software on any Apple product ever again. They sabotaged the iPhone 3G and I expect they will do the same to the iPad.

  3. HAHA Pos Samsung products, they are known for crappy hardware, saw this coming.

    1. Yeah, no. They actually have some of the better hardware, its there quality control that needs improvement.

    2. Samsung makes good hardware, but it’s their software support that sucks the most!!!

  4. I’m still going to buy one, regardless.

    1. Why?  It doesn’t have microsd, and looks almost exactly like Ipad 2.  It’s also the same price as Ipad 2.  I rather just get Asus Eee Pad transformer or Ipad 2.

      1. Just got my Transformer this week and it’s NICE!!! I’m lovin it so far

      2. It is way lighter than an Eee, lighter even than the iPad… Android is a much more interesting OS in so many ways, I’m loving that I can change out the keyboard for instance to one that actually works as a thumb board:

        The Tab 10.1 is a great device.

      3. I don’t like the ipad. Not because its apple, but because I like the idea of a OS designed for a tablet. I also love how the 10.1 is light weight. After plaing with a acer (which wasn’t so light), I decided that i need a light tablet. Also i could look into getting a transfomer. Thanks for the suggestion.

        1. Nonesense. iOS is designed for a tablet. You’re thinking of the first Galaxy Tab 7″ running Froyo. Trust me. For iPad developers, there’s clear differences in 3.2 and later that are tablet specific. Just say you don’t like iOS. With Ice Creme Sandwich, and Android OS phone/tablet will be merged again too… same evolution.

          Also, if Samsung fails to deliver, don’t get married to them. Plenty of great Android tablets out there. Two really great ones are the Transformer and also the Acer Iconia W500. Compare the feature lists. These are selling out.

          1. Yea you’re so right about ICS, that slipped my mind.  I have an open mind and i considered the ipad2, but i just love honeycomb. I also am considering the transformer, but would like to play with one first. Ahhhh so many choices ha.

          2. wtf are you talking about.  I hated so many aspects of ios on a tablet from the moment the ipad came out.  Yes I had a 64gb wifi-3g.  Everthing looked streched and were grotesquely pixelated.  Also, the pad was way to heavy for comfort.  God forbid I drop that thing.

          3. That’s what happens when you try using iPhone apps on an iPad. 

      4. It’s not an ipad2… that’s the whole point genius. Besides, they are now that’s its a known issue, they are going to fix it. So what’s the problem.

    2. In addition, Samsung is known to be one of the worst company for supporting their product software.  Just look at Samsung Galaxy S series, it took them more than 6 months just to release froyo. 

      1. no u live in USA thats why. im on Gingerbread now

      2. it wasn’t Samsung’s fault, blame the carriers. the carriers were the ones who made it take x amount of months because they had to add their bloatware on it

      3. Well seeing as though it will ship with 3.1 i’m pretty sure by time ICS comes out they will update the 10.1. If not then its rooting time.

    3. And you’ll be the first one bitching if it does this i’m sure!

      1. Nah, I dont bitch about stupid things such as this. This is not that big of a problem. If the whole screen comes off, yea i’ll be bitching.

    4. I support you.
      Samsung make the best hardware :P

  5. happened to my first EVO…

  6. This happened to HTC phones very regularly before any Samsung product had these problems so….yeah. This is the first time Samsung has had a “problem” like this. Sorry but two accounts doesn’t convince me that this is an actual problem.

    1. Well, it’s 3 accounts actually, but I do agree with you.  Additionally, I think a company the size of Samsung will make good on it.  The device is way too cool to let this stop you from getting it.

  7. My tab actually has this problem too, i have been trying to push the glass back in, but have been unable :(

  8. My Galaxy Tab 10.1 from I/O is fine. No signs of defects at all.

  9. My IO Galaxy tab has the same problem, in the same corner, but it doesn’t stick out as much as the picture in this article.

  10. yeah, I also have this problem in the same corners.  it’s not quite as bad for me though.

  11. So this means I should go find one on ebay and offer 50% less for this little problem, then fix it with less than a dollar worth of adhesive

  12. Same problem here on both top corners, and also serious screen bleeding problems on my IO Galaxy Tab. I wouldn’t recommend this tablet at all. iPad 2 seems to be a more robust device

    1. obvious troll is obvious

    2. If I have a choice between this tablet, asus eee pad transformer, or Ipad 2, I rather go with Asus Eee pad transformer.  Second choice would be Ipad 2 (even though I hate apple products).

      1. You’d rather go with an Asus because your ch
        No one in their right mind if given a choice would go for an asus pad

    3. i know u dont even own a Galaxy Tab. trolll

  13. Apparently this problem is exclusive to the I/O units because they were built by hand in a bit of a hurry. The “regular” units shouldn’t have this problem.

    That’s what I read anyway – I believe it was on the GT10.1 subforum of xda. 

    1. I agree. Maybe it’s just a problem with the back plate on the limited edition GT10.1? There’s this italian video I saw, which I think shows the retail (non-limited) edition: 

      It doesn’t have the Android army on the back like the ones given out at IO. I don’t speak Italian, so I have no idea what the guy is saying, but it doesn’t seem like he mentioned any problems with the glass.

    2. not true, i returned mine to the shop for this problem last thursday.
      (10.1V model) 

  14. I don’t have the glass issue but my Samsung 10.1 Tab from I/O is crashing very often.  One other thing I experience is that I have trouble getting it to wake from sleep.  I have to press the power button all kinds of different ways before I can get anything to happen.  I really want this to be a great tablet but it’s a little frustrating.  It was free so I’m not complaining.  Hoping that 3.1 update solves these problems!

  15. I am having the same problem with the Galaxy Tab I received at Google IO. I didn’t feel like I should complain, seeing as it was free and all. I think the flaw has something to do with how you usually hold the device. You usually hold it from the bottom, causes glass to kinda push out at the top. It doesn’t seem like it’s getting any worse though. 

  16. Wow. You won’t see this happening on an iPad. Another thing. Why does Samsung insist on biting off of Apple’s design cues? And don’t give me that crap about “Oh well, I guess Apple invented the grid format of icons…” Seriously, even Motorola with their Moto Blur crap seems to try and distinguish it self somewhat. However Samsung? The shaped of the hardware and the actual icons in their software look like a poor ripoff of IOS.

    Oh, and I own 2 Nexus Ones on CM7 and have had a G1 on CM6. So don’t even try to accuse me of Apple fanboism.

    1. I have the same opinion. It’s why I was always not so excited about getting a Galaxy S and I’m thinking the same about the Galaxy SII.

      That comes from a Nexus One (CM7) and Nook Color (CM7) owner. ;)

      1. I forgot to mention my biggest grievance against Samsung phones and tablets… cheap plastic materials. No matter how people try to spin it, that is all it is.

    2. I agree. That’s why I purchased a Sony Xpria Arc last week. Wow. What a beauty. What a design. Clear edges and corners and an elegant, well, arc. Grown up sophisticated masculine phone none of that effeminate pudgy iphone design that Galaxy S2 copies.

    3. This wouldn’t happen on an iPad? Oh, was it not the iPad that had the glue bleeding into the screen?

      As for the icons, take a look around the internet. Ninety-five percent of icons, if not more, look like that. Actually, just look up to the top right hand corner of this very page and you will see icons with rounded corners signifying Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and RSS. As for the illustrations on the icons themselves, that’s a bunch of BS as well. Samsung is copying Apple because they used a music note for their music player icon? Or because they used gears for the settings icon? Really? Who would have sued them if they decided to use a wrench instead? 

      I guess Apple should sue the National Film Board of Canada for giving their app’s icon rounded corners…and Angry Birds…and Canadian Tire…and the CBC…and eBay…and Google…and the interwebz itself…

    4. > Wow. You won’t see this happening on an iPad

      Sorry, you got cut off in mid call.  Say, you’re not left handed, are you?

  17. Bummer.

  18. I only noticed this after this article, thanks for that. It’s not a big deal, I held it for about 30 seconds and it’s stayed since. No other problems with the device. I like it a lot more than my iPad 2

  19. Chips Ahoy!

  20. Problems will happen when you rushing out the product to market. Fking samsung i swear

  21. Same here, but on the 10.1V !

  22. I have the same issue on three corners on the screen. I even exchanged mine at google i/o because there are gaps in between the screen and the frame, now it’s 1 mm, but the first one was over 2mm.I also noticed the headphone input is a little bit loose, and the thin part above the connector slot on the bottom of the tab bends a little bit.The samsung guy at google i/o said it’s because they’re preproduction models and hand-made, so  issues were bound to crop up, unfortunately :s

  23. anyone knows its release date in India and price ?

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