Wall Street Journal Release Smartphone Version of their Android App


The Wall Street Journal is now available as an app for Android smartphones, but it isn’t the publications first rodeo on Google’s OS. You will recall the WSJ has been available in Honeycomb tablet form for a while now, though oddly a version designed for the smaller screens of smartphones hasn’t existed until today.

The new app is your standard smartphone news portal, with the ability to mark articles for reading at a later date and social network sharing for stories that really get you riled up. The Wall Street Journal has been operating under a paywall model, so you’ll need a subscription to get the most out of the content. Find the app in the Android Market now.

Android Market Link: The Wall Street Journal

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  1. The tablet version doesn’t work with the Galaxy Tab 10.1….
    ‘The device is not compatible’.

  2. android version of their smartphone app?

    lol. kidding. love you guys.

  3. This application is pretty nice on my evo 4g. Information is always great to have at your finger tips…

  4. Well, Android smartphone users can now enjoy WSJ news, articles, real-time bazaar quotes and affluent media forth with the adeptness to save articles for later viewing.


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