Verizon Bringing a Smallish Version of the Thunderbolt?


User agent profiles reveal lots of things, yet, at the same time, they don’t reveal much at all. (How’s that for a conundrum?) The latest shows a device called the HTC Mecha S without a physical keyboard and with CDMA radios in the works. Its name in the profile is “HTC_Mecha_S” – as you may remember, Mecha was the codename for the HTC Thunderbolt currently available on Verizon.

As we know, an “S” tag doesn’t necessarily mean “small” when it comes to HTC, but this supposed device’s low HVGA resolution hints at a smaller (Somewhere between 3-3.5 inches) HTC Thunderbolt. No other details are known at this point, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed for more 4G LTE goodness. [PocketNow]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. HTC no longer makes phones to me. Encrypted bootloader on a 3″ screen, no thank you.

  2. Oh boy, yet another boring slate phone on Verizon!
    Seriously, how ’bout something with a keyboard for a change? 14 Android slates vs. 2 with physical keyboards (one landscape, one portrait) and 1 with a gamepad is a bit lop-sided. We need some more choices for users that don’t want just a slate smartphone.

    1. It goes by what they see the demand on the market is. I agree they should have more with keyboards but if there isnt as much of a demand they wont carry as many.

      1. There’s a demand for LTE phones yet Verizon deems it necessary to continue releasing good handsets with 3G only. :P

        1. Well seeing how LTE is in such a small footprint it only makes sense to keep selling 3g phones since many people do not care about LTE and do not want to spend 250+ on a phone.

      2. OK, I understand a majority, but 2 of 14 is more than a majority.
        Sprint is 4 of 10, T-Mobile is 4 of 11 (both of which will be adding another qwerty phone shortly),  even AT&T is 2 of 9 Androids being keyboarded. If people want slabs so much more than keyboarded phones, why don’t the other carriers have a harder time selling them.

        Comparatively, Verizon just has an anemic selections of phones with physical keyboards.

  3. Im going to guess a 3G version of the TB. Verizon seems to believe they are all the rage.


  5. Who cares about another single core processor phone.  We have like 10 of these to choose from. I want dual core and 4g please!  I don’t care about every other phone that will be outdated in a couple months.  

  6. Desire S for Verizon. I called it. 

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