May 26th, 2011

We’ve just received word that the Motorola CLIQ 2 is set to get an upgrade soon, but it won’t be bits of ginger you’re picking out of your teeth. This update will still be Froyo, but will step users up to Android 2.2.2. Here are a few notes we’ve gotten from our generous anonymous tipster about the software upgrade:

first off the phone can’t be rooted with z4root the standard way to root the phone….

Next they added alot bloatware
Uno- The card game

T-mobile TV- requires data can’t use wifi

Family Room- Contact manager to contact family quicker Searches for contacts with same last name and the words like Mom and Dad

DriveSmart- Hands-free driving you can upgrade for free to allow it to automatically turn on when it thinks your driving

LookOut- The security app.

I get a force close when restarting my phone using adw ex

The System is less responsive.
System Version: 1.1.30
Android version:2.2.2

The beta program for this upgrade is being called “soak”. As usual, there’s no way to tell when exactly this update will be pushed out to all CLIQ 2 users, but history tells us Motorola likes to get things rolling out about a week after testers receive it. (That’s if everything looks alright from a stability standpoint.) More discussion about the upgrade can be had at the CLIQ 2 section of

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