Apps of the Day [5/26]: GymGenie, Icarus-X, and More


Today’s apps are all about helping you. Get that juicehead look with GymGenie, get your laces fresh with Lacing Art, and well…maybe the rest won’t help you that much after all. Never mind that, it’s Apps of the Day, the daily feature where we  take the tough work out of tracking down what’s good in the Android Market. A little light today, but still a selection of quality apps. There’s something for everyone!

GymGenie – Gym rats, listen up. GymGenie is here to whip your butt into shape as the only virtual personal trainer you will ever need. 600,000 combinations of workouts, over 200 instructional videos, and the ability to focus in on select muscle groups will have you begging for mercy by the time the Genie is through with you. Developer a personal plan for exactly the body you want through an easy to use interface. Definitely one for the fitness buffs out there. [Market]

Lacing Art – This is a strange one, for sure, but almost too odd to pass up. We’re sure somewhere out there exists a subculture that is nuts about the art of lacing up shoes, and for them and everyone else comes Lacing Art. 35 different styles of lacing are included with how-to instructions, and they aren’t all just for show. Find out the best lacing pattern bicycling, hiking, running, and getting snazzed up for an evening on the town. Download it and you might even learn something new. [Market]

IndyCar Mobile from Verizon – This app will definitely fill a niche market: IndyCar race fans with Verizon Wireless Android handsets. But nonetheless we felt it worth mentioning. Stay up to date on the summer racing season with schedules, results, and race day audio feeds. [Market]

Icarus-X – This vertical shooter with 3D graphics provides some pretty exciting and addictive gameplay. Complete with two campaigns, four challenge modes, and “epic” boss battles, the fast paced game has the potential to get the heart pumping. The graphics are pretty swell too. Controls can be a bit to master, but that’s what the slow-mo practice mode is for. [Market]

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  1. does the lacing art site just pull all of it’s content off of ian’s shoelace site?
    if they are stealing content w/o compensating him, he should be informed.

  2. GymGenie is a ripoff. The paid $1 for a collection of Youtube links. Don’t bother! I just go to their Youtube channel.

    1. It organizes the videos so its faster to use… it also generates workouts, i like it. 

    2. well if you want to sit on youtube all day and click on all the videos and organize them into muscle groups then be my guest. but i think this app makes it a lot easier for you. 99 cents to organize and create new workouts is certainly not a ripoff!

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