Sprint and Motorola to Host Luncheon Press Event June 9th


Sprint and Motorola are teaming up for a product unveil to take place on June 9th at a New York City luncheon event for members of the press and media. Whatever they are showing off must be pretty big, as both Sprint CEO Dan Hesse and Motorola Mobility Chairman and CEO Sanjay Jha will be on hand. We don’t know exactly what will be shown, but we know what we think it will be. Sprint’s Motorola Atrix 4G variant, which we recently discovered could be going by the name Photon 4G when the handset is launched. Whatever it is, Phandroid will be there covering the happenings, grabbing the scoops, and getting our grubby mitts all over those demo units.


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  1. It’s been a long time coming, but Motorola high end devices are now available at Sprint.  Props to Androidandme for the scoop first and Phandroid for the extra info.

    1. Oh man I can’t wait!

  2. Goodbye BigRed and Hello sprint! :)

  3. Whatever it is it’ll have a locked bootloader and will be a sales flop just like every other Motorola phone since the original Droid which by the way had an unlocked bootloader. You think Motorola would have a clue but their poor leadership (Bobby Jindell) will drive them into the ground. Motorola sucks

  4. Wonder if boot loader will be locked in light of all the broo-ha-ha over the EVO3D.

    1. Which ever one is unlocked will get my money. (Hey, I can dream no?)

  5. New Nexus phone from Motorola? It would be great if a Nexus phone was coming to Verizon but I doubt it will.

  6. … come on moto, i just want to see a laptop-dock with android & chrome OS, pleasssse


  8. Not to be a downer but Motorola Echo II?

  9. I hope it is something bigger than the Atrix. The 5MP camera is making this EVO user yawn. Might as well just get the EVO 3D. Ehhh…

  10. Thank god! i love sprint and i want them to get more android phones out there and this could be the beginning of a line of “droids?” lol……doubt it but anyways good job sprint! =)  

  11. Sprint Is technically lacking a powerful 4″ Android device. The Nexus is its own being. This Will give people choices across all fronts. Sprint won’t allow another 4.3″ device in its lineup aside from an EVO unless its an EPIC 2 with a larger screen.

    1. The next Moto phone on Sprint is rumored to be 4.3″ as is another one.  After having EVO, I can’t imagine having a screen smaller.  What surprises me are a lot of phones with smaller screens (including iPhone) that have a large bezel around them.  me don’t like bezel.

  12. We already got the EVO 3D, please add a landscape keyboard….

  13. This is for the Motorola XPRT. It is the Droid Pro from Verizon, now on Sprint. Any one wanna see any pictures? I got one!

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