BBC News App Comes to Android Market


BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC 3, BBC News…in the Android Market. The BBC has finally matched their iOS offerings with an Android application bringing you breaking news from all around the globe. Nothing too fancy here in terms of features, but we like our news apps simple, anyway. You can share stories via social networks, text, or email, and even stream BBC News broadcasts if your phone is Flash-capable (Android 2.2+). While you will find plenty of local focus for the UK, any well-informed person worldwide couldn’t go wrong by checking out this free download in the Android Market.

Android Market Link: BBC News

[via BBC]

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  1. I hope it comes with a usefull widget.

    1. No widget yet, but it’s got a pretty nice pulse-like UI.  Not bad for a first release…

  2. Its not accessible in america

    1. Damn! :( 

  3. Can’t install in Netherlands either.

  4. That is F%#NG crap, why is it not available in the US?  American media is awful and biased

    1. Expect an ad filled news app soon then :D

    2. If I remember right, it’s the same reason the BBC channel is on upper tiers of cable packages here in the US. (I got tired of chasing it up the tiers.) The BBC is supported by funds from the British citizens and so there is something about offering up the content to outsiders for “free” when the British have to pretty much pay for it. I can see their point but not so sure about them escalating it up the cable package tiers.

      1. BBC America is not owned by the BBC, nor does it show exclusively BBC-created programming. It’s just a US channel (It’s actually Discovery Networks) that has licensed the BBC branding and imports things they think American audiences will enjoy — there’s plenty of stuff on there from ITV and C4 too.

    3. But, yeah, wish we had better access to it other than what we can get through their website.

    4. You can download al jazeera,

  5. Can’t be installed on Honeycomb devices, what gives?

  6. You would have thunk the author would have checked to see if it was available in non UK…

    1. of course, not all avid phandroid phans are from North America… ;-)

  7. Can someone post the APK? This doesn’t appear to be available in the US…which SUCKS.

  8. Someone tell the Beeb that there are those outside of the US that would pay for real news…

  9. No go for Australian Androids either… well.. mines rooted. So maybe some can?

  10. just use Market Enabler with a code from this page: and it works even outside of the UK!

    1. I can’t get it to work. Please post a walk through.

      1. Didnt install in US like others commented. but thanks for this tip. Worked like a charm.  For others who couldnt get it to work, here are the directions.  You need a rooted phone though.  Rooted MT4G with CM7 here.

        Install Market Enabler, free app from market
        Install Market Enabler Codes free app from market
        From codes app, look up code for tmobile UK, copy it, and paste and apply it in Market Enabler app.
        Go to the BBC app link from above, install app.
        Go to market enabler and restore your code.

        Simple. Love it.

  11. +1 for posting the ‘.apk’ file. this is almost certainly geotarded to the UK only.

  12. No go here. I was very excited about this. I would actually pay for the BBC app and a decent Al Jazeera English app as well.

  13. the iplayer does almost the same thing.i can watch live bbc programs.Of what use is this

  14. Not available in Chile . CNN is also not available here. When are Android applications going to be universal?

  15. the android version requires flash for video? what a lazy port!

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