Intel Atom-based Tablet Coming from Acer in July, Making a Computex Debut?


According to a report by Digitime we are about to see a handful of Intel Atom-based Honeycomb tablets, the first of which will come from Acer. Running on the Oak Trail architecture, the Android 3.0 slate is said to launch in July at the latest, with production of the device already underway. Sources close to the matter indicated that Intel is pushing Android tablets based around Oak Trail to manufacturers, with Lenovo and Asus to follow suit after Acer.

Acer is hoping to take advantage of the improved performance of Intel’s chip while maintaining a price line that matches their other platforms. Given the rumored July launch date, we suspect Computex could be a sort of coming out party for Intel/Honeycomb slates. The timing is all too perfect.

[via Digitimes]

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  1. Is this good?

    1. Better on CPU probably. Graphics are kind of iffy. The real question is will it be able to compete on battery life?

    2. For now: No.
      The Kal-El (tegra 3), is scheduled for 4th quarter of 2011.
      And this thing can’t compete to the core 2 duo’s, which the Tegra 3 rapes.

  2. I wonder if Intel-based devices will run ARM-based apps emulated or if they have to be recompiled for x86.

    1. From my limited understanding: Android runs the apps as uncompiled java apps, so ARM apps can run on x86 as is.  Some of Android will probably have to be recompiled for x86, but that doesn’t affect the apps.  So pretty easy for Android to add x86 without any performance penalty – the same cannot be said for iOS where all apps are compiled, ha ha…

  3. Android apps work just like java applications. They are compiled to byte code and run via a virtual machine. They are NOT run natively, so there is no reason they wouldn’t work on different architecture.

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