May 24th, 2011 publishUpdated   Jun 13th, 2011, 10:44 am

Today is a game-filled affair, but that’s cool – we all like to take a break with some nice visuals and challenging tasks from time to time. We’ve picked out the best applications we’ve come across today and urge you to at least check them out. Most of them are free or have lite versions, so don’t hesitate to hit “install” if one truly interests you. And if you have more suggestions, be sure to let us know below!

Bully Block – If you are constantly being hounded by telemarketers, a crazy ex, or an obsessed stalker, Bully Block is the app for you. As the name implies, the app blocks so-called “bullies” from being able to contact you. You can assign numbers to your block list, block SMS and/or calls from certain numbers, or even set up an auto-response text message politely asking the would-be harasser to cease further contact. Features that allow you to report malicious behavior and even capture a recording of offending calls could come in handy if your bully problem is a bit more serious. The app is $1.29 in the market now. [Market]

Math Madness – If you want to get your kid a head start in learning math, download Math Madness for them. If you yourself need a quick refresher on the basics, download Math Madness. This thing won’t reteach you calculus or help you on that trigonometry test, but if you haven’t crunched numbers for a while it’s a nice, refreshing way to get your brain moving again. And unlike our expensive college system here in the United States, this application is free. [Market]

Walkabout – Walkabout is a great puzzler that sees you trying to collect stars and a key to get through each level. The catch? As you move from tile to tile, the earth beneath you will disappear. The concept is simple, but as you may already know, games like these get increasingly difficult as each level is thrown at you. There are a decent amount of levels, the music is pleasing, and the graphics don’t hurt my eyes. What more could you want in a game? They are offering a lite version with 24 levels for free, but a full version will net you 72 levels. [Market – Lite | Full]

Wisp – Need to relax during a break or after a long day of work? Download Wisp. There aren’t many puzzle games that serve as nerve soothers or relaxants, but when they do come along, you won’t want to pass it up. The music is relaxing, the graphics are beautiful and easy on the eyes, and the game lets you play at your own pace so that you’re not racing to finish a level (which would defeat the purpose of relieving stress). The lite version acts as a prologue to the full version so download the free on first and insert your $1.10 into the machine for the full version if you like it. (The full version also comes with OpenFeint support.) [Market – Lite | Full]