New HTC Sensation Pics Leak – This Time With T-Mobile Branding


As if you needed further proof that the eve of the T-Mobile Sensation is fast approaching us, T-Mo News was able to secure a handful of leaked pics, this time with actual T-Mobile branding. The photauge was even nice enough to include shots of the packaging and all. The HTC Sensation has been rumored for a June 8th release and with these latest leaked pics, looks like T-Mobile may be all set to launch.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the HTC Sensation will become T-Mobile’s second dual-core handset on the market, this time with Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon processor at the helm and HTC’s latest Sense 3.0 UI. The phone will be more than capable of handling 1080p video recording with its 8MP camera and photos and games will look great on its qHD display.

How many T-Mobile customers are excited and picking this phone up on day one? Any G2X users going to jump on this or are you not letting this phase you?

[Via T-MoNews]

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  1. Already returned g2x

    1. same here after i heard about this phone!!!!

      1. I’m switchin carriers for this!

      2. same here….back to G1 till Sensday

  2. getting it :)

  3. Keeping my G2, though may pick this up for the wife if the MyTouch 4G Slide isn’t up to her requirements, or launches later than September.

  4. I’ll be getting this for sure. Any word yet if T-Mobile will be adding some more internal storage or at least giving us a bigger Micro SD Card, or will it come with 1GB of internal storage like the international versions?

    1. Its always been like that

  5. I got my G2x the it dropped and after three weeks it was sitting back on a shelf at my  local tmo store. I would not put up the random reboots other than that the phone was fast as hell compared to my G1 which can be clock with calendar.

  6. How is this better than the Galaxy S 2? I appreciate the screen is higher resolution but with HTC’s poor record when it comes to camera optics and loudspeaker quality, and the fact that Samsung’s CPUs and GPUs tend to be more powerful, the fact that the SGS2 has built in multi video codecs support up to 1080p, more system RAM and more internal flash storage, as well as being cheaper on both pay as you go AND contract….I can’t help but think I can live without a qHD screen.

    1. some people like nonbuggy software, timely updates, and phones that aren’t built to feel plasticky.

      1. Hahaha non buggy software and HTC in the same sentence? surely you forgot to add a “/s” at the end of all that. Timely updates as well still no GB for G2 nor MT3G Slide or previous for that matter. Out of all the phones t-mo has the Vibrant is among the few devices that ever got updated. That plasticky build quality is more your opinion. Function > form and in that regard HTC always loses. Go ahead have your “metal heavy brick that’ll only last 2 hours as opposed to a powerhouse device that lasts a full day.

        1. my htc lasts all day..samsung failed me plenty

    2. As far as CPU and GPU, Sensation scores slightly higher than SGS2 in Linpack (47.3 to 46.9) and GLBenchmark 2.0 Egtype (37 to 36.6). What lets it down in other benchmarks is it’s IO where SGS2 is way ahead. If Sensation can be rooted and formatted to EXT4, it will be a lot closer. Also, the Scorpion architecture is much more overclockable than the A9. Regardless, in the real world performance is about the same so other factors are probably more important, eg. screen, battery, body design and construction, etc.

    3. Well, the GS2 is not here yet. And god knows when it will be. When it does come, hope it is the Tegra one!

    4. Nobody said it was better. The S2 has much better specs, but HTC’s UI is way more evolved than touchwiz. And a lot of people really enjoy Sense. Not everyone will be blinded by the S2 and its higher specs. They’re both great devices, but this one will be available very soon and it is about the Sensation not the S2. The S2 will have its day in the sun. Just let this damn phone have its day already. People already bashing it and its not here in the US yet. If you want the S2 then just wait…and pass on the Sensation. As much info thats out there about both devices most people know by now the S2 has better specs. This article isnt trying to convince YOU to get anything. You sound like you already know what you want anyway.  And HTC has improved the camera with the Sensation.

  7. Some pictures more attractive : http://on.fb.me/htcsensationpreview before my test ;)

  8. Not happy about no trackball or pad, but…

  9. I might faint from happiness!!!!

  10. I might be forced to get this phone since there is no sign of the SGII coming out any time soon

    1. Samsung has an event on the 2nd of June, might wanna wait to see what’s announced at that event.

    2. Actually the hercules will be the GS2

      1. Yeah that is what I heard too.  TMo will not get the standard SGS2.  Instead the Samsung Hercules will be its equivalent but it has a bigger screen and different CPU.  Also that is rumored to be out in September.  That is a while yet.  By that time the Nexus 3 will be near with quadcore (rumored for the holidays).  

        1. That’s wishful thinking on the rumor quadcore isn’t gonna happen this year.
          Nexus 3 is gonna be interesting though. Sure its a long way off but even
          then it’ll still be the best device out. Nexus 3 is going to have to be one
          hell of device to top the Hercules

  11. I will not switch from my G2x. However, I do hope that LG releases an update to take care of the confirmed bugs. While at it, Gingerbread would also be welcome. Now to see what surprises the HTC Sensation will bring to users as it seems like all of these new “super phones” are released with an array bugs (sarcastic LOL). I would be very surprised if the Sensation did not have its fair share of “issues” when it’s released.

  12. will be returning my current phone
    . cant wait to try this phone or a wp7

  13. Is it compatible with Att it will be such a shame if it’s not..I’ll stick with my g2x for now

    1. it is look AT THE BOX. it has the 1900 mhz band for it 

      1. You’d want UMTS 850MHz as well if you’re going to use it on AT&T.

        1. in addition to that being for the 3G ban and not edge

        2. Well..where i am (and most of the USA) AT&T uses 1900mhz band. so i will let you know if it works on the 3g or the 4g. i am going to get one 

  14. Why is T-Mobile getting better phones than Verizon!?

    1. T-mobile can’t get any good phones? its long overdue really

    2. Why not? To save your punk butt some money by getting you to switch over to us.

    3. I was thinking the same. I left TMo for Verizon last year and now they’re making me sorry lol.

    4. As a brit i find the conundrum of american cell phones quite perturbing.

      Here you get any phone you like on any network.

      1. I’m American, you cannot possibly be more perturbed about it than me.  :)

        1. There’s been a great perturbation in the force!

  15. galaxy sII or bust. 
    screw HTC and their encrypted bootloaders, subpar battery life, and tinny speakers!

    1. Not encrypted, just locked like all the other HTC phones.

      1. It’s getting ridiculous how that post that got around saying that the new HTC phones had a “locked” bootloader has a lot of people thinking it’s the equivalent encrypted motorola bootloader. They need to understand that a locked bootloader means nothing more, than you not being able to stroll into your running apps and disable HTC sense from the phone. As far as I know, most phones are like this, especially newer HTC’s. And it’s ridiculous to say that there’s a shortage of rooted ROMs for the EVO 4G. 

        1. It isn’t equivalent but it was a set back , took my G2 more than a month when most devices get perm rooted in a day

      2. Locked, locked with signature, or locked with encryption …..  What difference does it make if no one seems to be able to unlock it?

        For all we know, the Moto lock w/encryption might be broken before these new HTC phone’s bootloaders are unlocked…  Why, you might ask?  “Hackers” have now had over a years worth of time with the Moto phones….. Who really knows when/if any of these new locks might be broken??

        HTC’s new lock ???  It’s now been months and no one seems to be able to get a software S-OFF.  So tell me how it makes a difference what kind of lock anything has, if no one has been able to pick it?

        1. You answered your own question. Yes, none of the Moto’s with encrypted bootloaders have been unlocked. And in that time the G2, Evo 4G, Inspire 4G, Thunderbolt and others – all HTC phones with locked bootloaders – have all been unlocked. So you tell me what difference does it make?

          Yes, the Incredible S hasn’t been unlocked in the few months since its release in Europe. How many people would actually bother buying the device to try?

  16. hope it’s around $500 without a contract. I was hoping for Samsung Galaxy s2 but Samsung is not only has a habbit of dragging it’ feet with software updates, but also with releases :)   Waiting to see the reviews on Sensation’s battery life though…   

  17. Umm, I think people are forgetting that T-Mobile may not get the Samsung Galaxy S2, instead it’s the comparable Samsung “Hercules” (remember now?)

    1. Its bootloader is worthless..   HTC and TMobile can keep the Sensation.

      I rather have a Samsung device or and LG device.

    2. Hercules might actually be the GS2 for T-mobile. I have no idea why people would want GS2 over the “hercules” its much more of a powerhouse and takes advantage of the new 42mbps upgrade to t-mos network. That specs are only upped.

      No matter what they call the GS2 for t-mobile I will buy it.

  18. With the exception of the ui skin cruft, that thing looks pretty amazing

  19. Is this for T-Mobile US or UK?

    1. T-Mobile US because all the words are in English.


      1. because americans use english…

        1. Bwahahahahaha!!  Most of us use English, but more and more and speaking Spanglish!

          I had a friend that was from Peru…  At a time when he lived in Texas, he’s car was in the shop and he asked the shop owner if he had a vehicle what he could use, until his car was fixed.  The shop owner offered him a pickup but told him “No brockas in my truckas.”  Even though Jose spoke fluent Spanish and English, he did not know Spanglish.  He got into the truck to find out that the guy was telling him “The brakes on the truck barely works…”    Bwahahahaha…  Jose know some Spanglish now.

    2. The box in the picture, the fine print reads “HSPA+ 4G network not available everywhere. Check TMobile.com for coverage details” leads me to believe that it is TMob US.

      1. Thanks guys.

  20. If this phone releases june 8th then sprint will be releaesing the evo 3d soon they want to compete with this

  21. The real question is, will it run CyanogenMod?

    1. nope.

  22. One thing I found interesting was that it has the 1900MHz UMTS/3G band. That means it should get limited 3G with AT&T (my Acer Liquid A1 has 1900MHz 3G band only and I get 3G throughout pretty much the entire greater Houston area).

  23. Ill take HTC over Samsung anyday. Someone said that GB hasnt been released for MT3G Slide or the G2 but I havnt heard anything about GB for the Captivate, or Vibrant/Samsung Galaxy S 4G… Its been proven in the past that HTC takes care of its customers more than Samsung. Id take a higher res QHD screen over a super AMOLED plus screen and this is coming from a guy who has a Nexus One, which isnt Super AMOLED but AMOLED which is still pretty darn nice. Touchwiz also isnt one of the favorite UI’s as well… These are all my personal preferences, not bashing on anyone elses choices. It all comes down to which company do you want.  

    1. hmm if ur saying that what about mytouch 4g, incredible, evo, etc?? they don’t have GB yet

  24. phone is insane good job htc
    people serious saying samsung can compete with htc???

    1. HTC is good company but i think they are overrated… i don’t think htc is most reliable company either… battery life sucks, it freezes all the time touch screen doesn’t work properly (mytouch 3g, 3g slide and 4g also) i’m not saying samsung is better than htc but i think they both have advantages and disadvantages 

      1. I have owned a myTouch 3G for 22 months now.. My screen works just fine, and as well as when I purchased it.. I have never had a lag problem, although it’s obvious that newer phones are faster and smoother.. other than upon boot (after the Froyo update) I do not have freezing problems.. my boot freezing is annoying and adds a good half minute to boot time, but the phone works fine after that.. Battery life for me is a couple days with the way I use my phone.. other people might not last that long, can’t speak for them.. As to build quality, mines a merlot and the paint has worn at the sharper edges of the front giving it a black frame, but everywhere else it’s just fine and my phone does not look 2 years old.. all buttons and track ball are working as new.. The phone has held up so well, that I am definitely getting another HTC phone because of it..

  25. Nah, I love my G2x.

  26. CONFUSED! How are consumers supposed to distinguish between T-mo’s 4G HSPA+ and their “new, faster” HSPA+?

  27. This is for:  Richard Yarrell the SENSATION will be The HTC flagship device not the EVO3d…..:P

  28. I will be getting this phone asap. As well as the Galaxy S II when it comes out

  29. HTC, fuck your sensation, fuck your EVO 3d, fuck your kingdom, fuck your double shot, thunderbolt your still cool. Most importantly fuck you HTC, I’m out, nice phones but locking them down? Dick move HTC, dick move.
    Don’t go blaming the carriers either if LG and Samsung got the balls to keep it unlocked so can you.

  30. No I phone 5 htc sensation for t movie is what I want no sprint Evo 3d. T mobile sensation is on June 8 2011 sprint Evo 3d is June 5 or 24 I phone 5 sep or oct 2011

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