Apps of the Day [5/23]: Robotek, eBuddy XMS, and More


A new week means 5 more days of daily apps. Were kicking off Monday with a selection of useful tools and fun games for everyone to enjoy. Whether you like music-based puzzle or are simply looking for a free way to SMS your pals, you’ll find what you need below. We’re scouring the Android Market daily to find what’s good, but if you have any suggestions for our Apps of the Day roundup, let us know below!

BITS Widget – BITS Widget is a unique application. No, widgets themselves aren’t unique. But the ability to effectively “create” your own widget surely is. The name is very fitting – you take “bits” such as news, weather, time, date and more and fit them into whatever spaces you want. Fun tidbit – “BITS” actually stands for Bits is the Stuff. Makes sense. You can try the app out for free for 15 days, but you’ll need to purchase a license key in-app afterward. [Market]

Robotek – Robotek is a weird looking game, but weird doesn’t always translate to bad. In fact, weird in this case translates to a resounding “freaking awesome”. The premise: robots have taken over your world and it’s up to you to get it back. Trek across 200 different levels in an attempt to obliterate the combinations of aluminum and oil. Graphics are very polished, sound effects and music are top notch, and best of all, it’s free! (It is, however, supported by in-app purchases.) [Market]

Frontier Defence – This game takes another interesting take on the fast-growing tower defense genre. This time, your fortress is being invaded by villainous monsters of all shapes, sizes and abilities. At the forefront, it’s not much more different from the dozens of other tower defense games in the market, but it boasts decent graphics, solid gameplay and looks to be a modest time waster. The only thing we can’t get with is its price of $4.26. [Market]

Job Sniffer – Need a job? If you’re the type who goes door to door looking for work, you won’t always be at your computer. Job Sniffer allows you to set what type of job you’re looking for and in which location. After you define your criteria, the application will ping Indeed to look for those jobs and push them straight to your phone. It’s quite simple to use, provides a very useful function and is free. [Market]

eBuddy XMS – If you’re looking for an ideal way to send and receive unlimited, free SMS messages than look no farther than eBuddy XMS. You could call it a BBM clone, and in a way it achieves the same thing, but this messaging app excels in its cross-platform compatibility and the ability to send and receive picture messages as well. While the added hassle of getting your friends on eBuddy, adding them to your contacts, and migrating over to a new messaging standard keeps us from fully embracing the concept, you might get more mileage out of this one. [Market]

Mr. MixIt – The concept is simple. Take two separate halves of an image, place each on a turntable, and “scratch” a mix to solve the puzzle. Sound a bit confusing? Check out this demo/trailer for the game that combines puzzle solving and DJ spinning. We like the musical elements of the game, and the idea seems promising. We would like a bit more variety, in the end, however (especially for the $1 price tag). [Market]

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  1. Had higher hopes when I saw the word Robotek. Personally, I kind of hope the owners of the name Robotech get wind of this. :-/

    1. why ? its spelled differently, has nothing to do with “robotech”, dont be a douchebag because it didnt live up to your “hopes”

      1. Actually, battling robots named Robotek would be very legitimate grounds for litigation by the owner of Robotech. The only douchebaggery going on around here is a developer trying to encroach on an established brand and your reply.

  2. Robotech > Robotek

  3. Then I cant wait for robotech, since robotek is awesome so far!

  4. Regardless, Robotek is a fun game.  At first glance, it appears to be entirely luck-based (a slot-machine game).  But the fact that you can easily time one of the slots, gives you just enough control over what happens, with enough chance thrown in that anything could happen, that it becomes really fun.  And yes, there is definitely a strategy as to what to go for and when.  You can’t just go for random crap and hope to win. 

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