Asus Transformers Now In Stock At Best Buy [Update: STILL In Stock]


I know you’ve been seeing these posts all week about Asus’ elusive Transformer tablet going on sale at various stores around the net, only for the post to be updated with “Sold Out” before we can even publish.

Well, looks like Best Buy may have received more than 4 units of this hot ticket item. Phandroid reported earlier this week that Asus was planning on upping production of their Tickle Me Elmo tablet. Yesterday, when we found out they were available at Best Buy, we sent out a tweet notifying our followers and like clockwork, the 32GB version sold out in minutes. Upon checking this morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes to see that the 16GB version is still available. Of course, I could have been raptured in my sleep and I suppose it’s possible that heaven has a never ending supply of Honeycomb tablets.

Either way, grab your Transformer before they sell out (again) and don’t forget — you can always save yourself some extra moolah by picking up the 16GB version and plopping down $30 for a 16GB micro sd card to shove inside. Thank, gawd for expandable memory!

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Got mines! Woot! Now I just need to find that dang expensive keyboard dock… 

    But I guess its a better value than an $80 stylus pen XD

    1. Did you get a best buy employee discount? I’m still waiting but it just looks so sweet. Don’t think I can wait much longer.

      1. Nope. No discount. Since I’m technically a rep for HTC and not a BestBuy employee. Bought if full price! =p 

        1.  Don’t you already have the Samsung tab from I/O?

          1. already sold it on ebay -_- 

          2. Yup! But I’m giving that one to my family since I have no use for it. Kinda need a keyboard =) 

    2. Good evening,
      can you please confirm widely believed information, that Tegra2 (Asus Transformer for that matter) can’t play 720p H.264 movies smoothly? (I couldn’t care less about 1080p on tablet)

      to be more exact, H.264 high profile, which is most (roughly 90%) of my few terrabytes HD movies collection (Tegra2 plays other formats just fine, Tegra3 even 1080p). 

      1. I think I will include that in my…. REVIEW VIDEO! =D 

    3. i bought mine at frys

  2. Still available! Just ordered mine. Can’t wait to get it. 

  3. Already ordered it last night! I couldn’t believe it either, should be arriving next week!! :)

    1. @980eed729faa7079bb421d4c4ecd7ad1:disqus  @a98a33ee35084ecdaeba1efb6fa8eb49:disqus Mine too! Can’t wait to open her up and do a video it =)

  4. ORDERED!!! $$$Money!! Nicely done Phandroid!

    1. I knew someone would jump all over this (including myself) =D 

      1. Got mine early yesterday. I can’t believe that they have been in stock for around 24 hours already. I get mine Monday morning. 

        1. I’ve noticed that a bunch of online retailers are also stocked up pretty well. Guess Asus was working round the clock to pump out more.

          Funny story: All the people I contacted on Craigslist that were charging $600 – $800 and wouldn’t budge on price, have been calling me back and are suddenly negotiable. Hahahahha!

  5.  These have been available since last night…grats to those that picked one up!

  6. Amazon UK claims these aren’t available (with dock) until June 1st. Curry’s Digital (and PC World) already have several in stock around the country. Go figure…

    1. Amazon UK are best left out of any discussion about the Transformer.

  7. Thanks Chris and Phandroid, I ordered my 16GB about an hour ago, I will have it in my hot little hands sometime next week, woo hoo!

  8. Finally got mine ordered. Thanks for the heads up. =]]]]

  9. STILL available!! Thought for sure they’d be gone already

  10. Ah, for California with shipping and tax it will be – $443.98
    Need Amazon options… 


  11.  Still available. On order.

    Has anyone been able to get docking stations? I haven’t seen them anywhere.

    1. walmart has had docks in and out….best place to get notified when stock is available is by setting up text/email notifications of instock items at

      1. Thanks for that. Just set up an account to track. 

        1.  I got mine through nowinstock notification from PC richard. they never got the tablets but looks like they have been getting the docking stations in and out

  12.  I bought mine from B&H Photo and the total with shipping and everything was 408.00

    1. When  
      did  you buy it?
      It says pre-order on site now 

      1.  I don’t believe BH ever received any stock. I have been tracking their site from day 3 (unless it was ordered on day one or two of its release). I cancelled my preorder with BH and got it from BestBuy on friday. and my preorder in BH after NY tax was 443. not sure how it can be 408 even if it is some other shipped to some other state? :)

    2. Holy geebus! Mine was near $450 with tax and “California fees” from Best Buy! Maybe I’ll take it back and order from B&H.. 

  13. Thanks for the tip !!
    Just ordered and after using RewardZone certificates/Gift Card I paid $88.02..sweet!!

  14. Just thought I would throw this out there… I stopped by my local MicroCenter yesterday and they had the the Transformer on display AND in stock, both 16 gig and 32 gig versions. I was excited… It felt MUCH smoother than to me than the Acer, but not as solid in the hands.

    1. What was the weight difference like? 

      1. It definitely felt lighter than the Acer… to me, the Acer was just a tad too heavy for practical use.  Again, everyone’s different, but for me the Transformer was just easier to hold for a longer period of time.  It did, however, feel significantly cheaper to the touch.  The back felt a lot more flimsy than I had expected it would.  Still, I’d take it over the Acer. 

  15.  11:13am PST on 5/22/2011 and it’s still in stock!

    1. Good. Maybe Asus finally sorted out their stock problem. 

  16. Snagged a 32GB from newegg before BestBuy had stock on the 16GBs.  Should have it Tuesday?  Phandroid user comments helped make that happen! Giddy as a schoolgirl! Or giddy as Yum Yum from the Mikado… if you prefer.

  17.  anyone knows when will the 32gb be available 

  18.  Anyone know where to pick up the TF-101 dock or are we going to be waiting on that forever. 

    1. The dock was available on PC Richard on friday when I ordered one. If you register in, you can get alerts when it becomes available with any of the vendors. I got mine through one of such alerts (I am not affiliated with that site in any way, of course :) )

      1.  Thanks for the link! I actually got lucky and saw that PC Richard deal and got one today before it went back OOS. 

  19.  order mine last Friday but the order status this morning still shows “processing…will ship in the next 0-1 days” it has been like that for 3 days! Is this just how BestBuy is or there is something wrong? 

    1. Mine was like that till morning. Called bestbuy and they said they are shipping it today. sure enough, I got a shipping notification in an hour. 

  20. Dock is currently available on

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