Keyboard Dock to Be Among Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Accessories


Samsung has been busy showing off their upcoming line of Android tablets, taking the show all the way to Russia where the folks over at had some hands-on time with the Galaxy Tab 8.9. Revealed at the event were some upcoming accessories for the new Android Honeycomb slate, including a look at a keyboard dock. It looks pretty similar to the dock we saw for the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab, an accessory that we found pretty nifty, if not a bit counter-intuitive to the tablet. Perhaps with the recent popularity of the Asus Transformer the whole keyboard dock thing will pick up a bit of steam.

If you follow the source link below you will also find some video from the event, including hands-on time with the Galaxy Tab 8.9. A look at a few Galaxy S II accessories including an extended battery can be found as well.


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  1. Hopefully other companies are working on Transformer-like solutions.

  2.  Will the Tab 10.1 get a keyboard dock as well?

  3.  I hope they do this type of keyboard dock for the Galaxy Tab 10, as thats the one I want

    1. You know… GalaxyTab 10 is too big 

      1. Look around before replying:

        a) The NEW GT 10.1 is going to be a whole lot thinner, so if it was thickness you were referring to, then that point is void.

        b) If it was overall size you were referring to, go and Google ASUS Transformer.

        Obviously the GT 10.1 is too big for THAT keyboard, but I’m sure Samsung will find a way to make a bigger keyboard…

  4.  every since the original galaxy s, samsung has been absolutely top notch in the hardware dept, proof is in the pudding with there new dual core proccessor, its hands and feet above almost everything else, with second place likely going to the OMAP4 thats in the playbook and will likely be in the droid 3, followed by tegra 2, and lastly snapdragons new dual cores.  Snapdragon would be great but they always include such weak graphics solutions, early benchmarks have shown that the new dual core snaps can barely keep up with the original single core hummingbirds in the graphics category.  Lets hope the SGS gingerbread upgrade goes smooth as planned so sammy can prove that it is in it to win it this time, they seemed to have taken care of every other problem that they have had with the original SGS with the SGS2, mainly they dumped the RFS filesystem.  thats the one thing that slowed that phone down.  Other wise it is still one of the most powerful android phones to date, even a year after release.  Im rooting for them, in part because they have such loose bootloader policies and seem to have somewhat of a understanding of what android is all about. Freedom, most consumers will not ever even think about hacking their new galaxy 2, its plenty powerful enough for anyone, but there is always those who like to push things to the limit, like most of us here on phandroid, and they also cater to that crowd.  i hope the galaxy tab 10.1 and 8.9 offer a true android related solution to the iPad, which is, in all honesty the best all around tablet experience out.  be it like a giant iPos touch or not.

  5.  Beige? Really? What is this, 1999?

    1. Colorblind a little?  

    2. lol dude. How on earth do you see that as beige ><

      1. Maybe I am a little colorblind then, but it sure looks like the off-white/beige that plagued computing until the early 21st century. 

  6. Great, they put the dock port on the right orientation unlike the galaxy 7 tab

  7.  They can keep the keyboard, if I wanted one I would buy a laptop…just give me a date for the G-tab 8.9.

  8. Meh, not a great keyboard dock… the Transformer one is much better :P

  9. Disappointing, not a single iPhag to tell us that samsung copied the keyboard from apple.  It’s a dark day in the android community.

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