Logitech Launching a Stable of Input/Output Accessories for Your Tablet Later This Month


Logitech is remaining hands-off when it comes to bringing their own Android tablets and instead are content with providing accessories for those tablets. They’ve detailed three new bluetooth-enabled accessories coming to a store near you later this month. A wireless keyboard ($70), mouse ($50) and speakers ($100) will essentially turn your tablet into a PC of sorts. $220 worth of accessories seems steep for a device that was meant to be mobile, but it’s there if you want it. Product images can be found at the source links. [Logitech via Logitech Blog]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. wireless speakers are kind of overkill . . . with this setup, if you have a EEE then you’re coming out ahead for keyboard options!!!

    1. I’m kind of digging the speakers, I’ve been looking for some like those actually and that price is not that bad.

      1. I bought those – – about a year ago in the UK for GBP30.  Love their sound and it wasn’t a bad deal.

        1. Thank for link, I will read some reviews, about a year ago I was gonna buy some nokia bluetooth Headphones but after reading reviews I could hardly find any good ones, so I went with a pair of Motorola s 10 hd that my sister broke the same week I purchased but that week was really good.

          How loud are they? Good battery life? How do charge them ac adaptor only or a USB cable, hopefully not proprietary.

          Sent from ?

          1. I own a set of the Nokia BH-103 ( and actually like them because I can leave them hanging around my neck when I don’t need them or listen to news podcasts on one ear while still be able to hear the traffic while walking around. 
            Maximum of the volume of the MD-7W is fine for me – no complaints.  I can load them with normal AA batteries (or rechargeable ones) – and battery life is okay – or I can run them on power from e.g. my engercell rechargeable battery through the standard Nokia plug (standard power supply was included).  The last option kind of defeats the purpose of wireless speakers, but I love the option, especially in connection with being able to use a standard 3.5mm headphone cable (2 male ends) to hook the speakers up to my non-BT mp3-player.

  2.  So, can someone please tell me what makes this bluetooth Mouse for Android 3.1 any different than another mouse? I mean, I’m pretty sure if Google wan’t to enable you to use peripheral input devices they wouldn’t limit it so they had to use totally new drivers…. I would imagine ANY bluetooth mouse would work…. and that this is just some terrible marketing ploy.  If anyone can tell me otherwise please do.

    1. Only android 3.1 has USB host capabilities.

      1. it says it is a BT mouse, ie, no different than any other BT mouse.  host would be for a USB mouse

        1. I missed that you are right, but can android 3.0 make use of that mouse, because I know cm7 and 6 had to add Bluetooth support for mice, the reason being is that mouse support is not native in android 2.3.

          Sent from ?

    2. @matteden, my stowaway bluetooth keyboard pairs up nicely with my MOTO DEFY on 2.2. 

  3.  F*ck yeah

  4.  I’ve never ever read a good review for a bluetooth mouse.

    1. been using logitech bluetooth trackballs for well over 5 years now.

      abby on NCIS uses one too.

      they work great.

      if the keyboard pairs ANDROID 2.2 it will be awesome for galaxy TAB.

      THERE,  you got a good review.

      1. Wow! So that makes one against…  pretty much every other review I’ve ever seen. And you’re seriously using a fictional character on a television show as part of your review?!? Wow! That’s pretty funny….  but not in a good way for you.

      2. And Abby is a genius. She can do everything on the computer so fast. It must be the mouse. :D 

        1. coming from a show where they can zoom in infinitely without losing quality with pictures from security cameras

  5.  pretty pricey

  6. i like logitech, good quality,nice design, but too pricey, my wallet still fears logitech after i bought the dinovo mini…


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