PayPal for Android to receive Mobile Check Capture


You know that fancy ability to snap a picture of a check with your smartphone’s camera and have the funds automatically deposited into your PayPal account? The feature that iPhone users have had since last October? It is making its way to Android today through a soon-to-be released update to the platform’s PayPal app.

The feature, known as Mobile Check Capture, has apparently brought in about a million dollars per month through the iPhone app alone, proving that people really are just that lazy. I kid, the convenience of off-site deposits (and the ability to deposit money directly to PayPal from a check without having to transfer funds between bank accounts) can’t be understated.

Oh, and the update brings along a few other conveniences as well, such as the ability to install PayPal to the SD card, saving some space on your phone’s internal storage. And just like money, internal storage is something we all could probably use a bit more of.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1.  paypal in market first please!

  2. This is going to be so awesome.

  3. Wow.  That sort of convenience may prompt me to make greater use of my Paypal account.  

  4.  USAA has had a check capture feature on its Android app for at least a year.  Very convenient.

  5. Android always coming in 2nd to iOS regarding app development and features is enough to convince me to give it up after my Nexus S gets old. I’ll come back when things are better.

    1. It depends on what bank you have. Chase, Citi and USAA have had this feature for their apps since last year. And anywho, iDevice has been out 2 years before Android and you are having a cow because we came in 2nd place on an app feature? Then you will be really disappointed all the time because Android did come after iDevice and it will always be this way until companies realize that the huge market Android commands will provide more revenue than the iDevice. Developers are noticing.

      1. Take a look at Facebook for Android.

        It crashes every time I click on someones name to view their profile from my News Feed. It has been crashing for at least a month solid. I have iOS devices too. Bugs like that get fixed immediately. You would think an app like Facebook which has an enormous user base (probably one of the largest) would care enough to fix things like that in a timely manner. But they don’t. If the big guys don’t care, Android will always be 2nd class in app support. And apps are a huge part of smartphones now.

        1. Your Facebook for Android crashes all the time? Mine never does.

          Sounds like a personal problem, anyways drink up the Kool Aid is fresh. 

  6.  App to SD is still not working. Application is still copy-protected.

    1. Fixed now, uninstall then reinstall the app 

  7. Awesome!!

  8.  People still use cheques?

  9. Am I the only one who thinks this is completely useless? Whats the point of adding money to Paypal from a check if you’ve linked your bank account to Paypal?

  10. “Mobile Check Capture”. That’s almost funny. I haven’t written a check for 3-4 years; nor have I received one for I don’t know how long.
    And why would anyone want to deposit their checks into an un-prudentially-regulated “account” with PayPal. Sheesh …
    Sounds to me like PayPal is preparing for the not too distant future when the retail banks/Visa/Mastercard finally relegate the clunky PayPal back into the “paper” age, or better still, the stone age.
    What you need to know to protect yourself from PayPal:
    Enron / eBay / PayPal / Donahoe: Dead Men Walking.

  11. Most of my small business customers prefer to pay with a paper check rather than incur a $2-$30 convenience fee to use plastic. (To my surprise, very few have PayPal accounts or are willing to pay via ACH/eCheck.)

    Given the choice between wasting my time and gas going to the bank, and Mobile Check Capture; I’ll skip that trip to the bank, thanks! Shoot, I often get the money faster via PayPal because I deposit the check immediately instead of waiting until Saturday to finally get to the bank.

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