May 18th, 2011

You know that fancy ability to snap a picture of a check with your smartphone’s camera and have the funds automatically deposited into your PayPal account? The feature that iPhone users have had since last October? It is making its way to Android today through a soon-to-be released update to the platform’s PayPal app.

The feature, known as Mobile Check Capture, has apparently brought in about a million dollars per month through the iPhone app alone, proving that people really are just that lazy. I kid, the convenience of off-site deposits (and the ability to deposit money directly to PayPal from a check without having to transfer funds between bank accounts) can’t be understated.

Oh, and the update brings along a few other conveniences as well, such as the ability to install PayPal to the SD card, saving some space on your phone’s internal storage. And just like money, internal storage is something we all could probably use a bit more of.

[via MobileCrunch]