May 18th, 2011

Despite the HTC Flyer not being an Android 3.0 tablet, HTC says early sales are doing quite good for themselves. The industry was worried that – due to pricing and no adoption of Google’s tablet-specific operating system – the Flyer wouldn’t take off. Despite fear-mongering from certain industry players, HTC believes that the tablet market is still young and there is still a ton of room for growth for any company not named “Apple”.

They also apparently mentioned wanting to do something with NFC in the future, but offered no details. We aren’t so surprised by that considering how major carriers in Europe and the United States are treating the technology – they want it to blow up (in a good way) and will lend their hand in helping that become a reality.

We can’t imagine competing OEMs aren’t thinking the same. HTC has plans to sell the HTC Flyer in the United States as the HTC EVO View 4G, and T-Mobile has also been rumored to carry the device. [Electronista]

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