Nexus S 4G Having Reception Issues?


A new device, another boatload of problems storming in. This time, the Nexus S 4G is giving users signal trouble. Users report that they sometimes can not get any type of signal – be it 4G, 3G, or 1xTT – in certain instances while other Sprint phones are getting strong signals in those same areas. A majority of reports complain of very bad signal strength and data speeds, though, with some folks not able to get off of 1xTT.

It took a week, but Sprint has finally acknowledged that there is, in fact, a widespread issue and that they’ll be looking into it. There’s no indication on whether or not this is a fault of the hardware’s or if the software is the culprit. And Sprint didn’t exactly give a timeline, but it’s nice to know they’re looking into it. Any of you experiencing these same issues? [Sprint, Thanks Matt!]

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  1.  My girlfriend bought one this weekend and it gets better signal than the cheap phone it replaced.  Hopefully she doesn’t start to see problems.  

  2.  So is this a Nexus S hardware problem or a Sprint problem?

    1. Well it can’t be a Sprint problem since Samsung made the phone and Google made the software.  But hopefully Sprint will light a fire under their asses to get it fixed!

      What sucks the most is that this is the best phone I ever used… when the friggin data works!

      1. Not really a software issue more of a hardware…. If it was software then all if not most ns’s would see same issue. There may be an issue with the CDMA tech they or or is it wimax? I forget. 

    2. Sprint problem, my reception is and has been superb even before I used custom roms like cm7 and different kernels on t-mo ns.

      *edit for punctuation

  3. Reminds me of the nexus one reception issues

    1. Never speak of that again. 

  4.  I barely ever have more than 1 bar, coming from an Evo, with full bars, most of the time.

    1.  I never have full bars on my EVO. Currently on the line with Sprint now. I keep calling and they keep being awful in helping the situation.

  5.  I am having mad signal issues and I hate it. My EVO never had signal issues. I even took it into Sprint and they said it was fine. It is funny that I know more then they do about phones.

  6. Only problem I’m having is battery life.

  7. Gee, a Samsung phone with issues? Go figure.

    1. A phone with issues? go figure is more like it. All phones have at least 1 issue but go ahead with your trolling.

  8. Switched from a Hero to Nexus S 4G, haven’t seen any signal problems thus far…

  9. I got one of these yesterday, sit 100 feet from a 4G tower and can’t get a 4G signal.  Wondering if I should go get a different phone before I get used to this one. Any thoughts?

  10. Massive connection issues with the Nexus S 4g since the first day. No 3g coverage in an area that is supposed to get outstanding coverage. Wi-fi cuts in and out when sitting right next to the router. When I do get a 3g signal, speedtest is showing .30mbps download, .17mbps upload. Ridiculous!

  11.  O, and finally some coverage on this issue! Widespread complaints all across the message boards. Thanks Phandroid, you were the first to do your due diligence.

  12. They are holding it wrong!  :-)

    1. i just lol’d all of the place

    2.  Heyy now no you can’t say that, steve jobs copyrighted it then patented it for use only with iPhones. He could sue your a$$ lol

  13.  There always seems to be some issue with these phones. Random restarting (Samsung), battery drains quick (thanks LTE), no 4G enabled out of the box (ATT). You get the picture. Get’em while they’re HOT!

    1.  Random reboot is more android issue than samsung

  14. Hopefully we’ll see a software update soon to correct the issue for those experiencing it.

  15. Sounds just like the Nexus One I bought and used for a while in January ’10. But I blamed it on the weak signal from T’Mobile….hmmmmm. Gotta be the phone. Maybe they´ll pass out free bumpers a la iphone 4…

  16. The fact it’s an issue that does not effect all Nexus S’s means it’s a hardware issue.

    Samsuck did it again.

  17.  Maybe its cause Sprint has horrible service in the first place.

  18.  I’ve had Signal issue too, and Sprint told me to switch from my Nexus to an Evo. =(

  19.  the samsung replenish is having the same isue , bad 

  20.  the samsung replenish is having the same isue , bad 

  21. I’m also having problems with reception but mainly with my WIFI….every machine in my house has a full bar reception of my WIFI signal except for my NEXUS…what up with that?  Does the Nexus need a special setting or does my WIFI?

    1. The Nexus S switched to a “low power” wifi chip, check out the link, http://www.google.ru/support/forum/p/Google+Mobile/thread?tid=0b747153a6bc1518&hl=en

  22. Remember the Moment…Samsung and Sprint never did fix that phone.  Looks like a repeat. I’d never own another Samsung, I’m good with my EVO 4G!

  23. I have not had any issues at all with 3G or 4G. I haven’t done any test, I just know it has always worked for me.

    I did have issues with the phone knocking out my wifi router, but once I upgraded the firmware on the router it fixed the issue.

  24. so if it’s a hardware issue how are they going to fix it? ask users to swap out their phones for replacements? im confused and we need an official statement from samsung, google or sprint. 

  25.  where is richard? i thought sprint was better than verizon?

  26. Having serious phone reception issues here coming from the evo which had at least 2 bars at all times when at home. Ive gone from 76dbs with the evo to 101db with nexus, if something isnt done within the next 2weeks or acknowledged im not only done with this phone but probably sprint to. 

  27.  I’m in Canada I’m having the same issue.. the carrier is called Mobilicity.  I’m thinking it’s probably not the carrier.

  28. I work for Sprint and have this device….and also reported the issue….I have been told this issue is being looked into and information is being compiled as received…Sprint is on top of this

  29.  I started a thread on Sprint’s Community forum the day after the Nexus came out and there are over 100 replies to it now. I had to return the device due to no signal and I am so upset because I loved it. I want it back but need it to have coverage.

  30. Same problem!!!!

  31.  I bought two Nexus-s a week ago at Denver, we can not get any 4G signal at all. Even thought the location indicates within 4G coverage. Then I have to go to Urbana, IL. I landed at Indianapolis, drove to Urbana. I do not see any 4G signal in whole trip. I came back Mountain View, CA, which is Clearwire/Sprint 4G beta test site and I have been using it for 18 mouths. I can get 4G most of time, but it  frequently drops by itself. Very unstable, they need considering re-call.

  32. yes, my service is non exisistent, wi fi horrible and I just got sprints airrave at the house and still have a very poor signal and at times nothing

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