Motorola Droid X2 Surfaces at Motorola Support Site


We’re just a little over a week away from the launch of the follow up to the Droid X, and VZW and Moto are having a hard time keeping the thing under wraps before an official announcement. Motorola’s support site now shows the Droid X2 in all its dual-core, qHD display glory. You can even snag a download the user guide, which leaked yesterday.

Oh, and Moto isn’t the only one giving the Droid X2 some early exposure. The Verizon site has the new handset showing up on their accessories page, leaving us little doubt that rumored talk of a May 26th release will hold true.

[via Engadget]

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  1.  It would release on May 26th but the end of the world is on may 21st! Sorry!

  2. So what makes this phone different from the Droid X?

    Honest question, I very interested in purchasing it.

    1. the  “X2” in the name :P 

    2. The droid 1 and 2 have qwerty’s. And, stop trolling the Verizon threads. Seriously.

      1. Sorry I meant the Droid X. I will change my comment or maybe I should repost it 20 more times in this article. Then I would definitely be trolling.

        1. Dual core, qhd. Other then that, not much. 

          1. WTF, why wouldn’t they include LTE. It is the only thing this phone is missing.

          2. Agreed. Bad move from Big Red. If it had LTE, I would probably buy one full retail.

  3.  I’m not buying a new PC running Windows Vista, and I’m not buying a new phone running Froyo. Get a clue Verizon!

    1. If you want to buy a phone that has the latest OS, be prepared for a long wait.  The PC analogy is ludicrous.  PCs aren’t embedded systems whose SW needs to be customized to the platform, performance tuned, etc.  Phones take up to a year to develop, and they can’t be developed using SW that isn’t all there yet.  Too many variables.  So they’re developed using the best available (and reasonably stable) SW, and upgraded when the new SW can be tuned and thoroughly tested both in-house and in-network.  

      But if you’d prefer to wait and be without a phone, enjoy the silence.

      1.  Exactly. I know we wanna think of these smartphones as mini computers, but to compare them to PC’s isnt correct when you talk about updates, OS’s.

    2. i understand you want gingerbread but that would not be a selling point for me  because they would eventually update it but its the same freaking phone!  It is a waste of money and i bet that they are going to release this then in a couple of months release the droid x3 with all the upgraded specs……and just take our money again those greedy bastards lmao  

  4. @ Mods, please block Jdogs account, all he does is troll the Verizon threads. What, this is the same phone that released 2 years ago, blah blah blah. 

    1. +1 for your feeble attempt to make yourself look like your not a troll. If only you could erase the comments on your account.

      1. You mean the ones where 1 or 2 people wanna argue against what everyone else already knows. Yeah. no.

  5. More locked down Motorola junk.

    1. locked down like yo mama in the pen. 

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