Sprint Does It Again With Hilarious TV Spot For The Nexus S


Looks like it’s that time again… Time for some fun Android videos from across the internets! This time featuring yet another great Android tv-spot from Sprint. Say what you will about the carrier’s coverage (or reasonable pricing options), but these guys know how to rep Android and they rep it well. Whether it was their “first” commercial for the Evo 4G or the thousands of adorable — I mean, totally rad Andy’s working away in the Evo Shift 4G video, I love the simplicity and how they show off Android’s super cute/cool mascot. Well, Sprint’s at it again. This time with a more humorous commercial for the latest addition to their Android lineup, the Samsung Nexus S (video chatting enabled AND unblocked). Zing!

[Via IntoMobile]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1.  Ahh, so this is the “killer app” for android… faster cute cat interweb action.

  2.  Cats AND little Androids?! A+ work, Sprint. 

  3. LMAO, gosh blasted sprint hahaha!

  4.  Oh yeah, and there’s this one too!

    Thanks, Mayos! ;D

    1.  HAHAHAHAHA well done. lol


    3. LMAO! I gotta hand it to AT&T that was hilarious. I wish t-mobile would have a great commercial like that

      1.  Just out of curiosity, what does this commercial have to do with AT&T?

        1.  Besides it advertising a new AT&T Android phone? Absolutely nothing.

          1.  Last I checked, the Nexus S is a T-Mobile phone and now a Sprint phone as well. Where does AT&T come into play?

          2. Christopher Chavez posted a video for the Samsung Infuse. There were a couple responses to that video including JBrowne1012’s “LMAO! I gotta hand it to AT&T that was hilarious. I wish t-mobile would have a great commercial like that,” in which you responded “Just out of curiosity, what does this commercial have to do with AT&T?”

            Hence my response.

        2. Kinda hard to follow the threading in the comments but he’s referring to my comment where I also posted the Samsung Infuse commercial =) 

    4. Sucks for the guy who owns the phone though ahaha but I think its too over dramatic about it though because in my opinion that wasn’t really looking life like. Good ad nevertheless.

    5. Lol this commercial would be even funnier on Sprint for the EVO 3D, because they could say how it’s so “life like” with a true perception of depth, tricking her into thinking it was real. 

      1. Maybe there will be a sequel?? =D 

    6. :) <3 Still hilarious on the 5th watch. 

  5. Am I the only one who thinks sprint’s new marketing people are terrible?

    1. You are alone on that one, friend. 

    2. Forever alone

    3. Eternally alone 

    4.  On a ISLAND alone bud!!

  6. Springs voice and sms is down for some and this is the article about Sprint you choose to run? Shane phandroid.

    1.  Uhhm, its working fine for me?!

      1. Me too and everyone I’ve talked to on Twitter. I suspect a hoax. I don’t report on hoaxes. XD 

        1.  You must not follow Sprint on twitter then, because they confirmed it. My question is why did it happen? It is not like they are rolling out a new technology, or even expanding their current tech.

          1. Man go do some research……………network vision is what sprint is calling its network upgrade that is IN PROCESS currently and will transform their network into a monster. Go head and look it up. 

          2. According to Sprint, it is a project that was just awarded contracts. NO WORK HAS BEEN DONE. Again, NO NEW TECH, NO EXPANSION OF CURRENT TECH. Where did the problem come from? 

    2. Welcome to the real world. =p

  7.  I can’t wait to see what they are going to have for the Evo 3d commercials, Sprint does very well with their advertising.

    1. I wish their advertising was as good as Verizon’s stupid DROOOOOOOID nonsense lol. 

      1. **Finds phone in the middle of nowhere. Jumps in spaceship and flies away**


        The end. 


  8. Nyan

  9.  I hate cats. . .

      1. LoL… i second that 

        1. I third that. 

    1. I’ve checked with the cats, they’re not all that fond of you either. 

  10. BTW what part of this vid was “Hilarious”? 

    I love Sprint and Android, but ummm no…

    1. The cats 

    2. I think you missed the cats. o_O 

    3.  Ummm ALL of it.. Captain HUMORLESS!!

  11. I guess that is funny for people with stunted frontal lobe development 0_0

    1. Don’t you DARE talk about my lobes… 

    2.  Leave me LOBES alone buddy!!!

  12. First google phone to the core? Not really. but that running through maps as an android being attacked by cats would make an awesome game.

    1.  You missed that tail end of that sentence in the ad I guess. “First Google phone to the core running on Sprint’s 4G network”

  13. Hilarious? Good grief I hardly think so. Sheeeeeesh

  14. I wish there was a funny thunderbolt commercial, no all we get is a freak running around on top of a building in a lightning storm…

    1. The power of Zeus doesn’t make you want to rush out and buy the phone??? 

      1. Maybe Thor…  Zeus has never translated well to the big screen… 

  15. The cats  and the phone is awesome, everything else about Sprint is terrible. 

  16. Purrrr.  I can has Sprint?

    1. you can haz cheezburger

  17.  Look… to quote The Doctor “Cats are Cool”

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