Samsung DROID Charge Receives ED2 Update


The Samsung DROID Charge – not unlike many phones – was launched to a quick software upgrade to tighten things up. The Charge’s upgrade is a bit different, though, as it actually disables functionality. You can only download media hub content over 4G and WiFi. Not exactly the most exciting (or desirable) upgrade to any phone, but we’ll deal with it. It’s a 5.2MB download and you really shouldn’t be in any rush to grab this one. If you are, check “System Updates” under “About Phone” in the “Settings” menu. [VerizonThanks to all who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. COOL! An update that disables functionality? Who wouldn’t rush to get that?!  If I get lucky, maybe VZW will send out updates for the TBolt and Charge that disables LTE. /sarcasm

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