Nenamark Results Show DROID 3 With OMAP4, qHD Resolution


Nenamark has come through in the clutch again with providing some insight into an unreleased device. The Motorola DROID 3 is the lucky winner this time. The results show that it’ll come with a qHD resolution display and will be powered by an OMAP 4430 processor by Texas Instruments.

Motorola has a solid history with TI, but they’ve gone with NVIDIA for their first dual-core phone, the Motorola ATRIX 4G and they’re rumored to be going with NVIDIA for the Motorola DROID X2 whenever it makes its way to Verizon.

It makes us wonder if they were just waiting for Texas Instruments to get OMAP 4 up to speed or if they’re just following a certain strategy. In any case, OMAP4 is no slouch of a chipset and we’re excited to see how well it runs inside of a market phone. [Electronista]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Throw in an LTE radio and an unlockable, non-encrypted bootloader, and I’ll take two. As long as moto encrypts their bootloaders, I want nothing to do with them. Let’s see them put their money where their mouth is regarding their bootloaders.

    1. Dude get a life and get over  

      1. Yeah well……..your mom……. is a…………………………… dude…..?

    2. I agree with you Sevenstars. Moto needs to get the message. Custom roms are way too much fun for me now. If all the Android phones are going to start doing this, then it will be time for an alternative.    

  2. lets pray for vanilla android and unlocked bootloader.

    1. It ain’t happenin’ 

  3. Motorola just doesn’t get it. Nobody will buy this phone because of their bootloader policy.  

    1. Nobody except the people that don’t know what a bootloader is…which is just about everybody. 

    2. Clearly someone doesn’t get it.  The percentage of bootloader unlock zealots, however vocal (and oh, can they be annoyingly vocal), is insignificant.  You wish nobody will buy it because it gives your rants weight.  But in the land of reality, people will but it.  It’s even possible a lot of people will buy it (myself included) especially as it’s the logical next step or all those who bought the Droid 1 and are just about due for an upgrade.

      1. Well at least people (myself included) have the right to rant, and encourage friends, family and associates to pass on these encrypted phones. I know I do!  

        1.  what will you buy when everything gets locked in the future.

          1. Not sure, but one of the main things I like about android is rootability, which includes the ability to flash custom roms and so forth. I guess as much as I love android, some of it’s uniqueness will go away if this becomes an across the board issue,. I guess then it will be a matter of which phone/operating system can give the most usefulness… Things like Market, customization, carrier availability for which phones are available will come into play. Although the lockdown may not be Androids fault, based on if it does happen across the board will not help with loyalty. I do not want to ever leave Android, and if things do get locked down completely, hopefully they can keep up. 

        2. You always have the right to rant, but there comes a point (and I think we’re well past it) that the ranting clearly isn’t effective and only serves to make the ranter look like a whiny kid whose mom won’t give him a cookie.  

          It’s hard to be taken seriously if you come across as a whiner (except maybe by other whiners).  So rant if you wish, you have that right, but be aware how you look ranting.  

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          2. True enough TalkingMoose. However, This is a forum for those that are android entusiasts to be able to come together, talk about things pertaining to Android that we like, dislike, would like to see, would not like to see and where Android came from and how it as an operating system has progressed over the past few years.

            Imo it is perfectly logical, and within the spirit of this forum to state oppossition regarding phones with encrypted bootloaders.

            Although we may not ultimately stop them, I do believe we have caused them to slow down and think twice about proceeding with encrypting all phones and tablets to this point (think Motorola’s unlockable bootloader statement two months ago).

            I also believe not talking about it, and not stating personal boycotts will only speed up this process. If OEM’s realize that “techies” have succumbed to the inevitability of what they wish to impose, then we are doomed.

            IMO we should all be ranting together as load as possible to stop this…        

      2.  That vocal minority has quite an influence on the silent majority (friends and familiy of this minority).

        1. The actual majority isn’t silent.  They speak a language that the
          manufacturers and carriers both understand and respect: they buy phones.

          The actual majority, in general, doesn’t know what a bootloader is, or what it does, or may any attention to people who say not to buy phones without an unlocked bootloader.  You might as well tell them that the phone isn’t any good if it doesn’t have a more than 15 schnitzengruben.  It’s meaningless to them.  Sure, some people you know might see you as the “techy” one and listen blindly, but if you explained to them what they are missing by not having an unlocked bootloader, most would probably shrug and say, “OK, but do I need that?  Will I ever use that?”  And the answer, for the vast majority of users is, “No, you don’t need it, and you probably don’t even want it because phones with unlocked bootloaders and mod ROMs are not as stable and secure.”

  4. Nice phone, I’d like to get it!

  5. open bootloader or bust

  6. Please have LTE… Please have LTE… Please have LTE…

  7. This phone isn’t having LTE but I can care less its just drains your battery and slows your phone down, all I want is vanilla android and that’ll be a dream phone!

  8. I wonder what the chances of this phone not having blur are? I love my D1 but its starting to slow down a bit. It is still better than my friend’s D2 that locks up all the time. Blur=fail

  9.  Now… this is what I’m waiting for !  FFC, native Android, dual-core, etc..  Leave it to Droid to deliver on the promise of Android !

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