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The other day, I previewed a game from Glu Mobile called Contract Killer. It’s a simple rail shooter (and I’m not sure you can call it that considering you don’t move much) that has you going after assigned targets for cash. Kill ’em or tranq ’em, just make sure the boss is happy. You can find the video at this link, but why watch that when you can play it for free today? It’s in the Android market now and the price isn’t a mistake, folks. Consider it a gift from Glu, I suppose.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Source: AT&T Owes T-Mobile $6 Billion in Cash, Spectrum & Roaming Privileges if Deal is Rejected

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  1. You should mention immediately upon opening the game, you are told it needs to download a 245 MB (!!!) resources file.

    1. That would be KBs homeslice.

      Edit: lol, I stand corrected. Quite the large file. But look at the graphics…

    2. It’s going pretty quickly downloading on the Thunderbolt over 4G, I’d estimate around 15Mbps.  And… all done.  Lets check this thing out.

    3. That’s because Google still has a limit on how big apps can be.  All the better apps have an extra download. Glu makes awesome games, I have 3 of them.  Also, the WSP Texas Hold’ em app had an extra download and it was for cut scenes and stuff.  Well worth it! 

  2.  What a mess.

    1. It’s not free.  The app is free, but credits for many game elements have to be unlocked with credits that you buy using an in-app payment system.

    2. Not available for HTC Desire on UK Vodafone – despite some comments on the market listing saying it works on Nexus One.

    1. If you’re rooted you can get all the credits and cash you want for FREE. Never pony up good money for gimmicks like this.


        1. that doesnt explain squat… ????

          1. There’s an app on the market called “GameCIH2(CheatIng Hacker)” The program is able to change the values in contract killer eg. give you 9999999 contract credits or $. You have to have a few credits first, say like 14. Then you search for the value 14, the search return will yield a lot of results so you spend a credit and then narrow it down and search “13”. Keep doing this until you get 1-3 results and then change those values to however much credit or cash you want.

            Thank me later.

      2. explain please? 

    2.  Wait so you are complaining because they actually let you play the game for free, when they never have to in the first place? Oh, and when they let you play the game for free, if you want a better gaming experience you can pay them for the work they have done and in turn you get more stuff. What’s wrong with you, you seriously just want things handed out to you?

      1.  I really hate the arrogance the kids in the younger generation have. Try reading his comment again. It’s scary how easily one’s reading comprehension can be ruined by the need to flex one’s e-peen.
        The article leads one to believe the game is entirely free. It doesn’t mention that it does cost money to do many things in the game. The OP was complaining about the misleading article, but if you got treatment for your narcissism you might be able to see that.

  3. It also doesn’t appear to be avail on HTC Desire for Telus Canada, either. 

  4. Yeah, first time I’ve come here all week. Came because there was virtually no review of this game and guess what? No, pop up ad! Maybe my phandroid boycott can end.

  5.  Not available for VZW Droid rooted on CM7 :(

  6. When it kills your contract, does it also avoid the Early Termination Fee as well?  :-)

    1.  WOW that dude narrating sounds straight out of the ghetto. 

  7. Fed up of sites like this not starting when things aren’t available to the majority of the world

  8. I can’t find it either. 

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