Angry Birds Rio Beach Volleyball Update Adds Monkeys, Sand


On the sandy beaches of Rio, birds and monkeys play volleyball. At least that’s what the update to Angry Birds Rio suggests. Rovio’s added new beach-themed levels in today’s Beach Volleyball update and they’ve changed the objective – instead of freeing birds, you’re attacking monkeys who hang quite gracefully form several objects. Sounds quite interesting and should be a nice break from the norm. Go ahead and find your update in the Amazon Appstore.  Check the preview video out below for an idea of what to expect.

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  1. It’s available now?  That’s funny because my Appstore isn’t showing an update available yet.

    1. click “menu”->”my apps”, then click the “refresh” button, it should show up. 

    2.  not on android market the update for now is just at amazon app store.

  2.  omg i am definitely sick of angry birds lol.

    1. they keep adding new levels, and my ocd will not let me leave them without 3 star ratings!

      1. lol they remind me of HTC. Always releasing something every other week. it’s annoying lol 

        1. You’ll be happy they release something every other week rather than none at all. 

    2. Then you don’t have to play it or even click through and read or comment on articles about it, now did you?  You obviously aren’t that sick of it if you took the time to come in here. ;)

  3.  downloading now

  4. i am also not seeing the update available.
    i am in the amazon app store and tried the ‘my apps’ suggestion above.

    *edit. ah. had to click the ‘update available’ tab on top. didn’t notice that.
    update process in amazon app store kinda sucks balls.

    1. Yeah, I think once they’re done with filling out this version of Angry Birds, this will be the last app I ever get from Amazon. It’s too awkward of a process with them. 

      1.  It is a pain though i will keep going till they end the free app deals, once that is over i’m never opening amazon app store again

  5. I’m using EVO 4G and the update hasn’t shown for me. Nor do I see it available in the Market.

    1.  It is only in the amazon app store at the moment.

  6. You attacked monkeys in the second group of levels when Rio originally came out.  The first group was in the warehouses, freeing the birds, the second group was in the jungle, attacking monkeys. 

  7. Oh look, it’s exactly the same as every other version of Angry Birds.

  8. When will it be avail in the android market?

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