Samsung Galaxy S II Source Code Now Available


Well that was fast, wasn’t it? Samsung – who has been working to win the hearts and minds of developers – has gone ahead and released the source code for one of the hottest devices headed our way this year, the Samsung Galaxy S2. The phone’s already running on Android 2.3 with the latest version of TouchWiz so it isn’t like early adopters have any real need for custom ROMs right away, but it’s good news regardless and we’re sure the code monkeys have already gotten their paws on this one. (Wait, are monkeys’ paws called paws?) Yeah, anyway, download’s here. (Search for GT-i9100 if that doesn’t ring it up for you right away.) [Android Police]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The phone’s already running on Android 2.3 with the latest version of HTC Sense. Huh?

  2. Touchwiz, not sense….no biggie

  3. “The phone’s already running on Android 2.3 with the latest version of HTC Sense”


  4. you mean TouchWiz not Sense UI

  5. htc sense? wow those guys over at HTC sure know there way with the samsung galaxy 2 source code…yeh I know its been said before…….

    anyway…..nice speedy work, go samsung…maybe I will buy a phone from you some day…..some day….perhaps…..

  6. Pretty sure samsung wishes it had htc sense if it did they might be a true contender. But we all know better than that now don’t we.

    1. I’m pretty sure this phone craps all over everything else on the market, with or without Sense.

    2. I hate Sense, I love TouchWiz, especially TouchWiz 4.

    3. saids who? you? because the last time i checked Samsung makes way better phones than that of htc.

  7. It’s a typo people… calm down

    1. A huge typo that should have been caught. Do they proof read?

      1. True, it should have been caught, but huge? probably not. especially considering how many different phones phandroid writes about, it is a pretty easy mistake. Even a proof reader could miss it considering that fact. If this was a site specifically dedicated to samsung phones it would be a bit more of a faux pas. as it is, the article was written about an hour ago. the typo will most likely be fixed shortly. And life will return to normal.

        1. who the hell cares. we all knew what they meant and it was an honest mistake. it happens bud

  8. Sense, touch wiz, what is the difference. They both stand between you and Android updates.

    1. In this case Samsung is the worst offender as far as getting updates out. HTC has so far been the best manufacturer as far as getting updates out to thier phones. I love my Samsung TV, but will avoid the phones and tablets like the plague until they take updates seriously.

      1. what are you talking about? Samsung has been getting better with the updates. They update much more frequently then they use to and is now much better than htc or motorola.

      2. yeah it really isnt samsung it is the carriers. 2.2 was out for the rest of the world for months and months before ATT finally released it

  9. One of the downsides of new media, lack of editors. While it’s no big deal, your typo now dominates the discussions of your story.

  10. Did you really say Sense?

  11. Didn’t realize Samsung made HTC Sense…lol

  12. the proof reading here at phandroid is a joke at best. c’mon guys…

  13. ruthless

  14. Samsung does not use HTC sense…

  15. Sorry guys. I was reading into something else about HTC Sense (Sense 3.0 ROM on a few of HTC’s phones, see latest post) and I slipped up here. I didn’t have time to proofread as I wrote it on my flight to San Francisco and was rushing to publish it as they were about to shut down the GeeBees and the WiFis for landing. Yes, I know the difference between Sense and TouchWiz and who makes which. Thanks for pointing it out!


  16. Hey guys it’s good ole’ Ray Yarrell. Hey Ray, the Galaxy S2 will be TEA BAGGIN’ the Evo 3D from here to Taiwan. You can have your Sense and we’ll take our Touchwiz and at the end of the day, we’ll be the ones smilin’.

    1. You can keep your PLASTIC DEVICE with the POOR UPDATES and iphone copy cat. Htc has lead android since day one and always will ESPECIALLY IN TAIWAN AND HERE IN THE STATES. Htc pushes Samsung and because of that we all benefit from the innovative technology created by both. Samsung will always be SECOND FIDDLE and the Evo 3d will distroy your plastic toy

      1. Lol, it will show it it’s locked bootloader and the SGS 2 will run away crying about how people can mess up android so badly?

        1. Samsung is a joke simple as that Htc rules

          1. WOw this yarrellray guy is a fag lol.

            So that’s why the original galaxy line was the best selling Android yet? Yeah Samsung is a joke alright. HTC rules! Rules your trap that is your a55 hole

          2. WOw this yarrellray guy is a fag lol.

            So that’s why the original galaxy line was the best selling Android yet? Yeah Samsung is a joke alright. HTC rules! Rules your trap that is your a55 hole

          3. Yep, 3 million pre orders for the Galaxy show Samsung really know how to make tat nobody wants eh.

          4. Prove it then. Don’t just say it, prove it. I dare you.

      2. to summarize for anyone who tried to make sense of that rambling outburst:

        “Blah blah blah blah HTC rulez yo! blah blah blah I’m a fanboy blah blah blah I’m right and no proof will convince me otherwise blah blah blah EVO3D 4Evah! blah blah”

        1. Best summary ever or best summary ever?

        2. Oh it made since you just can’t handle the fact that htc is better. Get over it my friend

          1. I love HTC phones, but damn you do sound like the worst kind of trolling fanboy. If the Galaxy doesn’t interest you, why post on the topic?

          2. “Oh it made…”???????? WTH is that supposed to mean? Learn to spell, moron. I can’t even make an educated guess as to what you were really trying to say. Go back to being the homeless idiot you were. At least then you’d be in an economic status to match your education (or lack thereof).

          3. If I had any reason to believe that HTC was in all ways superior to every other brand out there then I could “handle it” quite well, but the fact is, they’re not. Every brand out there has their own strengths and weaknesses. No manufacturer out there does everything right. They all push each other to do better by creating their own innovations, and emulating each others successes to push the technology further. We all benefit from this. The biggest problem I have with the ‘fanboy’ attitude is blind devotion. I am perfectly fine with the fact that you are so excited for the EVO3D, good for you. I am not fine with the fact that all you seem to do is go find posts about other phones and yammer on about how the EVO3D will destroy them! I have no doubt that it will be a good phone, but that does not make it the best phone out there, hands down. If all you want to talk about is the EVO3D, then go troll around the EVO3D forums.

            I really could care less how you feel personally about samsung or apple or nokia or HTC or any other brand for that matter. Without a factual, sensible, sentiment free argument, you sound like a trolling fanboy, and will be treated that way.

        3. rofl

      3. Aren’t pretty much all phones “plastic”? Or at least a combination of plastic and various metals? Isn’t your precious Evo and Evo 3D mostly made of plastic? Answer to both: Yes. Poor updates? Last I heard the Epic is supposed to be getting 2.3 around the same time that the Evo is. So much for “poor updates”. As for “iphone copy cat”, so Samsung borrowed a few design traits from the iPhone, so what? It was bound to happen eventually. There’s only so many “original” phone designs a manufacturer can make…
        Shut up you uneducated moron.

        1. Thanks for your USELESS RESPONSE not that any of us asked for it. You must really think your about something of any importance your nothing butt a TROLLING TOOL trying to be something your not do us all a BIG FAVOR and get lost we all would be better off

          1. Ummmm, excuse me? I’M the “trolling tool”? Why don’t you look in a mirror you hypocritical slob. At least I provide cold hard facts in my comments. What do you use? Nothing but opinion and baseless conjecture. Get a real education so that you know what you’re really talking about or shut up. You have no clue how ridiculous you sound by insulting me while having many misspellings and using incorrect grammar. Fuck off.

  17. Glad the source code is out! Get at it XDA and make us proud!

  18. comment on the post not a typo? idiots.

  19. hey lets make another joke about sense because no one has already made that joke and you personally make NO mistakes!

  20. You think TouchWiz is crap? Really? Have you guys above me have a SGS II infront of you on your desks?

    All of you guys in the states aren’t qualified to judge this phone. Believe the hype. Its is f’ing immense. This phone is what Android™ is all about.and should have been since day 1.

  21. For the last couple weeks every time I go to read about the galaxy s2,
    yarrellray is badmouthing
    the galaxy s2. Hey yarrellray, FYI your opinion counts a lot less then you think it does and people are gong to buy what they want with no regard to what you think. This thread is supposed to be about source code being released, its not here so you can display to everyone how far up htc’s butt you are.

  22. So when are they going to upgrade my Galaxy S phone? I shouldn’t have to buy a new phone every 3-4 months! Just sayin. Come on Samsung; get yourself together.

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