May 6th, 2011

Chris Soyars – a member of the CyanogenMod team – has announced a .3 update for the current stable version of CyanogenMod. No, folks, this is not 2.3.4. (But did you know you could get Google Talk with video anyway? More on that later.) This one fixes an “important” security hole and also fixes a bug with the update notifications system. They unfortunately cannot say what the security vulnerability is for quite some time but that’s because they want to make sure hackers won’t get their hands on that information and use it against everyone. You’ll want to apply this update ASAP, I imagine, so be sure to find it over at their mirror site now. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Note: This is NOT Android 2.3.4. That can be had in the nightlies. 7.0.3 is a part of the initial 2.3.3 release and incorporates more bug fixes. Chris Soyars has confirmed that 2.3.4 would come in CM7.1.