Massive Oversupply of Android Tablets May Result In Excess Inventory


What’s the difference between the onslaught of Android handsets hitting the market and the Android tablet craze we’ve been seeing recently? Android tablets aren’t selling.

Digitimes is reporting that because of the massive launch of Android tablets this year and 10 more companies getting ready to launch their own versions of these tablets, we could see an excess inventory of these devices in the second half of 2011. Couple in the fact that hardly any of these tablets seem to actually be leaving stores with customers (see Motorola Xoom sales), we could be looking at some nice price drops as stores try to move units.

So why haven’t people been adopting Android tablets like they have their smartphone cousins? I think this has to do with a lot of things, such as horrible marketing, high prices, and most definitely from the hugely successful iPad 2. I wouldn’t expect any one Android tablet to make any sort of dent in the iPad’s market share anytime soon.

As a laptop toting, smarphone junkie, I still haven’t been able to rationalize a tablet purchase for myself. Fearing it would only gather dust in my already crowded gadget life. Oddly enough, in my talks with some of the biggest proponents (fanboys?) of Android tablets, they themselves have yet to purchase one. Go figure.

So what do you guys think? Already picked up and loving your Android tablet? Maybe you’re still waiting for the next big thing? A quad-core tablet maybe? Or perhaps you are patiently waiting for prices to drop before diving into some Honeycomb tablet goodness?

[Via Digitimes]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Waiting for the Amazon tablet. At least I know they won’t abandon it in a month.

    Also, since Amazon products sell well, there will be more community support.

    1. Actually, I was thinking the same thing! =)

      1. You might want to update your article. You quoted an old article that showed an analysts prediction of 25,000 Xooms sold. Motorola released their quarterly results and said the number was actually 250,000. That’s nothing compared to the iPad 2 but not bad.

        As to the purpose of buying a tablet, you can’t really understand it until you’ve used one for a while. I almost never use my laptop anymore. I dread the times that I have to pull it out and wait for it to turn on. My tablet(s) go everywhere with me. I don’t even like using my Nexus S now that I’m used to the larger screen. I’ve considered carrying a Galaxy Tab with me and using a cheaper phone, although I doubt I will convince myself to do that. I love cool android devices too much.

    2. This. It’s not that I don’t want a tablet, but as you said Chris, I have no compelling reason to get one. My laptop is light enough to carry around where I need to go and my phone can handle any online activity I need if the laptop’s not around.

      Even though I’m an avid gamer, I tend not to play on my phone. When I had my iPod Touch, I bough way more games than I ever played let alone finished.

      As a writer/publisher there’s nothing a tablet can do that would make me want to try one for work.

  2. I had an Asus Transformer on pre-order, but cancelled it because I heard the Toshiba tablet was coming out. I also wanted to wait until Google IO happened to see what they announce…and kind of wanting to wait for a “Nexus” like tablet, if they actually offer one. Plus, waiting for Netflix to become available for them and not sure if all tablets will get Netflix ability or not.

    I also think the problem is the same problem I have with getting a new phone. The phones (and tablets probably also) are outdated a month after they come out! I It is the “there is something even better coming out just around the corner” syndrome.

  3. i went into pcworld (uk) the other day.. they had a prominent display with several ipad 2s and also a couple ipads. and to be fair they looked awesome. then stuffed in the corner there where 4 or 5 android tablets – the galaxy, the acer, the asus and some dodgy advent piece of crap. next to the ipads they looked chunky, slow and unloved. half of them werent even turned on. lol.

    sure we all know on here the joys of android but to the average joe the ipad was just so much more appealing and slicker. my gf said “wow this looks great, i want one” i tried pointing her in the direction of the androids, she took a halfhearted look and then dismissed them to go play with the ipads again. and i dont blame her. if they want to shift these tablets then samsung, motorola, acer etc. need to sort out the point of sale. they wont sell off their own back, theyve just not got the brand recognition. they didnt even have the price advantage to fall back on. the acer, asus and ipad where all roughly the same price.

    1. How is the Asus roughly the same price as the iPad 2? It’s not. It’s nearly 20% cheaper.

      And that’s before you factor in the hardware disadvantage that the iPad 2 has compared to the Asus Transformer.

      1. depends where u look… in pcworld the asus was £429 ( it was only available preorder with the keyboard) the acer was £449 the motorola was £479. and they had cleverly put the cheapest ipad2 price up most prominantly next to the ipads… which was £399! so to the casual browser they all looked a similar price.

        so why would someone ignore the brand name to buy the chunky android tablets in the dark corner and pay more? like i said, us lot on here know what the differences are and the benefits and that when u pay for the extras the ipad becomes more expensive. but we’re a minority. most people who just walk into a store all they see is the pretty ipad. they dont have a clue about usb ports or flash support or anything. 90% of people who go into pcworld dont have any idea about pc’s and tablets. thats why they go there rather than ordering online and getting a much better price.

        the android tablet sellers need to get more advertising and awareness. how many times a day do you see an ipad advert on tv?? must be every 30mins. yet i dont think ive ever seen an android tablet advert on tv…

      2. First videos I put on my Asus will feature Brendon, Jason, Melissa and McGuirk!

  4. screw u im waiting on the asus transformer! :)
    i have plenty applications for it (use to have a xoom).

    1. What happened to the Xoom??? o_O

      1. Chris, do you know what happened to the Asus Slider? Is that a no-go?

  5. I’m waiting to see what the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has to offer. (I’m 90% sure I’ll be pre-ordering and getting one on launch day provided that it does indeed have a micro sd card slot and an unlocked or unlockable bootloader). I like the XOOM, but it’s not worth $600. The rest of the tablets out there have been (for the most part) mediocre at best.

    Also, to play Devil’s Advocate, there certainly isn’t/wasn’t an oversupply of Asus EEEpad transformers…

    Regardless, I think there will be a huge jump in sales as more time passes and newer, better tablets come out. I agree that no SINGLE manufacturer will immediately threaten Ipad sales numbers, but revisit this in a year or so and I think you’ll see Android tablets as a whole selling just as well if not better than Ipads.

  6. What David said, and frankly, if you want to sell a tablet, try making it as good or better than iPad at a much lower price. Xoom is sexy, but stupidly expensive. See what good all those 10″ Titanics do sitting in the warehouse gathering dust. Make it good and make it cheap.

    1. Like the Asus Transformer? Better than the iPad and $100 cheaper.

      1. that you can’t find anywhere.

        1. I know. It’s a shame. Got mine on pre-order with the keyboard dock.

          1. On two preorder lists now. Excess inventory? Kiss my tablet wanting butt.

          2. Don’t fool yourself…..there is no overwhelming demand for the Asus Transformer:

          3. That just means they sold out before they could even deliver any to the stores.

          4. LOL the Apple sheep are getting antsy. They’re quick to protect their precious iGarbage. Rest easy, Android WILL take the tablet market too.

    2. Oh, it’s that simple? Just make it better and much cheaper. I can’t believe nobody thought of that.

  7. Had an eeePad Transformer since launch. Absolutely love it! Yeah there’s a few niggles, but these should be ironed out with 3.1…!

  8. My nook color collects a lot of dust.

  9. I bought the G Tablet, expecting it to get honeycomb. It’s almost here! This is going to be great! This is the cheapest Dual Core tablet, even though it feels cheap and the screen sucks. You get used to it.

  10. Im looking for a used XOOM if anyone has one. In the meantime im waiting for Honeycomb on my GTablet. :D So close!

  11. i already got an android phone, no need for an oversize phone.

    1. That is a very uneducated statement. Honeycomb is nothing like a phone.

  12. Im looking for a used XOOM if anyone has one. In the meantime im waiting for Honeycomb on my GTablet. :D So close!

  13. I think part of the reason is most android users have a different mind set that is more about practicality, instead of just the “coolness” factor. I’d venture to say that 90%, if not more of the tablet market, don’t really need a tablet. You don’t know how many ipad touting friends I have that use their devices as overgrown mp3 players…It’s just sad.

    Hell I’d buy an android tablet, if I could actually find a practical use for it. I have a smartphone, a laptop, a tv, and a desktop. A tablet doesn’t have anything to offer that my other devices don’t already offer.

    1. Not reply. Original. Id have one, but nobody has the 32gb asus transformer or the dock. I don’t see an oversupply problem.

    2. Yep. When the Ipad came out I was like “wow this is stupid”, it doesn’t have USB, you can’t use it as a phone, no SD-card, so what’s the point. The fact that Apple can sell so many Ipads is almost a miracle in my opinion.

      The OEM’s need to market Honeycomb as doing all the things that the IPad can’t, just like “Droid does”. OEM’s need to flip Apple customers on their head, let them know for all Ipad’s magic it can’t do even basic things like uploading a file to the internet. Take Apple customers down a notch, they currently think they’re the tech elite for buying an Ipad, make them feel stupid for buying a product missing all the basic functions an Android tablet has. Believe me if any of my friends actually owned in Ipad, I would be taking them down a peg every single day, “hey check out this YouTube video… oh right your IPad doesn’t even play flash because the CEO of Apple decided you didn’t need it even though 90% of the internet uses it” I could do this all day, put me in charge of Honeycomb marketing “Let’s look at our vacation picks, we can’t my IPad doesn’t except SD-cards, really what year was it made (oh snap), that’s ok I’ve got my Asus transformer.”

      How do you make an IPad user look like a tool? Ask them to download a file from the internet, then watch them squirm in disbelief.

      Then again the only ad I’ve ever seen for a Honeycomb tablet was for the Xoom so maybe having some sort of advertising at all would be a good start.

      1. Umm, iPads can watch YouTube, and you can use flash on them, just don’t use safari as your browser. And yes I have one.

      2. I understand that there are ‘basic’ things the iPad can’t do, but this is because most consumers don’t want to do them.  What you should do is borrow an iPad with a copy of Apple’s Pages and Numbers apps on it – you’ll realise that no other tablet device is going to get a word processor / publishing and spreadsheet application anywhere near this quality any time soon.  Also, I can’t understand why Android devices still have graphics quality issues – it seems Apple’s crisp screen and incredible video quality (just try BBC iPlayer on an iPad and compare it with an Android tab) still blow Android devices away. 

    3. Ya I was in a similar situation thinking what’s the point. I only recently preordered the transformer because it’s cheaper and I plan to have it replace my laptop which will be more likely once people get Ubuntu running on it. Thankfully the dock has usb ports and hdmi out. Without any of these things I wouldn’t of bought it.

  14. I don’t need or even see the need in having a tablet in near future, be it Android or iPad

  15. Holy crap. Sorry for like spamming this post. Disqus was acting funny and acting like it wasn’t posting anything. I had to log in with like 5 different accounts.

  16. Chris, here’s my personal justification for wanting a tablet in spite of having an OG Incredible and a moderately high-end laptop (Lenovo Ideapad Y560). Hope it helps sell you in some way. I’ll admit some of the student stuff might not apply, and there is some future-thinking in here, but still.

    First of all, I’m a student. A decently powerful laptop with the power brick weighs a decent chunk. I load it up in my bag (standard leather shoulder bag) and lug it in the Tennessee heat and humidity all the way across campus to my classes where it dies in about 3 hours on Power Saver. This means I either plug up die when I have 2 classes in a row. And that assumes I can get a seat near an outlet. I use my laptop for taking notes and viewing Powerpoints in class….plus slacking off and reading Phandroid. Diagrams come into play and I’m screwed, as I refuse to carry a notebook any more. Paper is archaic lol. Anyway, class lets out, I lug it back to my dorm, charge it for as long as I can before repeating the process. Meanwhile, all my Android related activities are pissing away the craptacular battery life on my Incredible. Suffice to say I’m a very heavy user, and my battery ticks away in about 5-6 hours. There’s a reason I own 3 batteries (2 OEM, 1 Eris (yes the Eris battery is compatible with the Inc)).

    Now, the alternative:

    I go to class carrying a lightweight Android tablet with a digitizer/pen/stylus. Based on most of the tablets so far, it gets about 8 hours of battery life on media playback, so I know it can handle a day of classes. Being the rooter that I am, most of my apps and data are synchronized across my phone and tablet (Titanium + Dropbox being the first way that comes to mind). The keyboard, office software, and pen let my take all the notes I need, while multitasking my tech news in the background. Give developers some time and I’d wager we’ll be pushing text messages from handset to tablet in good time too, eliminating my need to not-so-subtly sneak my phone out and get the stink-eye from the Professor. Lather, rinse, repeat ad infinitum or until I run out of classes. Then I go to lunch/dinner, whip out my tablet, and watch TV/movies/anime/whatever you like while eating. Even assuming that the maximum battery life of the tablet doesn’t hold up to that, there’s a reason user-replaceable batteries are a selling point on Android devices.

    Now, I just need to have the Transformer and the Flyer make little bastard children, watch them experience a horrible divorce, and let the Samsung step-daddy teach it to play back MKVs with encoded subtitles.

    EDIT: Oh, and my laptop can stay seated on its cooler pad in my dorm with my optical trackball mouse for when I’m in the mood to play Fallout or any other heavily modded PC title I have on it.

    Double edit: I’ll sell my left testicle if it dual-boots and has enough horsepower for Windows and legit games like Fallout NV…but I suspect we won’t see that for quite some time.

    1. Already have an app to push texts to tablet :)

      1. well there ya go.

    2. This is exactly what I will be using my tablet for once I am able to buy one. I am a fulltime college student and most of my books are E-books that I will be able to read on my tablet while taking notes and doing my usual routine of RSS/Tweeting/SMS etc without having to worry about killing my phone battery or carrying around a heavy laptop (I bike to school) in my shoulder bag. Despite the fact that there are no hardware specifications that necessitate owning a tablet, the practicality, battery life, compact size, and lightweight nature of them are what makes them such an ideal device for a college student.

  17. Lack of Netflix app is the only reason I don’t have Android Tablet yet.

    1. HBO Go is nice on my Xoom and Galaxy Tab. I can’t wait for Netfilx though.

    2. Download shows/movies and stream them to your tablet from a personal media server? Very easy to do and costs nothing.

      1. That’s a lot more effort then opening up Netflix and pressing play.

  18. im waiting for more apps/functionality and lower prices ($800..really Motorola? -__- ) at the moment, android tablets just cant compete with the iPad’s combination of software, functionality, and price. they have everything there, we just need developers to get going and begin expanding its functionality. Also, hardware manufacturers need to stop being so freakin’ greedy — android is free software, and tablet parts cost less than $300. there’s no reason tablets should be retailing at $800 unless it comes with a blowjob and a $500 coupon

  19. It’s a bit misleading to link to an article that has subsequently turned out to be wrong. Motorola shipped 250 000 units, they said so in their earnings report. It just proves that these “analysts” don’t know squat and contribute nothing.

    1. Agreed. I said the same thing but didn’t see your post until now.

    2. You are just confirming this article. Moto has shipped 250,000, and sold 25,000, so there is an over stock of these p.o.s. things lying around gathering dust.

      1. Wrong. That is one analysts opinion. Others have speculated up to 200,000.

  20. I am going to hold out till august for a nexus tablet. If it duznt happen den I might go with any other quad core stock Google tablet.

  21. I pre-ordered the Flyer from Best Buy. I’m betting that the active stylus will allow me to take notes at meetings and draw diagrams in the lab instead of constantly going through notepads. Then I can’t find the stuff later and I just have drawers full of old notes. At least with the tablet it’s all digital so a huge amount of notes can be organized, tagged and dated to be searched electronically at a later time. I can’t think of another device that can do this and has 8 hour battery life and weighs under 1 pound. If it goes well for me, I can see this becoming popular at my workplace as a lot of people are in a similar situation to me. If it goes bad, I don’t see myself racing to get another tablet anytime soon. I don’t think a passive stylus with any old Android tablet is going to cut it for me. Finally, my mother-in-law has a Nook Color. We bought her one for Christmas and she is still and avid user of it and has gotten tons of positive comments about it from people. B&N did a fantastic job with the Nook Color.

  22. Its taking a little while to figure out, but they will do it. I haven’t bought one yet as there isn’t one for a reasonably priced with 4G and Android 3.0. When thats out, I’m picking up 4 of them…. I have no interest in buying units that will be significantly outdated within the next month or two… I bought the original Droid and didn’t feel compelled to update and that I was missing something until the Thunderbolt, I need a similiar lifespan of the tablet at a minimum, and no higher prices then netbook.

  23. waiting for a tablet that could replace my laptop and has a quad-core

  24. I’m on my second tablet. Got an Archos 70 from my wife on Christmas. The specs were decent but I wanted to move up to something a little more refined so I recently bought the WiFi only Galaxy Tab.

    I also bought my wife the iPad. The choice to go with Apple wasn’t easy LOL…but it came down to her being able to play the blitz version of Bejeweled on it (yes, a 99 cent app sold it).

    So the point: I originally wanted a tablet for the cool factor mostly. My wife had said she never wanted one just a few months back but she borrowed mine a couple of times to chill out in bed and surf the internet. To the people that don’t see a reason to pick up a tablet…it might be one of those things that you just wont think you need untilled you use it. I’m 100% sold on the idea of tablets and believe that tablets picked up where netbooks left of, but tablets will expand their use much further. After all, I’m chillin on the couch with my Tab while my Thunderbolt is sitting on the kitchen counter. Once you have one, you may find yourself reaching for it more than you think.

    As I like to say…there are three levels of mobility. Tablets bridge the gap between laptops and smartphones quite nicely. And tethering 4G to a 7″ or 10″ device is the shiznit! :)

  25. I want a dual core intel 10.1 inch HD screen with tons of ram, stock 3.1 (whatever that may be) from HTC. Alll the trimmings included. Wifi only for 500 or less. when that happens ill get one.

  26. Got an Archos 70IT when it came out, but haven’t found a real use for it. Too big to carry around, not nearly big enough for home use (I prefer my 55″ HDTV for games/videos). Every time I see someone lugging around a tablet (usually an iPad) I just think how awkward it seems. Strangest thing I’ve seen is a parent at my kid’s school using her iPad2 as a video camera. Most smartphones have better cameras and they don’t require 2 hands to use.

  27. I’m planning to get a tablet within the next month, and as a serious Android fanboy (on my fourth Android phone) I’m pretty much the target consumer for all these tablet manufacturers. Here’s what I’m in the market for: a well-constructed, reasonably priced, highly functional and elegantly designed Android tablet that will still be seeing regular upgrades and ongoing manufacturer support 18 months down the line. Unfortunately that’s basically a pipe dream at this point, so in reality I’m about 85% likely to settle for an iPad2 (which basically is all those things, despite the less desirable OS) and hope the Android tablet scene has matured considerably by the next time I upgrade.

  28. I bought a dell streak 7 and I am very happy with it the screen does have bed viewing angles but I have no other complaints games play great on it movies look great with right angle ;)

  29. I got a Xoom, and it has literally replaced my phone and my laptop. I used to have an EVO, a G2, a Nook Color, and a Lenovo X200. All of these devices have virtually collapsed into one now. I wouldn’t say my Xoom experience has been without hiccups, but it has still been a good experience, and I’m loving the fact that I don’t need a billion devices anymore. If I can’t do something with my Xoom, I do it on my desktop PC, either when I get home or with remote desktop.

  30. Fact of the matter is that tablets just can’t do what I want them too yet. Until they are built for use with a stylus and have all the capabilities my tablet PC has, I just won’t be buying. Right now tablets are marketed to teens/young adults. I need a tablet that can work for me in business, in my medical practice, etc. It have to be more than just for playing games and surfing the net. Until then my Lenovo X201 tablet PC will be all I own.

  31. The original galaxy tab with phone and 3g capabilities is really very useful if you want a portable all in one device. Frankly if you aren’t interested in having the latest OS version, Samsung’s tweaked version of Froyo is fine.

  32. This article is pretty short sighted. The simple reasons people haven’t jumped on Android tablets yet are everyone is waiting for Honeycomb to become more common place and they are waiting for the prices to settle down. The Xoom would have sold a ton more hadn’t the price been so high.

    Right now I use a Galaxy TAB mostly for work and it’s a blast. IMO, the iPad 2 is a JOKE, yes I said it, a JOKE. I don’t play games and do lots of emailing, texting, web research, note taking and logging of data and it handles all of it superbly. It also fits in my pocket. It would be nice to have but I don’t need Honeycomb on this 7″ screen. 2.2 does quite well. Also no need for a 10″ behemoth with no Flash support and glitchy Wifi functionality such as the iPad 2. I could care less how many apps it has. Fact is, I have all the apps I need and then some. After playing extensively with several iPad2s, the love fest with it is puzzling. It’s the iPad 1 but thinner and a little lighter with the same glitches – force closing menus, wifi issues etc. Ok so it has netflix, big deal, it’s coming to Android. I still have my TV and PC for that.

    Trust me in a year things are going to be very different. Prices are going to fall but volume shipments are going to go up and Honeycomb will be every where.

    1. *giggles at John’s attempt to rationalize the purchase of his Galaxy Turd*

      1. Like dude… where can I get in line and wait for the next iCrap… you drones following everything the iDictator has to say… oh by the way… the galaxy is superior in quality and it actually lets you have control of what you want… but I’m not in the line with all the iFollowers… I just want it my way. FYI Best Buy has run out of stock of the Acer Iconia (wich I own) so it’s not likely they will have a lot of leftover units… the thing went on sale like two weeks ago or something.

      2. Come out of the closet already!!! iKing I see you post in about every topic in this site. Makes me think that deep inside your the biggest Android fan there is and you may have the latest Android hardware in your hands now!!! Deep inside you want to burst Android, that’s okay will accept you.

      3. ‘giggles as iking (and whatever other names he/she uses) continues to troll Android sites feverishly trying in vain to defend the iSh!t’

        I’ve had to fix software glitches on several iSh!ts already. I love pulling out the TAB and hearing the ‘oh wow that’s the perfect size’ comments. Then I play a few Flash videos and quickly demonstrate some cool widgets only to get jealous steers. It’s so frigging great and I’ve actually been able to steer some people away from the menstrual pads to TABS.

  33. I have a galaxy tab now and plan on upgrading to the new sammsung 8.9

  34. I just bought an ASUS Eee Pad Transformer. Took a LOT of work actually because these things’ supply aren’t even close to their demand. Yes, that’s mostly because their supply is ridiculously low, and not necessarily because the demand is extremely high. But I’ve seen a few Android communities go pretty bonkers over getting it the last week or so.

    I think the biggest two issues are the high price range (obviously) and even more importantly, this issue of people not seeing justification in buying a tablet since they already have a laptop. I think that, as the tablet market stabilizes over time and therefore prices drop a bit, and also as peoples’ laptops begin to age and they’re looking for a new replacement, they’ll seriously consider tablets as a real option.

    The ASUS Transformer is a proof-of-concept to me that tablets can not only be reasonably priced, but they can also be engineered to appeal to a working crowd (I’m referring to the attachable keyboard the Transformer gets, essentially transforming it–yes, that’s how it got its name–into a laptop) by potentially making it a word processing powerhouse.

    In short, give it time. Tablets will improve, become more capable as a utility, become more affordable, and as everyone eventually begins to consider new options, they will seem very appealing.

    1. Where did you get yours from, I still can’t find anywhere with stock? Most places aren’t even accepting Preorders anymore.

  35. This weekend i will get a tablet, tge iconia a500. I expect it to take a lot of the workload i put on my ohone, given the hardware power, my galaxy s will keep on beign a great phone a couple if years while tablets multiply their form factors, number of cores, etc

    1. Exactly! If I get a nice tablet, I won’t be so tempted to screw myself by extending contracts trying to get the latest and greatest Android (which no one person can keep up with). Emulators, movies, browsing…it’s all better on a tablet than a phone. -And I do happen to travel so a tablet is great! Might even save me some money in the long run. Now send some of those ASUS over to the US!

  36. Too many tablets in the works for me to settle on one. Waiting for the Toshiba to hit before I make a descision. If the prices fall in the mean time, then oh well.

  37. I love my Galaxy Tab and it FITS my lifestyle. I understand that it is competing against the Ipad and many can’t justify the expense, but bad boy is as powerful as any smartphone and robust enough to handle similar programs you normally find on a PC or Mac. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is what I can speak to, its 7 in screen is perfect for reading many Nook/Kindle books. Widgets, shortcuts and live wallpaper render in grand fashion. But if your a casual or extreme game, then theirs an app for you. Gameplay is far better on a 7in screen then a 4in. The Tab fits in most coats and a big sell for me was when I held it, it felt very sturdy. I feel like I’m holding something that won’t break in my hand.

    So before you bash a Tab, think about its pros and cons as it pertains to your day-to-day life. It may make life easier (if you use it for being productive. . . Lol)because it really isn’t for everybody.
    God Bless Choices.

  38. Find me someone with a Massive Oversupply of the Asus Transformer would ya so I can help deplete some of this stock you speak of….

    1. Exactly. The article wonders why people aren’t buying Android Tablets. but how many Android 3.0 tablets can you actually buy today? Xoom and G-Slate are ridiculously overpriced. The Transformer is hard to get. Leaves the Acer Iconia, but that’s only been a round a few weeks. Give it time. People have excessively high expectations. It’s going to take a while to gain momentum and make a dent in iPad’s domination.

  39. I’m waiting for them to release a tablet that can actually do something my phone cant already. I really have no need for an expensive, giant screened version of the phone I already have.

    1. You describe the original galaxy tab, an oversized Droid X. Had one and took it back and opted for the Xoom for a true tablet experience.

  40. If something roughly equivalent of the XOOM was $399, I’d buy it. Android tablets are not going to be big sellers if they cost more than the iPad.

    Right now I have two decent laptops and a CR-48 which all tend to collect dust. For most of my computing, I’m happiest at my desktop with large monitors and full-size keyboard and mouse.

    Maybe I would have a better use for a tablet. It would be more portable than the laptops and not as cramped as the smartphone… though not as portable as the smartphone.

    1. Asus Transformer is better than the Xoom (IPS screen, working SD slot, optional keyboard dock) and is $399. They just can’t make enough of them and so are impossible to find.

  41. I want a 7 inch phone tablet. I know you can use sip feature to get calls but want the voice call feature anyway.

    1. Skype just enable voice on Android. I’ve been using my Tab for phone calls alot lately. It’s actually pretty cool.

  42. Google Voice?

  43. I’ve been waiting for something that DOESN’T cost 800 dollars (cough, xoom).
    Asus transformer is on hit…. wish someone had stock of them so i could at least check it out

  44. +whatever to the cheaper/better solution. I would be absolutely amazed if these idiot executives of the companies making these tablets are surprised about this excess inventory. These prices are ludicrous. For the same amount I can get a banging laptop. Why on Earth would I want one of these dumb tablets (THAT DO LESS THEN A LAPTOP!!!!) when they cost more? If these things were in the $200ish price range that would be reasonable. But $400-600? Give me a break.

    I hope these things rot in the warehouses until these nit wit execs realize their biggest mistake is the pricing.

  45. I had both the ipad2 and the xoom. Ipad2 is gone, and the xoom stayed. The xoom is a better tablet in my mind. It is just lacking the apps. I hope this changes with the other honeycomb tablets come out.

    The xoom has pretty much replaced my macbook, and tethered to my thunderbolt on the go is a good comb for me.

    I feel the xoom does not get the credit it deserves.

    1. I think you’re fucking retarded. I love android, but my iPad 2 is the bomb. Yes, ios is kind of boring, but this thing is awesome! I will upgrade to Android eventually, but right now android is so far behind. Also, the app world is so far ahead on ios, android will need at least another to catch up. Oh well, enjoy that xoom and good luck with updates.

  46. I have a xoom, one thing is for sure, my incredibles battery life actually makes it through a whole day now. My desk top and laptop are a complete afterthought. I bet its been a month since I actually sat in front of my desk top. With pocket wyse I can control it from my tablet so going up to my office when I am watching tv seems silly. I would like to see netflix and Google’s cloud music hit though.

  47. I have a xoom, one thing is for sure, my incredibles battery life actually makes it through a whole day now. My desk top and laptop are a complete afterthought. I bet its been a month since I actually sat in front of my desk top. With pocket wyse I can control it from my tablet so going up to my office when I am watching tv seems silly. I would like to see netflix and Google’s cloud music hit though.

  48. I really don’t understand how anyone with an Android phone and a few extra bucks doesn’t have a Xoom, especially a Verizon one. Granted if you have a 2 yr phone contract it’s doubling dipping but these tablets kick ass. Reading these posts I’m inclined to think I’m the only person enjoying my Android powered tablet.

  49. My self an all co-workers may agree that the use of a tablet, its pretty much none… yeah, like the guy who commented earlier, the only reason why some apple dying fanatics just get the ipad because its cool. Most don’t even use it, other than to show off… for the price of a tablet, I can get my self a laptop and tv. The phone world is successful because I need a phone in my everyday life, so I’m stuck with my phone everywhere I go. I need it for socializing, quick entertainment, information, utility tools as alarm, calender, email, navigating, etc… maybe if it has light projection ability it would be nice… somethings that other gadgets do not offer… I hope things improve before getting my self one…

  50. Lets just be honest. Android users for the most part aren’t wild fanatics. Most of us get Android phones because they serve a real purpose for us. I think thats overlooked when the issue of the iPhone getting stomped comes up. iPhools just want to believe its because of cheap phones or many OEM’s in the game. The fact of the matter is that the tie-ins with Google service make them great for getting work done. Thats not even mentioning the superior notifcations, multitasking, etc. that make the phones almost as usable as laptops. The iPhone just doesn’t offer that.

    But when it comes to tablets as some have already said. The things just don’t serve any sort of purpose. iPad sales are like a self fulfilling prophecy. People rush out and buy the thing because they believe people will rush out and buy the thing. Like others have mentioned they don’t even use them. I know one guy that tried very hard to make up any reason he could for an iPad just to say he had one. And not only does his iPad sit and do nothing he has a MacBook that he’ll gladly tell you amounts to nothing but a gigantic iPod. He doesn’t use it either.

    So until the OEM’s realize the productivity value of Android and build more tablets like the ASUS transformer I don’t think they will catch on. Android users just aren’t looking to spend money for no reason. The ONLY reason I’m looking to buy one in the next 6 months is because I have a need to keep up with the market and develop for them. And thats honestly about the only reason I’ve seen other Android users say they need a tablet for.

  51. I’m waiting for one that has GPS and wifi so that I could mount it in my car and use it as my navigation system (tethering from my phone)

  52. I have a desire Z, and I find I use my ultraportable 6″ netbook-like PC (Fujitsu U820) much less since I got it.

    I’ve had Palms, Zauruses, Nokia tablets, but not an iPod-mega aka iPad. It simply doesn’t have a place in my lifestyle; I drive+walk to work, have a laptop at home and work. There just isn’t a time when a 7 to 10 inch tablet would be used!

    On the other hand if I commuted to work by bus or train, a tablet might be the ideal device.

  53. Fantastic inventory!!..

  54. Manufacturers are doing their usual job of screwing up. Motorola comes out with the first honeycomb device… then tries to sell it for $800 with a contract, I think I heard the collective face-palms of the planet when that thing was priced. Then LG made a tablet with 3D, yes 3D and no it doesn’t come in a cereal box. Acer makes a tablet, but its acer, no offence acer but I wouldn’t even buy batteries from you guys for fear they might break. Asus makes a beautiful tablet, prices it well and doesn’t mess up honeycomb, they’re sold out everywhere, go figure.

    Also I try to keep up on my Android news but aren’t there like 4 tablets on the market, LG G-Slate, Xoom, Iconia and Transformer. The transformer is sold out everywhere, the xoom is priced to compete with a mid-high end laptop, the Iconia just came on the market.

    Hasn’t honeycomb itself only been around for like 2 months? If Motorola sold the xoom for 500 it would move.

    Anyways I think Google might have a few things to add come Google I/O, don’t you?

    P.S. Before I die can someone please make a laptop/tablet that you can use as a phone. I know everyone in the world loves to sell their laptops, then sell their tablets, then sell their phones. First company to make them all one wins.

  55. Maybe tablets aren’t really good for anything, and it’s just Apple’s magical ability to make anything look cool? I love my smartphone, couldn’t live without it, and I’m a HUGE Android fan & developer, yet I don’t see any rational use for a tablet in my life. And it’s not the apps, I don’t see the use of an iPad either.

  56. I have a Xoom and am a happy customer (aside from the sparce selection of honeycomb apps currently) .

    I use my Xoom for two types of things:

    For Business I take it to meetings to take notes and also found it useful for demoing websites during many of those meetings. I know you can do this with a laptop but a tablet is less intrusive and lot easier to pass around when sharing something.

    For Home: I simply use it as a way to do quick web searches while watching tv where I’d like more screen real-estate than my smartphone. Again you could argue a laptop could be used here but laptops can’t compete on battery life and instant boot (barring stand by).

    I envisage a third use would be when travelling to watch movies and other general entertainment in airports train stations and the like. However I’ve not had it that long and I don’t travel often.

  57. I have a Xoom and am a happy customer (aside from the sparce selection of honeycomb apps currently) .

    I use my Xoom for two types of things:

    For Business I take it to meetings to take notes and also found it useful for demoing websites during many of those meetings. I know you can do this with a laptop but a tablet is less intrusive and lot easier to pass around when sharing something.

    For Home: I simply use it as a way to do quick web searches while watching tv where I’d like more screen real-estate than my smartphone. Again you could argue a laptop could be used here but laptops can’t compete on battery life and instant boot (barring stand by).

    I envisage a third use would be when travelling to watch movies and other general entertainment in airports train stations and the like. However I’ve not had it that long and I don’t travel often.

  58. I’m happy with my phone and my netbook-sized laptop. Doubt i’ll even bother with tablets any time soon.

  59. Got my transformer and am loving it.

    That said I will be giving it to my son if asus drops the quads this fall.

  60. I blame Google. They need to get the producers of tablets using their OS to have some form of aligned marketing strategy. In most shops I go to there is a massive apple stand with their usual lies and magic – this is the same for several countries around the world! What do I see for Android tablets – nothing. Nothing on TV and nothing in the shops that is pulling in the punters. Why should they choose android over IOS? Phones now have a word of mouth thing going and they are everywhere – but can all of those tablet producers sit back and wait for that to happen in the tablet world also? I did try out the xoom, acer, asus, vega and tab7. None have the magic and responsiveness of the apple tablet. Good yes – magical no. I will stick with a smartphone and cheap kogan7 until end of this year when competition should spice up the market some and faster better hardware might start to get a look in. When is someone going to do a 1.2 or 1.4GHz Tegra2 to make themselves different for example.

  61. Here are some Android Tablets available today.

    The specs aren’t too bad. If you’re a techie, you can easily root and upgrade yourself!

    XOOM messed it up for everyone with it’s pricing. They should’ve undercut iPad to gain adoption, add features and raise prices.

  62. Gotta say I considered myself a tablet skeptic at first and did not see the value. I picked up and rooted the 270 dollar g tablet and now i am sold. I will say, it does not yet serve a business function for me yet, but with the increasing amount of keyboard docks i can see it happening in the future.

  63. The xoom’s resolution is horible. Waiting for sony s1 or the toshiba or lenovo ones to come out. I also want a sprint 4g version. I prefer android over ipad any day. Andof course there are talks of icre cream sandwich which makes you want to hold out also.

  64. I used to think just like this author regarding not being able to justify a tablet purchase. However, having bought a Xoom from Verizon I’ve found that for my needs its every bit as functional as my laptop. I promise you, buy a good tablet and install a good thumb keyboard and you’ll stop carrying your laptop in short order. In fact my laptop now seems oversized and ridiculous to carry around. I rarely even use my laptop at home as a matter of fact. If prices go down drastically in the future good for us the consumers and good for Android in general. I’m fairly certain Ipad prices wont drop in the 2nd half of 2011.

  65. I really want the Transformer or the 10.1 Samsung Tab. I have really wanted a tablet for a while to use for gaming, but until recently there haven’t been tablets in my price range with the specs i am looking for.

    Of course there is going to be excess inventory. Just think about all the shitty android tablets that have been made in the past year.

  66. I would have one if ASUS could manage a launch decently. It’s ridiculous.

  67. I think you nailed it… prices too high and horrible, almost non existent marketing.

  68. Been loving my Gtab since last Nov. It goes where I go – great for the reading room! My laptop is gathering dust. Have an Evolution as well but for most things the tab is superior.

  69. GOOD.. that means cheaper tablets for us?

  70. Why does no one use hibernate on their laptops lol. It’s just about as fast as turning on a tablet.

  71. The marketing for Android tablets has been terrible, and the tablets themselves are not initially user-friendly. As with an Android phone, you need to learn your way around the OS. It takes some time. Once you do, you start to realize how powerful and flexible the thing is. As much as I dislike the apple/itunes quicksand, their products are easy to pick up and use – which is enough to sell a lot of people. That, and they buy one because their friend has one.

    The Xoom is overpriced, but I bought the wi-fi version anyway. One hundred dollars more than the most basic *pad, but with better specs. I love my Droid X and thought a larger medium for the apps I enjoy would be sweet.

    The Xoom has some shortcomings, certainly, but it’s my go-to computer just the same. I prefer a netbook or laptop for some things, but for browsing and basic games the tablet is far more convenient to carry and use.

  72. Got an Asus Transformer, and it’s friggin’ awesome!

    Typical use? When I need to look something up on the web and my computer’s off (eg when I’m already in bed), when I go to a mall and a client calls (I’m an I.T. consultant), and I have to connect to their servers (tethered to my phone), or to compose lengthy emails (that would take forever with my Nexus One, even with the Swype keyboard)

    The size definitely makes it a take-anywhere device, as I either keep it in my girlfriend’s purse or use a man-purse myself :)

  73. I have a xoom and I love it …lol

  74. tablets will kill the pc. much more fun and will get much more practical.

    using ipad and galaxy tab and will get the asus transformer.

  75. Niche market. Who cares. I’m waiting for Chrome OS.

  76. Personally I just got my first Android phone, a Nexus S. I’m getting use to this first, see how it goes. I’d like to get an Android tablet eventually but I’m just being patient. I’m under the impression that Honeycomb is still too young. More apps for it wouldn’t hurt as well. I’d be more interested by a Nexus tablet actually. Xoom: well it’s motorola, I can’ t say I love them. Samsung Tab: Attractive, but still not on Honeycomb. Acer Transformer: Actually that the first one that really made me feel like getting one. So, like I said I’m being patient and following what’s happening first. A lot of people like just switched from an iphone, or like me went straight for Android. Apple had a head start in the game. I don’t let the poor sales affect my judgement at the moment.

  77. My editorials on the tablet form factor being hype and not a long term game changer are targets of derision by ANALysts.

    I stand

  78. Tablets suck and are a short term fad.

    Bet large on it.

  79. It really depends on the person. I want a tablet and it would actually be useful for me. I am a student and work part time as a private tutor. For the classes that I give a tablet would be ideal for showing images, texts, diagrams to the students. As a student and as an avid reader the larger screen would be great. I plan on buying one but at the moment I need a new phone and am waiting for the one I want to become available here (I only buy unlocked phones which means a hefty price tag).

    I will eventually buy one but I would prefer to wait until the next generation hits (I would prefer it if my phone and tablet don’t have the exact same gen processor so that they don’t go obsolete at the same time).

    One thing I would love for tablet along with a keyboard dock like on the transformer would be an s/pdif optical out port like those on laptops. The more (laptop) functions that I can replace with a tablet the better
    (due in part due to portability and in part due to the lower power draw which is great from an environmental perspective).

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