HTC Marvel Surfs Its Way Onto T-Mobile This Summer


With all the great Android handsets T-Mobile has been rumored to get later this year (Sensation, Double Shot) it seems as if they have the whole “high-end” market covered. So what’s next for Magenta? Well, T-Mo News has uncovered some pics of HTC’s latest foray into entry/mid level phones, the Wildire S, also known as the HTC Marvel (pictured on the left). This phone seems like it could be geared specifically for those who can’t really rationalize a $200 price tag for some of the higher end, dual-core phones.

Visually, The HTC Marvel looks great. Almost like a smaller, baby version of the Nexus One (still the sexiest phone in existence). Specs include an 600Mhz processor which should be more than capable of pushing the 320×480 pixels on a smaller 3.2-inch screen, 5MP camera, 512MB of both internal memory and RAM and a newer version of Sense (possibly Sense 2.0). Also, HTC has been on top of Gingerbread updates as of late so you can expect the phone to ship with Android 2.3 as well.

For added measure, here’s a video of Rob taking a look at the phone at MWC in case you wanted to see how smoothly the phone runs.

Looks like T-Mo might go out with a bang (assuming they get bought up by AT&T). With the color variants, and its almost cute, smaller form factor, I think the HTC Marvell should do quite well when it releases on T-Mobile later this summer.

[Via T-MoNews]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Not buying a thing until I know I still have a cellphone carrier to use it on.

    1. then looks like you’ll be waiting a year and a half or so.

      1. Already know that. And your point is?

        1. that it’s pretty dumb to be waiting to buy when nothing will be happening until a while from now, and by then you’ll be wanting to by a new phone anyway.

          1. You’re assuming an awful lot. If TMO gets sucked up into AT&T, that just leaves them and the two CDMA carriers. I don’t want anything to do with any of those three and will therefor go without a phone. Until then, my N1 will still do just fine. It works on TMO now and it works when I go overseas to Europe and Australia.

  2. The “Wildire S”? Gee, I always thought it was the Wildfire. Either way, not too bad for entry level I guess…

    1. And you would be right. There *is* a Wildfire. Wildfire S is just one more rehashed phone from HTC. You know from all the rehashed phones HTC is making this year for the low-end, you’d think they’d put a front-facing camera on one of them, especially with Google Talk video chat coming soon in Gingerbread. But I guess not.

  3. Nope internal memory sucks and processor size sucks as well.

  4. this further proves my point….HTC devices literally ALL look the same. I honestly thought it was the Nexus One at first.

    And that is doubtful that the nexus one is the sexiest device in existence….lmao

    1. I disagree, Carmen. I disagree HARD. o_O

    2. and whats your phone of choice? even so..htc is still the best looking puppies..next to the nexus s…and the lg g2x.

      1. the nexus s looks like shit.

  5. You could always get a phone without a contract for a fairly low price at swappa

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