The Zombies Are Coming! – Plants Vs Zombies Stumbles Its Way To Android


PopCap Games makes some of the most fun and addicting arcade type games for Xbox, PSN and iOS. You may have heard (and hopefully played) their smash hit Plants vs. Zombies. Well, a few minutes ago they just announced on Twitter that their popular real time strategy game will finally be making its way to Android!

Their goal was to get the game ported to Android sometime in the first half of 2011, so according to PopCap, you can look forward to some zombie killing action sometime in the next 2 months. I’m trying to contain my excitement but all I have to say is, Angry Birds better watch out cuz the zombies are coming and they look hungry!

[Via Twitter]

Chris Chavez
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  1. YAY! I love this game.

  2. Meh. Idk if I want this anymore

  3. We need ESPN college town and a NFL one

  4. First game announcement I’m excited for in a while. Who cares about Angry Birds (after a few levels you see all there is to it, adding a billion levels+more games is just useless, boring and repetitive – like the game itself.)

  5. i found a some asain verison of this a few months ago twas awesome. then i could not find it anymore…..

    1. Ya, I tried that one. Was a great port but I expect the ‘real’ version will be even better. I suspect the asian one was a completly rewritten app made to be as close as possible to the original with the graphics stolen away from the flash version. Well done to him for the work.. cant wait for this one.

      1. that would make sense, i was a little worried when i saw the name in my app draw and was afraid to open it….

  6. Finally. Now we need Cut The Rope on Android, it is my favorite iOS game.

  7. They must have the worst dev team in the world…taking forever to port that game…

    1. A lot of developers say it’s hard to port games over to Android. With iOS, you either develop for the iPhone or iPad. There are dozens of different factors that come into account for Android, especially if they’re trying to make it work on as many different phones as they possible.

      1. I Agree there are a lot of different Android phones and all…but I can guarantee you the time its taking is way to much!!! I take a good programmer partner with me and we port to most phones in about 3months max…PopCap just don’t care enough.

        But anyways…you will see that even if the iOS devices are getting pretty fragmented…you never hear a developer say anything about that…but just compare the iPad 1 to the iPad 2 and you can see that they are pretty different (and only one generation apart)…

        I don’t see Rovio complaining that much when porting Angry birds to a zillion platforms…

        1. that’s still not as bad as android…
          One generation apart

          Vs Android phones of different resolutions, processors, screen sizes, and OS variations

          1. I’m not saying it’s as bad (the fragmentation)….but still It doesn’t take 2years to do that kind of port. They suck at it, it seems…

          2. Coding for different platforms are vastly different… Try to be in the developer’s shoes, its not easy for them to create such a good game and now port it over to a platform that is vastly different from the terrain they usually code on. Give them time

          3. Coding for different platforms are vastly different… Try to be in the developer’s shoes, its not easy for them to create such a good game and now port it over to a platform that is vastly different from the terrain they usually code on. Give them time

          4. @tham yang

            Hey Tham, I’m actually a game developer (on consoles not phones)…those phones are not different platforms. It’s the same dev platform with differences in hardware that are most probably all abstracted by Googles API.

            It’s probably not perfect but I doubt it’s that much trouble…like I’m saying it’s easier to release a game on a single hardware but once you get used to porting, it gets easy and you get good at it…

        2. iOS is fragmented, yet which platform do you see the major developers releasing their apps on?

          Hint: Not Android

  8. This game was released for iOS ages ago :/ I wonder why it’s been taking so long to port. Most of their other games (excluding Bejeweled 3 which is currently being ported for iOS) is also on there. Android sucks for games :(

  9. theres an offical PvZ HD on android, exported from lenovo lePad, but the version is Chinese and only work for high resolution device such as Desire HD and galxy Tab etc…

  10. I know this is in the same vein as Leave Devil Alone and Humans vs Aliens. I’ve tried Leave Devil Alone and omfg does it get hard. I legit can’t get past a certain point no matter what I do. I hope PvZ can find a happy medium somewhere between too easy and too hard.

    1. i agree. the developers of Leave Devil Alone really didn’t test the gameplay too much because at a certain stage it becomes plain impossible to pass the stage! Still a great game. But don’t worry PvZ wont have that problem.. i played through the entire game on PC and it’s great!

      1. Yeah, PvZ is pretty easy.

      2. That’s what I loved about Leave Devil Alone. PvZ was wayyyyy too easy.

        1. boooooo

  11. Yawn….

  12. i just want peggle

  13. I can’t help but think the sales will suck a bit on Android. The game is out for practically EVERY other platform. Why should I buy a game that I’ve beaten on several other devices?

  14. This headline… so misleading.

  15. It took Android this long to get this game….what-its been over a year right? That is something ijust dont understand.

    1. Not interested anymore, took them ages lol

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