T-Mobile 4G In 3 New Cities


Just an hour ago, T-Mobile announced that they’ve unleashed their 21 Mbps 4G network on three new cities: Fort Myers, FL; Pueblo, CO and Scranton, PA.

Can you believe it? The minute Michael Scott skips town T-Mobile starts offering 4G service. Nobody at Dunder Mifflin can ever catch a break!

Anyone live in Fort Myers, Pueblo, or Scranton who can report back? I called Michael, Dwight and Jim but nobody answered.

Rob Jackson
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  1. The only thing good about T-Mobile is their new hot brunette girl. I want to bang her…

  2. I bet they already had HSPA in those places and made a software upgrade to HSPA+. What really needs to happen is a universal EDGE to HSPA+ upgrade or ,heck, even HSPA because I’m sure the people living in EDGE areas would appreciate it more than people in existing HSPA areas,

  3. @cdog. Me too.

  4. I am in the fort myers area a couple times a week and I can confirm there is 4g.

  5. i just clicked on this post to see the fine chick in the T-mobile ads

  6. It seems odd that they’re expanding their 4G network. If the buyout goes through att will rip all of it out. Feels like polishing brass on the titanic.

  7. Ya, that’s why i clicked this article. I don’t even know what it’s about.

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