Samsung Galaxy S2 Has Gorilla Glass


The first phone I ever used with Gorilla Glass was the original Motorola Droid and boy did I love that phone until it was accidentally abandoned at Phandroid Live. Gorilla Glass is an ultra sturdy glass that is pretty much impossible to break… unless you’re this guy (We forgive you, buddy).

If the Samsung Galaxy S2 is on your “S2 Do List” and you’re on the clumsy side of the spectrum you’ll be happy to know that it too has Gorilla glass. This is pretty impressive when considering how slim the Galaxy S2 is and Corning – makers of Gorilla Glass – explain how its possible:

Gorilla Glass is a thin-and light-weight material which supports the seamless full-glass fronts of the most sophisticated device designs. Because it is strengthened at the molecular level, its ability to resist damage creates a performance advantage over other cover materials.

The original Galaxy S devices and Galaxy Tab had Gorilla Glass as well. In my opinion, the more phones with Gorilla Glass the better, especially since I don’t keep my phone in a case. Nope… 100% all natural nude smartphones is how I roll. And scratch, scuff, nick, dent and crack.

[Via Corning]

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  1. awsome, im not a fan of cases, i kept my Droid og bare since i got it. Im looking to upgrade to the SGSII, might buy a sleeve, but dont want a case. That is of course unless Verizon doesnt get the phone by end of June, then im jumping ship to Sprint and just get an Evo3D

  2. Ya so what? Gorilla glass is quite common these days.

    1. it’s to eliminate any doubt on buying the phone making sure the screen has this glass, in case someone thinks other wise.

  3. duh?

    1. Yea, its not indestructible. Like some have already posted, my Droid 1 and X has survived faceplants on concrete, street, hard tile floors…I had the Droid 1 since Mar 2010 and the X since July 2010.

      The outside corners of the phone are in worse shape than my screen. Compare that to my Omnia 1 that in a lil over 4 months and the screen was scratched up so bad.

      The X just now is showing signs of scratches on the glass, like 2-3. Droid 1 none, although I use it less now. No cases, no screen protectors on either phone. Seems like some of us are luckier than others. I know someone that has 2 EVO’s and the screen got shattered on both phones.

  4. I have a Galaxy S w/Gorilla Glass and it has plenty of scratches and nicks in it from keys in my pocket and just daily use. I will say I have dropped it plenty of times and no break however. Scratches easily
    yes, breaks easily no.

    1. I dont think its scratches easily. Well, not in my experience with it. It just seems some of us are luckier than others.

      In almost a year’s time both my phones shell has more scratches and nicks than the screen. I have a Droid 1 and X.

  5. Totally expected, but nice to be confirmed.

    I can say it has saved my life. I dropped my vibrant and it landed face down then skidded on the asphalt to my horror, but thanks to the glass, not a scratch on the display. Small ding on the outer bezel but whatev, I’m happy.

  6. SOLD!

  7. i am using a galaxy s with gorilla glass for more than 7 months and doesn’t even have one little scratch in my opinion touching the gorilla glass is better than the glass used on the iphones (3GS , 4…) and i compared them plus it doesn’t even break , in my opinion that’s a good news :) and i will be buying the galaxy sII in july touchwiz 4 with live panels in way more stylish than htc sense and iOS so stop annoying us people !:P

    1. iphone 4 has gorilla glass… doesn’t it?

      1. Nope

  8. I have never kept any of my phone in a case, its makes them bulky and ugly.
    I’d rather look at the beautiful design of the phone ;)

  9. Thats awesome! So do many other products. Including my sh!tty little Moto Cliq & my upcoming upgrade to be G2x. How come these didnt make headlines when they phones came out? Whetever! The Sammy Galaxy S II may have some nice specs but with the Touchwiz U.I. on that b!tch it instantly makes it caca. I could only imagine how long Android updates are going to take on this. Sammy doesn’t have a good record with updates whatsoever. That’s a make it or break it deal on my end. Yes we can root/rom it and all but what about 99% of people that make up the general population of non smartphone enthusiasts..they’re a$$ed out! Poor bastards.

  10. I’m always a little surprised when a phone has Gorilla Glass and doesn’t advertise the fact. It’s nice peace-of-mind for the consumer. I didn’t know for months that my MyTouch 4G has Gorilla Glass until Corning updated their site to add it to the list of devices.

  11. Gorilla Glass or not that will not keep me from placing a screen protector on the screen. I don’t like taking chances when it comes to the screen on my phone. And if full armor is an option then I’ll take an advantage of that as well. I tend to change my phone a lot and it would only hurt the resale value.

  12. Uh, what’s so new about this? Gorilla glass has been a mainstay among flagship phones since last-gen. Like popping open the backcover and seeing a lithium battey and going “oh god they aren’t using NiCad anymore!” or searching for that proprietary phone port and being ecstatic to find a 3.5mm jack for your headphones. Did I forget to mention that the Galaxy S II also has BLUETOOTH! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

  13. Wonderful, now all OEMs have to do is build the bodies of their devices out of materials that don’t scratch/scuff and we’d be in business.

    I don’t know about y’all, but if I were to drop my S II and have the screen survive, but the bevel get nicked and scratched…I’d still be pretty pissed, even IF my screen is still beautiful.

  14. i abuse my phone..i have scratches if it looks like a scratch..it comes right off..love the myt4g..got hit with a bat as well.

  15. are you kidding me , just checked the corning site and “htc hero” is listed , I didn’t think that was the case, first week with that phone and it was scratched in my pocket,I think by my keys or a piece of grit / tiny pebble (I work at a school,don’t ask!) I was more careful after that and always keep phone in one pocket, keys in the other, wonder if only some models of the hero have it , Im sure mine was nothing special

  16. Looking good, for a test check out this video: http://vimeo.com/8602963

  17. When i got the original Droid on the release day at the Verizon store they talked me into a screen protector. Hours later after failing to get the protector on right I discovered the droid had GG and pitched the protectors. A year later I went back into the same store and the Verizon salesmen asked me why I was risking my phone without a protector. I had to explain to HIM what Gorilla Glass is.

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