May 3rd, 2011

The first phone I ever used with Gorilla Glass was the original Motorola Droid and boy did I love that phone until it was accidentally abandoned at Phandroid Live. Gorilla Glass is an ultra sturdy glass that is pretty much impossible to break… unless you’re this guy (We forgive you, buddy).

If the Samsung Galaxy S2 is on your “S2 Do List” and you’re on the clumsy side of the spectrum you’ll be happy to know that it too has Gorilla glass. This is pretty impressive when considering how slim the Galaxy S2 is and Corning – makers of Gorilla Glass – explain how its possible:

Gorilla Glass is a thin-and light-weight material which supports the seamless full-glass fronts of the most sophisticated device designs. Because it is strengthened at the molecular level, its ability to resist damage creates a performance advantage over other cover materials.

The original Galaxy S devices and Galaxy Tab had Gorilla Glass as well. In my opinion, the more phones with Gorilla Glass the better, especially since I don’t keep my phone in a case. Nope… 100% all natural nude smartphones is how I roll. And scratch, scuff, nick, dent and crack.

[Via Corning]

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