HTC Thunderbolt Update Begins, Fixes Network & GPS Issues Among Other Things


Verizon has begun rolling out an OTA update for the HTC Thunderbolt that addresses network connectivity issues, GPS location issues, and a number of small bug fixes and improvements. Verizon announced the upgrade several days ago but confirmed today via Twitter that the process had begun.

When you get your upgrade, head on over to the HTC Thunderbolt Forum and rejoice with fellow Bolters and compare notes.

[Twitter via AF – Thanks Willdogs!]


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  1. Wonder if the “Network fixes” will also improve battery life. by the way of less searching and less 4g to 3g hand offs.

    1. …and maybe less running of bloatware unnecessarily… I only have to charge overnight, and I live in a rural area. Bought the extended battery, and don’t need it.

      1. Agreed.  I bought two spare 1700 mAH batteries and never need to replace a battery before I get home at the end of the workday. 

  2. The Thunderbolt is junk, I’m waiting for HTC to release their dual core iphone eating monsters.

    1. WOW you are your first name aren’t you. Junk! Please!

    2. Dual core BATTERY eating monsters… Have you ever used a thunderbolt, troll?

      1. Hes just another troll with his DC blinders on. I wish all these DC fanboys would find me a laptop that gets even 24 hours of battery life… its getting to that point with the phones. you will get 4 hours of life then they will waaaawaaawaaa all over the DC’s. YOU DONT NEED DC’s! i wish they would quit demanding it so they just wouldnt make them.

    3. Dick Hurtzle needs some ointment for his rash.

    4. I am thinking more like Dick Hurtzim …Please!

  3. i just hit the “check for update” on my bolt and not available for me yet. Im in L.A. area, any guys out here in cali getting the update yet?

  4. When asking whether Settings > Software update > Check new would speed up the download, Verizon replied, “Checking for new software will not speed up the process. You will receive an alert once your phone is ready for update.”

    I guess I can stop hitting that button.

  5. Can’t freaking wait, I’ve been ready to throw this thing against a wall for the past two weeks due to the spotty network connectivity. Bought the thing because I do a lot of media streaming, and so far I’d have been better off sticking with the my old MotoDroid….

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s so fucking frustrating to be in a bonafide 4G zone and have the cocksuckers bump me to analog! Now I know why everyone got free data til May 15th, it’s because the assholes knew all the problems they were gonna have. I’m furious so far with the hotspot lack of maintained connectivity and waiting 10 minutes for a Goddamn GPS signal. Fuck you Verizon.

  6. Redondo Beach and nothing here yet. Come on VZW gimme gimme.

  7. @jaimerocks updates are not done by location, they spread the updates over the whole network to minimize strain.

  8. I’m waiting as well; so far my thunderbolt has been working fine lasting a whole day on a single charge. I hope this update is not a down grade and doesn’t add more bloatware if so time for rooting. The only other phone I’m interested in is the Bionic. Live in the L.a. area nothing yet waiting for the update.

  9. Nothing yet here in NJ…. i know you dont want to kill the network, but there are only 250,000 of these things out there. Comparatively, its not many at all. Come on Verizon!

  10. Nothing here in the D. DETROIT

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