Chinesegamer Bringing Sexy Time, Dozens Of Games To Android


I hadn’t previously heard of Chinesegamer before hearing from Digitimes that the company plans to unleash two mobile games a month on the Android Market starting in February, but after doing some investigating I found it might be a fun – and controversial – topic to cover. The Taiwanese company has traditionally focused on PC-based online gaming but their latest push will be into online gaming for tablets and phones. And wait until you see what they’re pushing.

Eat your heart out Steve Jobs… it’s sexy time on Android.

In actuality, the above screenshot is part of a game called “Diamond Online Club“- actually that makes it sound even worse but it’s just a casino/poker based game that features some eye candy. Does this remind anyone else of the Leisure Suit Larry franchise?

Chinesegamer has plenty of titles that are Rated G as you can see by viewing their English language site, but don’t expect any of THESE titles to come to Android. Rather than porting games from PC to mobile, the company is having games developed from the ground up for mobile devices. I have to say I’m really eager to see what they release and how its received by the Android community.

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  1. Yippee

  2. Cool. Last sentence: wrong “its.”

    1. Seriously? You must lead a sad sad life to worry about such insignifigant things!

      1. And how sad must it be to comment on a supposedly sad comment?

  3. Used to love Leisure Suit Larry series! I’m a little hesitant downloading anything from China or Chinese based co. these days, but if something comes up that looks decent, I’ll make sure to scan it through “Lookout” before downloading. Great free app from the market!

  4. nice!

  5. Bring over s4 league please. lol

  6. Sweet!

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