Motorola Still Plans to Bring Webtop to More Android Phones


Sanjay Jha first let on to Motorola’s intention to place Webtop support in future Android smartphones back in February, but since then the Atrix 4G remains the only device known to receive the functionality. In last week’s earnings call, Jha reiterated that the second half of 2011 will see several new Webtop devices. These devices will come with new lap-dock options, which Jha said will cover a broader price point. You might recall the high price tag for the Atrix’s lap-dock left many turning against a technology that was praised for its innovative convergence of mobility and computing. Motorola believes bringing the capability to more handsets will further differentiate their products from other Android smartphones.

[via BGR]

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  1. Good ideal; Motorola has made it clear they want your handset to replace your desktop. This is not going to happen over night as first cloud computing has to become a more solid feature, but then they must prove they have the appropriate hardware to do so. This allows them to take baby steps in that direction.

  2. I still love the concept. It’s heartening to hear they’ll be developing different price points and, hopefully, their software development will bring about a better user experience on the lapdock. I’d buy this over a tablet if they hit the right price and improve software.

    I always thought those two close together ports on the Bionic looked remarkably similar to those on the Atrix. How much do you want to bet that part of the Bionic delay was to include a lapdock (maybe let the AT&T exclusive run out) and up the ram to 1 gig.

  3. Im digging the idea, convertable tablet anyone?
    make the screen swing around like that Dell tablet and you have yourself a Tablet, Netbook AND a phone when you need.

    if the pricepoint was right, id hit that

  4. How is this different from the article you guys just posted concerning this same topic just not that long ago?!? Is this for those with zero attention span or something?

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