Qualcomm Leaks Details of Next Generation Snapdragon Processors


Thanks to a leaked internal document from Qualcomm, we now have a glimpse into the future of what the company has in store for their popular line of Snapdragon processors.

Looks like the first of these fire breathing dragons will be based off their new Krait design. The MSM8930/8960/8270 and APQ8064 will all be capable of  reaching speeds up to 2.5Ghz and use only a fraction of the power seen on today’s SOC’s. Apparently, these next gen Snapdragons will offer support for quad-core processing, 20MP cameras, 3D hardware and promise to be 5 times faster than what is currently available on the market. The onboard Adreno GPU will offer “console quality graphics” and will rival gaming handhelds like the 3DS and Sony’s Next Generation Portable.

Before you get your Android panties in a bunch, the world isn’t ready for this kind of power just yet. Current OS’s have yet to fully take advantage of even dual-core processors so we’re going to need a few more desserts from Google before then.

The new Snaps will be made available for manufacturers later this year so you can expect to see these in your favorite smartphone sometime in 2012.

[Via MobileTechWorld]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Lets hope battery technology can catch up, they barely get by on what we have available today, let alone these bad boys

    1. It has. There’s even a graph for you. ^look above^ Snapdragon dual-core can run it’s cores independently as well. Tegra 2 (which is complete crap) can’t.

      1. Yes.. power usage will be lower with the upcoming CPU’s and SOCs , but lack of improvements in battery technology isn’t going to help. Evidently usage of mobile devices will increase the more they are capable of. Software will become even more bloated, requiring more system resources and resulting in the similar lackluster battery life we have today.

        If only battery technology did increase at the same rate as CPUs.

      2. I agree with you.

        I think the Tegra 2 was severely over hyped, and I greatly prefer waiting an extra 3 months if that means a better processor.

  2. Love this news. Hopefully they can keep getting more efficient as well to help with the increasingly frustrating battery issues

  3. Just give me a Nexus series phone with the Dual/Quad core Snapdragon by the end of summer, and I’ll be happy. September launch? Looking to compete with the release of the iPhone 5. A5 won’t have anything on these chipsets by then. Go HTC!

    1. Actually, the iPhone 5 will be an epic FAIL.

      It will only be a 3.5 or 3.7 inch screen, and Verizon has already confirmed that it will not have 4G data.

  4. More cores mean less power consumption because the processor doesn’t need to work as hard. Most functions can be handled by a single core and the second doesn’t need to activate unless you’re doing something power intensive and the device requires the additional muscle.

    1. Bullshit. If an app is designed utilizing only a single thread you’ll use one CPU. If it’s multi-threaded you’ll use the number of cores you have and/or how many threads are present. Not sure how they’ll use less power but you’re way, ain’t it.

      1. Function doesn’t equal app. So in this case, he’s correct.

      2. For future reference, it may help to not begin your comment with a swear and use words like ain’t.

      3. You’re very mistaken. Tell me, when was the last time you looked at the running processes on your Android phone and saw just one? Power consumption doesn’t increase linearly with clockspeed. For example, it takes more power going from 200MHz to 400MHz than from 400Mhz to 600MHz, even though it’s a 200MHz increase in both cases. Where a single core processor might need 600MHz to compute a load of several processes, a dual-core processor can split the load between two 300MHz cores, using less power. That’s how dual-core processors reduce power consumption.

        Now once you start going past quad-cores, the benefit to each additional core becomes pretty negligible to even a negative effect on power consumption.

        1. Sorry, meant to say it takes more power to go from 400MHz to 600MHz than 200MHz to 400MHz

  5. Htc values relationships and the one they have with qualcomm is the best you can possibly have. Everyone ragged on them for being slow to market with their dualcore devices and look today the Htc Sensation and the Htc Evo 3d will be the best when they arrive on the set in the coming months. Next years Evo will be a Quadcore monster packing probably 1.5 to 2.0ghz Quadcore processor it simply will be a BEAST… QUALCOMM TOPS NIVIDA OR ANYONE ELSE ANY DAY OF THE WEAK… HTC FOR LIFE IN MY WORLD

    1. best you can have?

      better than developing in house chips made for your phone specifically? good luck with that.

      and speculating on next years evo is worthless. i can just as easily say NEXT YEARS GALAXY S IS GONNA BE QUAD CORE 3 GHZ WITH 12 GIG OF RAM AND IT WILL BAKE COOKIES TOO!

      its great to be a fan, but dont be an idiotic fan.

      1. Ghetto meet Yarrel. Yarrel, I’m sure you already know ghetto?

        1. What is that??? Where he lives??? He must be a new DWEEB on this site

          1. No it’s where you live: the ghetto.You see, unlike you, most people are witty and have tact. Nisme clearly just made that point. Hence your limited vocabulary of “DWEEB”, “PIMP SLAP”, “ass t&t”, etc. The fact that you didn’t get it only shows how little you truly comprehend.

        2. Nisme your crackin me up.

      2. You sound SILLY guess you can’t see past the long nose on your face that’s pretty sad..

        1. You sound silly trolling in every blog post you post in. Can you please just keep to the topic at hand instead of bringing up such goofy comments/unfounded speculation all the time? It really clutters up these blogs.

        2. Which is sillier, a comment based in complete truth (his) or a comment based solely on wild speculation and opinion (yours)? My money’s on truth.

      3. Maybe not the best hardware, but new Sense (appearing on the Sensation and EVO 3D) is much more appealing than Touch Wiz (profuse vomiting). New Sense is the only OEM shell that has made me want to ditch my N1 stock 2.3.3. Both the new Snapdragons and Exynos chipsets will be very capable of processing anything the end user wants to do.

    2. Quad cores phones will be available this year thanks to Nvidia. Qualcomm won’t have their quad core chips on the market until late 2012. Nvidia is at least 6 months ahead of everyone else in chip design. The first Tegra 2 device shipped late august last year. It just sucks that not too many manufacturers picked it up until recently.

      Proof that they are so much ahead of the others is that the quad core Tegra 3 will arrive exactly 12 months after first Tegra 2 shipped, which is August this year(in tablets), just like Nvidia said. HTC Sensation is arriving in June. Granted, it may take 2-3 more months before we see Tegra 3 in phones, too. But rumors say Nexus 3 will be powered by it.

  6. I love HTC. The EVO revolutionized all of man kind with its vastly superior QSD8650 Snapdragon processor. Only HTC will be a is good phone and the EVO 3D is the next best thing since sliced cheese. Sprint… uhh the Sensation is gonna be a good phone but the HTC EVO 3D features the MSM8660 Dual-Core SoC with Adreno 220 GPU which is better than the Sensation. HTC…. uhh Sprint has the uhh. HTC SPRINT FTW!!

  7. Come on! New hummingbird!

  8. Don’t forget it’s coming next weak…

  9. MSM8260 is identical to the MSM8660. The only difference is that the 8660 will also support cdma. Same proc, same gpu! The sensation will be a beast, just hope the battery can keep up with the chips!

  10. When will you think google will release a quad core nexus?

  11. Console like quality games will only come if developers make games that good, an average game today take 2-3 years to make on a console, a mobile game about 6 months to a year. I love the competition.

  12. It’s about time people realize the power of HTC and the HTC EVO 3D it will simply be the best device htc has made.

    1. Geez…I love HTC, but there’s no need for the HTC EVO 3D comment.

    2. If you even read it the entire article said nothing of HTC, let alone the E3D specifically. This was about Qualcomm, a chip maker. Learn to read and make comments that actually relate to the topic.

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