Samsung Galaxy S II Launching in 120 Regions, 10 Million Units Expected to Ship in 2011 [This Sounds Familiar]


The folks at Samsung are celebrating the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S2 in their home town of Seoul right now and the president of Samsung Mobile – JK Shin – had some words to say. The most interesting thing to come out of his mouth was that the Samsung Galaxy S II would be launched in 120 regions and that they expect to sell 10 million units by the end of this year. Sounds a lot like the Galaxy S doesn’t it? (And – if you didn’t know – they sold 14 million Galaxy S phones in just under a year.) Let’s see if the Galaxy S II will meet the same expectations that the original met. [Unwired View]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hope its out for Verizon.

    1. Verizon will delay it.

    2. it WILL be out for Verizon, but it wont come out till a year later when they try and sell it as a new phone for $299 with 2 year contract….

  2. I would love to know why the US carriers feel the need to completely reconfigure a perfectly good design right down to the center hardware button. I would love the button personally.

    1. meh. at first i was against the button. but now i just want the phone. reviews have been extremely good thus far. i’d just like to see someone try an unlocked one on AT&T. don’t wanna go back to AT&T but an original model will likely be the best one just like before so i’ll deal with AT&T if that’s the case

  3. All the US Carriers will have their own version. Samsung gets a lot of heat, but least they deserve props for that strategy.

    1. Wait what? Are there details on a different version for the States?

  4. Comin to Israel between May-July :))))?

    1. Ignore the “?”. Typed it by accident, Stupid Milestone :p

  5. The PR team behind the first galaxy s in our region were a disaster, to the point that samsung fired them. I wonder how the new PR team will be this time.

  6. Fuck no! Updates are fucking slow!


    £399 for the phone w/o contract in the UK. Remember that includes 20% tax. So could be cheaper in mainland Europe where VAT is lower.

    1. do O2 lock their phones?

      1. They used to, but they seem to have stopped trying to over the last couple of years.
        Easiest way to be sure is have a play with one in a non-network store (Carphone Warehouse, Phones4U) with a pay as you go sim from another network – I keep a couple of SIMs at home for just this sort of thing..

  8. If it’s LTE enabled, I’ll get it. If not, revamped Motorola Bionic. (I have a funny feeling the GS2 Verizon launch is going to be SLOW).

  9. It’s a shame you guys have a fragmented network over there in the states…. if you had just one network technology than you could just buy it sim-free ‘unlocked’ instead of waiting for it to appear on ‘your network’ ….

    Over here in the UK, a ‘deal’ from one of the operators (e.g. free phone + £35p/m for 2 years) is still *more* than cost of the phone ‘sim-free’ (from Amazon, Handtec, etc.) combined with a deal you obtain yourself…. And if a better phone appears, there’s always ebay….

    1. It is not the fragmented network, it is the US carriers believing they are special wanting to so called specializing the phone to suit their needs to find a way to grab an extra buck out of us. these guys need to just become a conduit and get out of the way to technology can progress. This is going to get even worse when it is just Verizon and AT&T as they will have way too much power over who gets to do what.

      1. If a manufacturer released a phone which had CDMA and LTE and GSM radios – would that not solve the problem?

    2. i believe you can buy it this way and use it on AT&T unlocked. still waiting on confirmation of this, but it has both 3G bands unlike the original Galaxy S i9000

  10. Man this should have been the Nexus S, all those features on stock android would have made me jump for it in a heartbeat. Sadly US has its carriers in moments that it seems like a reality tv show with stubborn selfish girls and we all get the effect. But thing for sure it does seem Samsung is working hard on the gingerbread build already but sadly some carriers may not update the phones until the gs2 comes out on there service.

  11. I hope it will sell on par with the galaxy s!!..

  12. samster11: yes, a deal may cost you more, IF you have that much money directly available.. ‘credit/borrow’ you say ? check your interest charges, they may actually cost more!!!

    Also once you buy sim free, will you always worry about how much that call/ txt/ web browsing costs??

    On a contract, you have only one cost, so no worries if you use it a lot..

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