New Galaxy S II Benchmark Shows 3,500 in Quadrant


The last time we saw the benchmarks for the Samsung Galaxy S2 they barely eclipsed 3,000 on Quadrant. One of our readers – who happens to be the proud new owner of a Galaxy S II – took his for a quick spin, too, and managed to get a whopping 3,500. (With scores averaging in the 3,300 range for the most part.) We’re not sure if Quadrant has been updated to more accurately score the Galaxy S II or if Samsung optimized the software for this thing right before launch, but we’re happy regardless. And we hear real world performance lives up to any benchmark score you could ever achieve. [Thanks Jonathan!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That’s pretty awesome for being stock, i want this thing pretty bad but i don’t really want to deal with Touchwiz. But rooting would solve that problem.

    1. Ya know, I don’t really mind touch wiz. Pretty much everything is stock, except for the launcher, which I replace anyway, and a few little things here and there which are actually kind of neat. The only thing I don’t like is the switches in the notification bar (wifi, gps, etc.), mainly because it slows the notification bar down, and I use Quick Settings anyway.

      1. Really? that’s surprising, i don’t know how it is with Touchwiz but i love having the toggle switches with CM7. It’s so much more convenient to have it in the notification bar.

        And Touchwiz isn’t all that bad, i just prefer stock over anything else. I just wish there was the option to disable it, or if they made it into a launcher replacement in the market.

        I also don’t like the fact of how much it slows things down, but i guess that really wouldn’t be a problem with the GS2.

        1. Conceptually it’s great to have the switches there, but there is noticeable stutter when pulling down the notification bar, while it’s silky smooth on the N1. I prefer Quick Settings overall, since it lets me customize which settings I have quick access to. It’s an extra click, but worth it.

          1. Never had a problem with speed with those toggles. And I guarantee you won’t have a problem with speed on anything with the SGSII.

  2. Cant wait to see what the evo 3d does once its dropped.

    1. I highly doubt it will be as high as this. They have already benchmarked the sensation and it has the same processor as the Evo 3d. And that only get’s 2400, so after software is improved it will probably get around 2900.

      1. True dat, but rooted and running CM7, I got a feeling it will be even higher once they get their hands on it over at xda.

        1. It will probably be higher, but probably won’t be able to match it. But with that same theory, the Galaxy S II would still benchmark higher if you root it and apply CM7. It’s all hardware based at that point.

      2. The Evo 3d has the MSM 8660 Processor they are not the same at all.

        1. The only difference between the two processors is their network support. Looks like Richard really needs to think before he speaks, but I guess that might be too hard for you.


        2. Same CPUs and same GPU. The only difference is one is HSPA+ and the other is multi-mode. Of course they’ll perform the same (not taking into account network performance of course).

        3. Wasn’t your stupid ass schooled enough in the Verizon 4G outage article? Yet again, you have no idea what you are talking about. Straight from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snapdragon_(system_on_chip). The only difference between the 2 processors are the wireless technologies they use. That’s it. CPU, GPU, clock speed… all the EXACT SAME. It’s sad that many of us pointed this out to your ignorant ass the last time a similar article about the same subject came up. Stop your useless and pitiful lying. It makes you look like a complete retard.

      3. Did they? I know one Chinese site claimed they did. How is it that they got a Sensation and no-one else in the world did? What model? What kernel? Wait until the Sensation’s released before passing judgement. The Exonys certainly didn’t look too impressive in the benchmarks Anandtech did a while ago but it’s much better now.

    2. It may be similar, but the 3D technology will kill battery life. I think I’d rather have them focus on battery technology instead of 3D technology.

  3. TouchWiz adds richness to the phone. I wouldn’t like to do without it. However, I do think there should be an option to uninstall it or turn it off. That would please all.

    1. Simple enough, just install a different launcher like Launcher Pro or ADW.

      1. Agreed. It’s just preference, really.

  4. I think I am going with the Sensation or G2X I dont want to deal with Samsung after their last phones the Vibrant GPS bug that never got fixed updates are slow etc,etc.. I never had an LG but will compare these 2 when the Sensation comes out and make my choice

    1. A buddy of mine has the G2x. It’s fast for sure. Seems like a great phone. But the phone is oversized to make it appear to be really large. Also, the screen brightness/clarity cannot compare to a SAMOLED screen. Try them out in the store before you buy.

      1. ya I love Samsungs screen thats why I got rid of my Nexus 1 for a Vibrant biggest mistake ever it was the worst phone I ever had and I had the Behold II it was more stable… I am now using a Mytouch 4g sure screen isnt as bright but I do not have any problems with it force close doesnt happen too often where as on the Vibrant it was almost an on the hour every hour sometimes more.

        1. I think it’s mixed results. I have a Vibrant, and I have very little problems with it. I would have switched to the Nexus S, but you can’t get a warranty, and the screen isn’t Gorilla Glass (HUGE benefit), and there is no external storage. I don’t know how the Nexus S is so popular with those 3 strikes.

          1. its popular because it gets updates from GOOGLE ;) but ya I sent my Vibrant in to be replaced 4 times the third time they wanted to give me a blackberry instead I said nope then a mytouch slide I laughed I wanted the mytouch 4G but they would not cause it was 4G so I said send me a new Vibrant in BOX and they did but I still had problems so I gave it to the x-wife and bought the mytouch 4g full price.

  5. I wonder if Samsung will ever be able to upgrade this phone to newer OS’es? Their track record on the Galaxy S was pretty poor. For that reason alone I’d have second thoughts before purchasing.

    1. Keep in mind that it wasn’t Samsung holding up the updates. It was the individual carrier.

      1. Its the american carriers whoare slow with the updatesnot samsung. the origins galaxy is already on gingerbread in most european countries ;)

        1. You are correct. Samsung is focusing on being a leader in the Smartphone market. They made that very clear prior to the Galaxy S launch. They are hard at work on a daily basis, and bring updates as quickly as possible. The US Carriers slack on that. Some Verizon users are still missing Froyo.

    2. Blame your carrier, not Samsung.

      1. its funny HTC on T-mobile were upgraded way faster and Moto on Verizon updated faster…..HTC on sprint Updated faster….. I could go on here… But Samsung on T-mobile Update slow….Sprint wasnt it canceled again or delayed whatever…. Verizons galaxy S just got Froyo recently …. BLAME SAMSUNG cause everyone else can update on every carrier but Samsung cant on any.

        1. In Canada Samsung has the best track recored, Motorola hasn’t upgraded anything, HTC has been hit and miss. Samsung had upgraded all six Galaxy S variants in Canada and they did it by the end of 2010. If the carriers in the US just left the phone as it was, you would have got the updates quicker. That’s why I bought the Bell version, it was identical to the International version and because of that I am able to run Gingerbread already.

          1. Ya I agree on the carriers trying to make each their own screwed things up also there are many fingers to point at but didnt they all have the GPS problem that is all Samsung and still no fix for my phone

      2. Obviously you have never had to call Samsung for support on any of their products. Their support like their updates is very poor also. I think I’ll stick with HTC.

  6. Damn. Thats power!

  7. How about developing some software to take advantage of the power? Why does everyone care about a better hardware that achieves when it isn’t even being used to provide a noticeably better experience?

    1. Well, hopefully over the life of the phone there will be. Unreal 3 engine games, for example.

  8. EVO 3d won’t be close. It’s a VERY VERY well known fact that snapdragons don’t come close to the power of Sammys chip. I doubt the 3D could even match the hummingbird in graphics

    1. Do you even have a clue on what you are talking about? First, the Hummingbird is the CPU in the Galaxy S not the Galaxy S 2 which has the Exynos dual core CPU. Second, the graphics are handled by the GPU not the CPU. Third, the Galaxy S2 has the Mali 400 GPU where the Galaxy S had the Power VR SGX40. Last, testing so far has shown that the Exynos SoC is the slowest of the current Soc’s and is significantly slower than the Adreno 220 used in the Evo 3D.



      1. i’ll wait to see bench comparisons of the Sensation when it’s released. then we’ll see how they fair with finalized software/hardware

      2. learn 2 read……..

        the 3d could not match a hummingbird let alone the s2

      3. You are comparing the benchmarks to the Galaxy S2 when it was preproduction at 1ghz. Its 1.2ghz now.

    2. I disagree with your assessment of snapdragon chips. They are better than you think

      1. Snapdragons are very slow compared to Hummingbird/Exynos (depending on when they fall into the timeline) The newest Snapdragon processors are faster than the Hummingbird but they should be compared to the Exynos, otherwise it would not be a correct assessment. No one can match Samsung’s hardware, that is just a fact.

    3. Snapdragons are a flop. The first EVO had graphics power of 22 million triangles of graphics per second while the Original Samsung Galaxy’s Hummingbird did 90 million triangles per second.

  9. Got the galaxy s2 yesterday and its fast, real fast, averaging 3300 on quadrant :).

    Its an exceptional phone and the build quality is exceptional, still cant believe how slim and light it is.

    The s2 is definitely the best phone on the market at this moment in time.

    1. Ahhhhhhhhh! You’re killing me!

    2. Hey man, can you download Smartbench 2011 from market and run that? I don’t trust Quadrant. Thanks in advance.

      1. 3857 on smartbench. probably could have been higher but had a couple of apps running in the background.

        1. Can you provide the scores of some other phones, just for reference thxx :)

          1. These are Smartbench 2011 Scores:

            (stock phones)

            Samsung Galaxy S2 – 3981
            Motorola Xoom – 3045
            LG Optimus 2X – 2660
            Motorola Atrix – 2527
            Samsung Nexus S – 824
            Samsung Galaxy S – 853
            Sony Experia Arc – 1087
            HTC Incredible HD – 1022
            HTC Legend – 315

            [update] I’ve had Quadrant scores as high as 3700, 3650 etc with it averaging around 3500 now.

        2. Could you download a Quadrant advanced APK and post the screenshot of that up? I’d like to see how things are individually scoring.

  10. I REALLY hope that we don’t get carrier specific versions like the captivate, vibrant, or fascinate, etc.. Just give us the real deal, without pointless modifications which only take away features and delay updates.
    If T-Mobile USA gets this, I think I’ll bite. Unless the Sensation really blows me away.

  11. Actually think of this……Samsung Captivate hasnt been out for a year and i can get Gingerbread on it. Samsung is actually improving its updates. I do hope for the US gets an original phone………..although very doubtful.

  12. Is it possible to get one of the European versions for T-mobile in the U.S.?

    1. I do not believe so. It’s AT&T who has those universal bands.

  13. The Htc Evo 3d will do just fine. The processor in the Evo 3d is the MSM 8660 it is faster than the Sensation that’s for sure. Either way the Evo 3d will probably do 2900 to 3300 on quadrant scores who knows guess we will find out soon. Htc Evo 3d will rule regardless.

    1. Do you ever talk about anything besides the EVO3D?

      1. ya he does about how great sprints 4g network is and when you hold the phone at the right angle by the window and dont move the 4G signal will be found….

        1. You sound like your talking about verizon. You poor soul

          1. At least Verizon’s been expanding their 4G network. That’s more than we can say for Sprint you senseless idiot. Have some humility. Just accept defeat and keep your mouth shut. You will never win any of these arguments because you have no clue what you are ever talking about.

      2. ” the MSM 8660 it is faster than the Sensation that’s for sure.”

        Thats the worst part. He boasts how the EVO 3D’s processor is better than the Sensation’s as if the Sensation(or even the EVO) was even in the topic of discussion.

        This dude is a complete loon.

        1. Sounds like your ready for another PIMP SLAPPING..

          1. Like the one you received in the Verizon 4G outage article? By all means go right on ahead.

      3. Don’t worry about what I discuss Mr. Jackass

        1. they are the same cpu, the reason the evo3d has a higher model number is because its indicating that its cdma

          1. +1

            Same CPU, same GPU, same performance.

        2. Oh! hahah! never heard that one before…. /sarcasm
          it’s a serious question. I’ve seen your comments on multiple forums. All you seem to do is rave about how the EVO3D will destroy everything else. with nothing to back it up I might add. If the only phone you are interested in is the EVO3D, then maybe you should stop looking at posts about other phones?
          Otherwise, you are just a troll, nothing more.

          1. A sad sorry troll indeed. Did you know he used to be dirt poor? Seriously, he was living on the streets for awhile. Look at the second page here: http://boweryapplications.org/Images/mmDocument/Red%20Door%20Jun2007.pdf Now he thinks he’s “all that” and that everyone but him and Sprint are always wrong. This pdf was originally linked to by M.K. here: http://phandroid.com/2011/04/25/pre-order-the-samsung-droid-charge-from-wirefly-and-letstalk-today-for-250/ It is not a fake.

          2. I’m a pretty nice person for the most part. But this article actually made me laugh. Now i get why Richard is all for the Evo. It’s a poor man’s wet dream.

    2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snapdragon_(system_on_chip)
      As I pointed out in your other uninformed comment above, you are stating complete lies. The 2 processors are the same in every way except the wireless technologies they employ. Such a miserable little child you are.

  14. I have the captivate and its an awesome phone easy to root unlocked bootloader running gingerbread and I wouldn’t mind if Samsung makes variety of the galaxy 2 for all providers because however it comes ill be getting one after having the captivate.

  15. Anandtech usually runs about 10 different benchmarks to try get some real world results. That is an awesome quadrant score, but I would like to see some GL benchmarks as well.

  16. stop using quadrant. piece of shit app

  17. that’s why i didn’t get the g2x. and will past up on the htc sensation. galaxy s2 is a killer of a phone.

    1. No T-Mobile bands…. yet

  18. All the Samsung haters out there are changing their tune after seeing/reading the specs on the new Galaxy S II. How funny is that? And the OS updates aren’t going to be an issue with this one being that after Gingerbread, there’s really not much in the way of additional performance/tweaks that can be added like there was with Froyo. Hell, I’m happy with Froyo now and could care less if any other updates come out. My phone does more than I ever expected it to, so I’m happy with what I have. The Galaxy S II is just icing on the cake and will once again be top dog in the cell phone world. boooyaaaahhhh!

  19. Ladies and Gents, welcome to the revolution.

  20. This software can be spoofed to throw up any number you want when getting the results for your device for what it scored. there’s a how to on XDA just how to do this to fool your friends.

    1. /facepalm


    1. Yeah only because you have to use a lagfix. your just killing your sd card.


  23. Does not matter for Verizon customers anyway, since VZW is too busy pushing mid level devices with old gen chipsets. NO WAY that VZW customers will see this device. Heck, can not even get a stable Bionic and the offspring of that will be late summer at best.

    VZW sux butt since selling their soul to CrApple.

  24. Thats one ugly piece of plastic crap. Samsung might make great processors but cant design a phone for shit. HTC kicks the shit out of them in form factor. Their designs are elegant and artfully crafted. Dual core snapdragon is going the be plenty of speed. Why are people so gung ho on having the fastest phone on the market. Is it like bragging rights or something? Come on dude its a fuc&ing phone. Id rather have a sweet looking dual core phone, than a haulin’ ass plastic turd.

    1. agreed…and i get a kick out of people proudly showing off a new phone and being able to reply, “ewww, it’s UGHleh”

      the Galaxy S honestly felt like a toy

    2. Phones are getting to the point where anything above 1ghz is fast enough. Its the same crap with people bitching about dual-core; the only good thing is that it saves you battery, but honestly Android isn’t optimized for dual-core and there aren’t many apps that do. There might be some intense games but they suck anyways

  25. That’s an outstanding number!!..

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