New Accessories Surface for the Sold Out Asus Eee Pad Transformer


Chances are you missed the initial window on picking up the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. By the time most realized it was available units had already sold out everywhere. If you are one of the lucky ones who was able to snag one before stock depleted, you might be interested in taking a look at a few forthcoming accessories for the tablet that moonlights as a laptop. There is a desktop dock, a USB adapter, HDMI to VGA adapter, and a nice folio case. Images of the accessories appeared on Asus’ Italian Facebook page, but official release and pricing info was not detailed.

[via CrunchGear]

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  1. Why show us accessories when we can’t even buy the tablet. That’s just cruel.

  2. Such a shame – I FINALLY secured money for a tablet on Friday, and this is the one I wanted. Hopefully their stock is replenished soon, otherwise they’re going to lose a paying customer. Many paying customers, I’m sure.

    1. so what? u gonna get another tablet ha?
      what an ipad? wait wait a xoom? maybe acer??
      well…i returned all of them!
      I WANT THE ASUS!! {sobbing uncontrollably}

      1. No, I won’t get any of those. But if a better Android tablet does come along before availability of the ASUS takes place, and at a decent price, I absolutely will purchase another product. By the way, no need to be passive-aggressive. I’ve been struggling financially for a long period of time, and things are finally looking up. I’m a little disappointed that the tablet I can finally afford is unavailable.

        1. Don’t worry, it’ll just be that much sweeter when you finally get your hands on one!

    2. Asus probably just underestimated the demand for a $400 Honeycomb tablet. They’ve got a strong production line, they’ll recover quickly.

      1. None of the stores in the DFW areas had any yesterday. Also, went into Best Buy and Frys and it was not evern on display.

    3. Order via BB, you will get it after few days wait

  3. 20$ says they don’t make a case that will allow it to be on the tablet and dock it on the dock at the same time! Sizing fail!

  4. The Acer looks comparable in specs. Id personally like to play with these both in-store to get an idea of which I prefer. Ill just give it a few months to let all the initial rush wear off…then Ill snag one. Impulse shopping is such a waste of money!

    1. I totally agree with you… I did purchase an Acer Iconia A500 yesterday. A500 is really nice. Vary fast and did not crash on me once. Too bad that most of my games and apps on Android 2.3 did not work with A500. I also noticed that A500 is heavy. I wrist got so tired after holding it for about 15 minutes. I just hope the Transformer is not as heavy as the A500. I’m thinking about using A500 for few more days and than return it.

  5. I’ve heard that the Transformer completely knocks the Xoom and G-Slate out of the water, despite the fact that the Xoom’s specs are almost identical. Not to mention it’s lighter and cheaper. I’ll probably be picking one up for app development. Something tells me I’ll probably end up using it for personal use, too, despite the fact I already own an iPad 2.

    1. I also heard that Transformer has crash issues… I would like to get Transformer but I cannot find it anywhere… Tried ordering on Tiger Direct and the order through. Was told that it will ship yesterday and now it’s backordered. I don’t think 4/26 was the actual launch date. I heard rumors that retailers will receive the transformer on May 14th.

      1. Haven’t heard about the crash issues. Interesting. Luckily for me I won’t need one for a couple months, otherwise I’d be going crazy looking for one!

  6. I think you need to check your “tips us” section more frequently. I have sent you this news some hours before crunchgear post ;) Now there are some new photos.

  7. ASUS only has like a month and half or so (right?) before Samsung releases their new line of tablets. The 8.9″ version is looking pretty nice to me. Sure it can’t dock into a keyboard, but there will probably be plenty of them in stock and I won’t have to “hunt” for one.

  8. I got the Acer and I must say its pretty awesome. Its a lot nicer than the Xoom. I have a transformer on order, but I may just keep the Acer cause i see the full size USB host being more beneficial than the keyboard dock. A guy in the Acer tabelt forum did a review on it. He was able to compare the Asus and the Acer side by side. If you are waiting for the transforner, read his review first. Asus doesn’t seem to be worth the wait.

    1. A guy on the acer forums picked the acer to win??? Pllease dont tell me he was a mod or acer employee as well because then I would really be confused.

  9. Just cruel intentions from ASUS. Great accessories but no device for the time being :/

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  11. @Blood your a moron. Did you read the review? It was very non biased. Both have their advantages over one another. I simply stated that if you can’t wait for the transformer the Acer is an excellent option. I feel like its just being over looked b/c its $50 more. If it was $399, I believe it would be selling far better. If the KB dock is a must for you, then obviously the Asus is worth waiting for.

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