DROID Incredible 2, Inductive Charging Mat, and DROID Charge Accessories Arriving in Verizon Stores


Everything’s all set for an April 28th launch for a few Verizon-branded devices, folks, as they’re now headed to stores. We already knew of the arrival of some dummy units for the Casio Commando and the DROID Incredible 2, but this weekend’s leak seems to suggest that actual device units are already in stock.

Along with the DROID Incredible 2, Verizon’s set to introduce an induction charging mat for the special wireless charging battery doors they’ll be making available for their newest DROID devices. (These include the HTC Thunderbolt and the HTC Incredible 2 as well as the LG Revolution.)

Pricing? Sure – $70. Don’t panic, these prices are inline with similar products such as those from Powermat’s line. In that same leak we’ve caught wind of some DROID Charge accessories. No surprise here, but you can expect a vehicle dock, a multimedia dock, and a case with a convenient kickstand. Those can be had for $40, $50 and $30, respectively. [via TDG 1|2]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Nothing beats Sprints industry leading 21st and 22nd 4g devices..

    1. Yet again, there are not 22 4G devices currently available. There aren’t even 10. So of course it can’t be beat if it’s not even out yet. Way to stupendously fail at trolling…

      1. Agree that Richard’s remark was out of place and not useful. However, by counting usb devices, hubs, netbooks, routers, etc., Sprint was claiming to have 11 4g devices back in December. Maybe now they are counting it in the 20s, although I agree the whole thing is pretty weak, since most people, or at least on Phandroid, only care about phones. I don’t subscribe to that line of BS, but I think that is where he is coming from. Sprint is still lame for hyping 4g — I still don’t have it, but have been paying the $10 premium data fee for almost a year (although that did change in name recently.)

        1. /facepalm

          sprint doesn’t have 22 4g device .. they have less than 10. 3 of which are phones, the rest are usb, hot spots, and netbooks.

          On top of that .. sprint’s 4G speed is at the same speed as everyone else’s 3G speed. So really .. they don’t even have any 4G.

        2. what this idiot doesnt say is that this 22 4G device are a total of current and to be release item on sprint.

        3. Yeah, I took a gander at Sprint’s “4G” section that describes all about 4G and the various devices. Apparently there’s 2 business modems that are also 4G capable but not listed on the “phones” section. That does bring total 4G devices to 11, but that’s still a good 9 devices away from an even 20. And by my count, even including the announced upcoming 4G devices only brings the total to around 16 or 17, but I could be wrong/slightly off.

    2. You commented on the another story saying “these posting are for real people not some Highschool kid… ”

      Yet all you do is post links to Sprint 4G device videos on stories that they aren’t even related to.

      Apparently if a phone isn’t either (A.) Made by HTC. or (B.) Running on Sprint’s network. It’s worthless and shouldn’t even be considered an Android device. Thank you for enlightening the world to your vast knowledge, you can stop lecturing us on things we don’t care about now.

      I would continue on arguing my point, but I see no need.

    3. The fact that you state a blatant lie shows your stupidity. Please list all released Sprint “4G” Devices being sold….

    4. Jesus Christ dude stop spamming this comment on every comment. Your like a broken record. And these HTC products aren’t even game changers there just slightly better products then last years iteration not counting the flyer. Its like the G2, it improves on the predecessor in every way but isn’t any groundbreaking. Come back when the Evo 2 is announced since that name has yet to be used so im expecting a quad core and ice cream software.

    5. black ass troll >(

  2. racist – horrible – remark.

    1. +1 with Rscottwebster’s comment, and people should speak up about it. No matter how you feel about Richard’s postings, that racist comment is not appropriate and shouldn’t be tolerated.

      1. what he said was stfu .. how is that racist? unless i saw something else. on top of that .. they should revoke yarrell’s posting prevligous as all he does is post stuff that arent constructive nor educational.

        All his postings are lies and annoys everyone else.

        1. Um his name is still pretty racist. Hiding the post yes helps, name still visible = censorship FAIL

          1. So what , sometimes people are called certain things becuase they actually deserve to be called that. That racist term to me says stupid ignorant black guy .. which this tool yarrell is .. a stupid ignorant black guy.

            He has portrayed that so many times as everyone knows that idiot is special .. in the words of carlos mencia, whatever his name is .. DEE DEE DEEE ….

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