Samsung’s Galaxy S II Extreme Unboxings [Crazy]


Samsung’s come up with a pretty unique promotion for the Samsung Galaxy S II – take a series of crazy bloggers from all over the interwebz, put them into extreme situations (such as jumping out of airplanes and climbing mountains) and have them simultaneously record an unboxing video of the Samsung Galaxy S II.

We recognize many of our friends in these videos – including gutsy editors from Pocket-Lint and PhoneArena – but I don’t think any of us here would ever do that stuff. (At least I know I wouldn’t.) My hat is definitely off to them. Check out a couple of these videos above and below but be sure to get the full slate of them at Samsung UK’s YouTube channel.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo 2:36!!!

    Will be the best phone ever. F whatcha heard.

    1. Best phone ever? Not hardly. Its not even released and there have been better phones announced with better specs.

      1. Name ’em!

        1. I think his Google search is turning up empty.

          1. Maybe he thought this was the Galaxy S Plus

          1. I thought they were similar matched not neccesarily better.
            Evo 3D is CDMA only (atm)
            Galaxy S is thinner slightly smaller and lighter, has WiFi Direct.
            Maybe you like 4GB of ROM but I don’t. 16GB or 32GB for me please.
            The only this the Galaxy S doesn’t have is 3D which is a debatable feature.

          2. Hate to disrupt your world yes i agree the Sansung Galaxy S2 is a very nice device very much so. But better than the Htc Evo 3d it is not and will never be…Htc has lead the way in this arena for a long time now I give props to samsung but Htc they are not. It is Htc that made Samsung step up to the plate with that weak showing early this year at CES when they were going to come out with the Galaxy s2 having 1ghz processor and touch wiz 3.0 then sansung saw what Htc did at CTIA with the Evo3d then all of a sudden it was time to return to the DRAWING BOARD…Htc made Sansung change their internal device and their touch wiz now samsung has a 1.2 ghz processor with touch wiz 4.0 who knows what that really is. The Evo 3d is a BEAST regardless of the 3d feature that can be turned off it has a dedicated camera button, 960by540 qhd screen, new sense 3.0 that is crazy kool, 1.2 ghz processor with 1gb of ram, as well as the following techonolgy inside of it, dlna,new htc sense 3.o that is CRAZY KOOL, mhl/hdmi port, htc likes, htc hub, htc watch, youtube 3d, google voice integration, and various other services and technologies. The Htc evo 3d is the best device on the market when it arrives. Htc makes other manufacturers change their product direction which in short only helps us the consumers. Htc trend sets everyone else follows. I give credit to Samsung and appreciate their product they are not Htc by no means….For 2011 the best devices will be as follows…1. Evo 3d, 2. Galaxy s2, Motorola Atrix 4g, Lg gx2, Htc Sensation 4g, then all the rest….Definately look out for next year when the new Evo will be quad core with either 1.5 ghz or 2.0 ghz processor..

          3. Sorry, I’m really excited about the Galaxy S II :)

          4. Perfectly said EVO 3D WILL RULE ANDROID just like the Evo 4g did in 2010

          5. The EVO is extremely overrated and quite frankly, it sucks. The Galaxy S series of phones have far superior hardware. And it will be the same with the EVO 3D and Galaxy S2. 3D is a gimmick.

          6. Did you just post a “satisfied” reply to your own comment? Hahaha.
            Good one.You still didn’t say how the EVO 3D is better?
            Touchwiz 4.0 includes samsung hubs (an alternate to HTC Hubs) and it also has and MHL port.

          7. LOL! What a joker!

            Let’s see: slower GPU, lower quality screen, virtually no storage space, lower-quality camera…that’s a winner allright.

            The only thing the EVO has for itself is the gimmicky 3D screen and cameras, as well as the qHD screen resolution.

          8. You and samsung need to get a grip. With your failure in upgrades as well as your joke of samsung keys. Samsung is nothing to htc the Evo 3d has nothing to worry about when it comes to the galaxy s2

          9. @Richard, WTH are “samsung keys”? He makes no reference to these “keys” you speak of. Learn to spell.

          10. @squiddy20, I assume you were answering to yarrellray. I have no ideas what keys he’s talking about either. Unless he just can’t spell Kies correctly…

          11. @Zomby2D, Yeah, I was replying to him. Sorry if there was any confusion. Before Phandroid adopted Disqus, his profile name was RichardYarrel or Richard Yarrell, can’t remember which. I’ve just been referring to him by first name since then.

  2. EXTREME UNBOXING… with no boxes.

    1. Well, one did unboxed his bowels content :P

  3. Although those guys are crazy, I would of expected to see an actual unboxing…holding a phone in the air is not that hard :) my 0.02

  4. that dude unboxed his meal lol…nasty!

  5. Can I date your girlfriend if…..oh, nevermind. (chute opened) :)

  6. Samsung to Matt Brian: “Uhhhhh yeah…….why don’t you go ahead and keep that phone, ok?”

  7. Wow. For like 2 seconds of my life, I thought he was holding an iPhone. Ok Samsung. You really need to stop. I won’t lie, I love the square-phone design, but really? I guess so… I’m not hatin, I’d get it if the LG G2X wasn’t coming out. Sorry, but I hopped off the Nexus wagon happy, to the GS wagon, left liking the camera only, to the G# wagon. Now my option leaves me at stayin on the G# wagon or going to the GS wagon. Which one?

    It looks nice, 3D isn’t a winning feature for the G2X, but Vanilla Android, but then you have root. Dugh!! I do luz Samsung cameras, but I think I’ll go with LG. I’m liking the G# series. Sorry.

  8. That was ‘extremely’ stupid!!

  9. yarrellray and thor, you guys know nothing about specs, or held a Samsung Galaxy S device. The EVO 3d is nothing compared to the GS2 in specs, and guess what, Samsung already updated the Galaxy S to Gingerbread in Europe.

    1. As said already NOTHING BEATS Sprint’s industry leading 21st and 22nd 4g devices…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6Vqi8a_swg

      1. …which aren’t even out yet. Let alone 4G devices numbers 9 though 20. You have to have all those slots filled (9 through 20) before you can release a “21st and 22nd” 4G device. Go back to grade school and learn how to count. Idiot

        1. Yo this dude’s gotta be the worst commenter ever. Point blank period.

          1. Oh, I know. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but he basically copied and pasted this same response in 3+ different articles, only one of which is even related to Sprint. He’s such a child.

  10. Ewwwwwww vomit yaksssss

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