Motorola DROID X2 Press Shots Revealed


I bet you already know what this is. No, no it’s not the DROID X. (Though, we agree, it does look VERY similar.) It could be none other than the Motorola DROID X2, then. The press shot – leaked by PocketNow – doesn’t do much for us as far as the outside of this thing goes, but it does show us the official DROID X2 logo.

It’s simply “DROID X” with a superscript of the number “2” following it. (Can we start calling this thing the DROID X-Squared?) My mother always taught me “beauty is only skin deep”, though, so let’s take a look at what’s inside – a Tegra 2 processor by NVIDIA, 768MB of RAM, a 4.3-inch display with qHD resolution, an 8 megapixel camera on the back and an HDMI port round out the specs.

The only thing that could make this device better is 4G, but that’s sadly going to be missing. It’s expected to run Android 2.3 Gingerbread and the latest version of MOTOBLUR when it finally does launch.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That thing looks EXACTLY like the Droid X + the logo. I hope some new powerhouse of a device is out by August so when I get my update I have a decent phone to choose from.

  2. Why would they make such a great phone and not include LTE? Getting locked into a 3G handset now seems like a recipe for 2 years of frustration and throughput envy.

    1. It’s all about spending less money on the phone and making a ton of it for Verizon this time around, it’s sad really. All we can do now is try to tell people not to buy it.

      1. Nobody ever takes into account that 4G is not available everywhere, and still won’t be after two years. I live in Montana, and its 4G dead zone. Why would I pay a premium for for a radio I can’t use? This is the perfect phone for me, dual-core sexiness with 3G radio on a 2nd generation handset. I’m sure there are plenty others that fall into my category.

        1. 4G is in a lot more areas then people are making out. Ya it could take a while to provide it to all the people in remote areas like Montana but hey those areas don’t even necessarily get great cell phone coverage.

          1. I get excellent 3G cell coverage in both Montana and Wyoming (where I travel often). Just because we don’t have 4G doesn’t mean we’re all farm houses and bag phones :P So, when 4G truly is everywhere, then I’ll pay the extra money for a 4G phone. Until then, for me and lots of others like me, a good 3G with current hardware is the ticket.

          2. lol@farm houses and bag phones..

          3. lol at your picture!

    2. Because then you’ll have two bionics just in a different shape

  3. Wow, 2010 called Verizon and they want their design back.

    1. wow, stupid fucking comment.

      1. Well enlighten me with some words of wisdom on the matter good sir.

  4. > he only thing that could make this device better
    Is a front facing camera, since I don’t live anywhere near a 4G tower.

    1. Yeah because front facing cameras and 4G towers some how belong in the same sentence, jizz cake face.

  5. Even Droid 2 had a new eye, this doesn’t. Not that X2 doesn’t look the same cause D2 only had a few tweaks and little cosmetics change.

  6. No front facing camera? Deal breaker.

    1. You never know since it has no front camera, no LTE, and basically the same hardware, it might only be $100 on a 2 year contract.

      1. It may not be likely but it could be hiding a camera next to the led and proximity sensor. But I agree no front facing camera will be a deal breaker on my next phone. Although I don’t miss it on my DX. Another almost deal breaker no camera button.

    2. Waaah no front-facing camera so I can look at Carl while he’s on the crapper. What a whiny peice of shit, Douche Martin. You look like a Bieber-wannabe

  7. If I stay on Verizon this will be my next phone.

    I don’t want 4G and the inevitable plan change it will require, plus I don’t expect 4G in my area for a few years.

    I want a good phone with a T2 processor though, and this looks to fit the bill.

    1. There is an off switch for 4G, just sayin.

      1. He’s saying he doesn’t want to have to pay for since he won’t get 4G in his area for some time.

        1. What you have to pay for 4G on Verizon???? o_O

          1. Not for right now, but Verizon has made mention of a possible price increase for the 4G service.

          2. Ive been with Verizon for about 9 years, I’d be shocked if they rolled out a shiny new network and didn’t up the bill for it.

            I’m already paying more than I can reasonably justify and will likely be moving to virgin mobile in the next few months anyways.

  8. I love my current droid X, and if the thing shipped with an unlocked bootloader i would really consider getting this (even though it looks like the EXACT same phone). As it stands now though, my next phone will be something by HTC, they actually somewhat support the modding community.

    1. Actually, the tide is changing in that sense. HTC is starting to ship phones with locked bootloaders now. Really you’re only choices for a guaranteed unlocked bootloader are Samsung and Sony since they both said they’d be leaving ways to unlock the bootloader and LG to my knowledge hasn’t made any such promise, but they’re phones have apparently been pretty easy to crack thus far.

      1. You have to buy the phone without a contract to unlock your Sony phone.

  9. Where’s the camera button? The only difference I see from the DX is that there isn’t one.

  10. so this is motorola`s android ‘razor’ ha?

    1. no, Jaymoneywannabegansta… this is a Droid X. Can’t you read.. or did your wannabe gang friends steal your school books because you’re a fucking tool. Pull yo pants up, yo.

  11. Its funny reading some of the comments. This has a Tegra 2, a lil more Ram, newer screen, MIGHT launch with 2.3 and the newer MotoBlur…which I have on my X and its alot better…its keeping the things that made the X a great phone: 3 mics, dual antennas, nice battery life (hopefully) nice noise cancellation…And this phone is considered no good since it doesnt have 4G or a FFC and looks the same?

    I actually didnt like the design of the Bionic or the Atrix. This and the Targa, I like them more. Like with the Droid 2. It looked exactly the same, but it was a step up from the Droid 1. This is a bigger step up from the X1, woulda been better if it had 1GB of Ram tho… At the same time, I understand why more ppl got the X than the Droid 2 initially, it was something different.

    One reason I’m not too gung ho about 4G: it wont improve reception for phone use yet. I might get a 4G phone to be able to actually use the web at work since I live n work in a bad reception area. (just moved) If I try out 4G and it doesnt have a stronger connection for the web, its a waste to me right now. I will either be on 3G forever or go to another carrier.

  12. Good thing that beauty is only skin deep, but I always thought the X was ugly as sin. Never liked that hump in the back, and the button layout doesn’t look good. I’m sure its a great phone, but I don’t see any beauty contests in its future.

    1. It really is an ugly phone, and then you see the hump. What thing decided it was done?

  13. Why can’t we get a “super phone” that has everything; qHD, front facing camera, dual core, etc? It seems like all these amazing devices coming out are all missing one major feature or another. Frustrating.

    1. Bionic?..

      1. Can you imagine what VZW is gonna try and charge for that? $250 for the Thunderbolt, $300 for the Droid Charge. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bionic come in at $400.

  14. I don’t get the ffc requirement by a lot of people… do they actually use it or just want it because its the newest thing? Personally a ffc is a turn off for me. . . How many apps out there support decent video chat? Is it worth it?

  15. why no camera button? what is the point of removing it?

    1. so tards like you who can’t spell their own name, Tom, have something to bitch about in a forum.

  16. I don’t understand the two tier concept verizon has come up with and how they determine which device will have Lte and which won’t…This is not fair to owners who previuosly had the original droid x. The Thunderbolt arrives and instantly recieves Lte status then the Droid Charge arrives and get the same treatment but the Droid X2 is stuck on 3g service just as the Droid Incredible 2 I just don’t understand it. Those devices the orginal incredible last year and the Droid x last years helped verizons android sales become very big last year and if these newer second generation devices were lte enabled then current owners of those device now would’ve flocked to purchase newer devices. Everybody I know loves their droid incredible and droid x. Verizon better make sure the new iphone 5 is a 3g device and NOT LTE cause then everyone will know exactly what side they are on…..

    1. I would just like to point out that whether you’re on Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile, 4G isn’t for everyone. I know for a fact that where I live gets absolutely no 4G service on Sprint, which is where I’d be using it the most. Granted, I live about 20 miles out from DC (which is mostly blanketed by 4G according to their coverage map), but I don’t venture there often enough to really make use of it. With that all said, I will most likely be getting a 4G phone when I upgrade, simply for the fact that the $10 fee is being tacked on to smartphones regardless of if it uses 3G/4G now. If it weren’t for that extra fee, I’d most likely be getting a 3G phone.

    2. You don’t understand, because you’re a fucking retard, Raymond Shaniqua Yarrell. Every thread you bitch and moan like your mom’s bloody tampon because it’s not Sprint and their shitty old broke down EVO. Your EVO looks like your mom’s weave… broke. Now shut the fuck up and make me a pie.

      1. Faceless loser

        1. Hey DICK, I’m a “faceless loser” too if you haven’t noticed. I don’t have a profile all linked up like you do. Don’t want it either. Why don’t you make such petty insults about me? Oh, that’s right, you have. And you failed miserably at it too. For instance, you haven’t yet replied to my comment below. Grow some balls or shut up.

    3. To add on, how does AT&T, T-Mobile, or your beloved Sprint decide which devices get 4G support and which ones don’t? The Echo is a pretty interesting phone. It could be even better with a 4G radio. Heck, under your logic, why don’t all the companies release nothing but 4G capable phones? I’ll answer that for you: because the entire US isn’t blanketed in 4G, and until it is, you will still see 3G only devices. Why don’t you ask yourself these questions before posting such ridiculous crap?

  17. If i were a DX 1 owner these “upgrades” would not be enough for me to want to buy this phone. I have a Thunderbolt and I really don’t feel I need a dual-core device right now. No FFC is a mistake though.

  18. Im a dx owner and these upgrades are significant and plus I don’t have to replace any of my docks which saves me some money….as for 4g my city won’t get it til at least next year so don’t really matter to me

  19. The lack of 4G is not appealing. But then again a new contract isn’t making me jump for joy either. My main complaint about 3G is the in ability to do voice and data. I like my DROID X. The gingerbread update is very nice. Have been busy and haven’t gotten rid of bloat ware yet. But, it will be exterminated soon. Was spoiled by free range android on my original DROID so sad it died.

    1. What? No “witty” remark to accompany the useless youtube video? No pointless flaming of Verizon/Droid/Motorola? I’m astonished. You must’ve hit a new low. Cause we all know that posting a video that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the article shows how intelligent you are. You’ve just been backed into a corner and your last-ditch effort is to post a video. As I said before, same dog, same old boring useless tricks…

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