Fascinate Froyo Update Failing? Try This [Forum Talk]


Conversations a-buzzin’ in the Samsung Fascinate section of AndroidForums.com – some folks are apparently having their brand new Froyo update fail on them. Thankfully one of our helpful members – Grahxen – has identified the problem and has come up with a fix. If you’re one of the unlucky few receiving this error – “UPDATE FAILED or INCOMPLETE. reason: IP_PREVIOUS_UPDATE_FAILED” – you may want to try it. Full instructions can be found over there and be sure to thank the fellow if it gets you up and running.

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  1. that’s why you get your update the night before the mayhem…knew that was gonna happen

    1. I got my update the night before too and my fascinate works great.

  2. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the froyo update originally failed, was recalled or had problems with every single model in the Galaxy S line. Why would the Fascinate be any different? Those that have received it are reporting excellent results though, so it’s a crapshoot!

  3. FYI I got this message with every OTA update I was sent since I got the phone when it came out. I finally brought the phone in about 2 months ago and they said my phone was on a list of 10,000 units with known defects that prevented the phone from getting updates. They gave me a replacement but still no Froyo update for me yet.

  4. I got the froyo update on my phone with NO issues. Contacts and setting were retained BUT none of my apps were. I have to download all of them from the market again.

    1. Quick update: Apps were still there. The update left me in “safe mode” which seems to hide the apps. After a quick reboot, all my apps were back. The only thing missing are the customizations I had made to the Touch Wiz home screens.

  5. Worked perfectly on my phone. Apps, contacts even my speed dials intact. Now just waiting on the Droid Charge!

  6. My update went flawlessly too and it works great. Maybe all of the Verizon testing was worth it.

  7. I forced my update, wiped before and after, and it is flawless. The whole thing absolutely flawless

  8. I am missing the developer setting, stay awake on USB, did they remove it? Did they move it?

  9. Don’t update. Battery life is shortened by half. Web browsing isn’t smooth anymore. I could go on and on. Now I need help to get back to the 2.1 update 1. HELP PLEASE. I can’t believe how bad this update is.

  10. @Sbenson1189 As I said before my upgrade was flawless you might want to get it into the store. My battery life seems to be the same if not a tad bit more with Froyo. Everything seems a bit faster now too. I have more applications on my phone now because of the apps to sd function.

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