Samsung Likens Their Galaxy S II to Religious Figure in New Ad [Video]


Samsung’s released a new ad for the Samsung Galaxy S II. The premise? You’re ice fishing and the weather conditions ramp up to the point where you need an emergency exit. Text your buddy to bring the dogsled! But first you have to take your gloves off and make sure your fingers don’t freeze as you’re trying to type on an on-screen keyboard.

This is where Samsung introduces Voice Talk – Samsung’s Vlingo-powered voice integration. Cool stuff, but something else in this ad caught my eye more than anything – “Before Galaxy S II” and “After Galaxy S II”. The G in both of those lines are D and C before they “flip” into a G.

Is Samsung saying this phone is a god-send? The second coming of a certain religious figure? That’d be a pretty bold statement if so, and I’m not in any position to say it is or isn’t that good, but I can say that it is a damn good phone. Video’s above if you care.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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    1. Damn, that’s going to be hard to carry around.

      1. I see what you did there

    2. and I thought Geek Squad was just some Best Buy employee’s

  1. Yeah yeah, we all know you would be first in line at the Church of Samsung.

  2. i really do think the author of this article read to deep into the meaning of this add

      1. Agreed. I barely noticed the whole “G” thing. After all G stands for Google! (or Galaxy)

        1. How do you not notice it? It’s in the middle of the screen, in huge bold letters. BC (before Christ) turns to BG (before Google/Galaxy). AD (after death) turns to AG (after Google/Galaxy). It’s as clear is day that they are equating the phone to Christ. And even as a devout Christian I thought it’s a good advertisement. Haha

          1. It’s not “after death.” It’s “Anno Domini, the year of our Lord.” Think about it, there would be 30ish years that are stuck between BC an AD with no distinction.

            So more accurately, with reference to the ad. AG stands for “The year of Galaxy”

            good advertising I say, but bold nonetheless.

          2. “Devout Christian” yet you don’t know what AD stands for…religious people crack me up, thanks for making my day! ^o^

  3. comedy, lol

  4. I really don’t see why they actually included BC and AD in the add. That literally includes religion into the commercial and not just emulates it.

    I’m not an offended religious fanatic but I just don’t see the need.

    Also, they make it seem as though the phone is ALWAYS listening and all you have to do is talk to it. It’s my understanding that you have to double tap the top of the phone.

    In the end its a good commercial. Who wants to take their gloves off!?!?

    1. Well there is no NEED, but it still is a good marketing gag.
      BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini) mark an event that was of such importance that it started a new era.
      Similarly Samsung marketing makes up that the SGS2 would start a new era of smartphones.

      A clever marketing gag – thats the whole point.

      I don’t know what there is to complain about.


  6. COME ON! COME TO T-MOBILE FIRST! Like last year, its only fair sammy. But hurry the fuck up already. This will be the best phone “for me” this year. First day buy. like I did with the vibrant. So ready

  7. What did he do? I want to know. Don’t keep us in the dark!

  8. I find this very creative.

  9. Samsung’s priorities are all wrong. This phone will simply sell itself, if people can ever get their hands on it…

    Stop with all of the bloody teaser advertising on this piece of vapourware, and get it to market in Canada already.

  10. Weird, here I was thinking that gods didn’t do anything productive.

  11. I wish Android-related companies had better commercials like this. Apple’s commercials are(believe it or not) humorous(Mac vs PC) and straight-forward, but appealing to the eye(general iPhone commercials), in my opinion. Of course, they could do without the lying, but still, I’ve barely seen any commercials for an Android device. The only good one that actually displays the device’s use is the first Galaxy Tab commercial. The Motorola Xoom commercial sucks entirely.

  12. “Voice Talk”… Really?

  13. stop with the hype and release the damn phone! this was going to be my next phone, but by the time they release it here in the states, I will probably have another dual core phone

  14. Samsung Voice Talk?? aka ‘Vlingo’

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