G2x Hackery: Root and Clockwork Recovery Unsurprisingly Available


The LG Optimus 2X was as easy to hack as any phone was so we expected no different from T-Mobile’s stock Android-running rendition, the G2x. There’s root, of course, and it’s provided by none other than the SuperOneClick method that is compatible with an unimaginable number of phones. After that, ChrisSoyars has an early version of Clockwork Mod Recovery for you in case you want to flash ROMs and do other such things in the (hopefully near) future. (You’ll need either Linux or Windows to get going.) [via AP]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. And since the phone sucks, nobody cares

    1. Wow dario. You must use an iphone! if this phone sucks then why are all of the top devs so stoked on it??

      1. I don’t have an iPhone and i don’t have any intentions of owning one.
        And i don’t seen any other reason other than Tegra 2 for owning this device, and Tegra 2 is outdated technology anyway

        1. You consider something outdated when they don’t even have Tegra 3 put in phones yet? I don’t think its hitting phones till August.

          1. it’s obvious this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

          2. By saying something like that I obviously must have a reason for it right?
            Those aren’t empty words

          3. I think it’s tablets in August and phones in Like November or something.

        2. you don’t seen any other reason??? honestly, no disrespect intended, but it’s hard to put up a fight when you speak like that! as for this phone sucking, name one phone on the market that is better than the g2x

          1. I don’t want to be bashed for mentioning any Samsung phones, but they make the best screens, and overall phones.
            I can say that the Galaxy S is better.
            Why? Becuase there is so much hidden potential in that phone, for example the Wolfson codec inside that can be tweaked has far superior sound quality compared to other Android (iOS too) phone around.
            The screen is also the best on the market, and can also be tweaked for better colors and many other things.
            Samsung also said that the phone’s hardware itself is capable of 1080p output, but there is a bandwith limitation (thats why they scrapped the usb to hdmi cable).
            it also supports lots of different media formats.
            And everything is put inside a light phone with good design.
            Then the Nexus S comes and is a bit thicker but adds a gyroscope and NFC chip, and a flash too, and of course: Android 2.3
            So i would say that the best phone on the market available right now is the Nexus S 4g from Sprint.

            You can gladly put up a fight, but don’t expect to win it anyway

          2. There is no win or lose. I agree with you that the samsung galaxy s is am amazing phone. I have the vibrant and am loving it. With the exception of the gps. I do feel when comparing raw horsepower that the g2x has the advantage. Thats the perk of new technology. I thought about upgrading to the g2x, but I am curious about the galaxy s2. That phone will be something else, but the real question is if they’ll fix the gps.

          3. As for the fight thing, it’s all personal opinion. I think the g2x is better, but the vibrant is almost a year old.

    2. The fastest and most powerful phone currently on the market sucks how?

      1. Fastest my ass.
        That shit is useless.

        1. Hahahah. Unintelligent ignorant people FTW!

          1. The only people that are unintelligent are the ones that call other people that without any proof or reasons.

          2. You have provided us with ample proof my dear Dario.

      1. You can consider it trolling, but its my opinion.

        1. so what’s the point in offering it? Oh that’s right, to troll.

          1. yep, trollicious.

          2. Call it trolling as much as you want, it won’t change what it is

          3. homo

          4. trolling?

    3. The phone does suck!
      And what sucks even more is the fact that T-Mobile lied and continues to lie about the specs of the phone!
      And nobody is reporting about it!
      Check out XDA if you don’t believe me.


    4. Could you be a bit more specific as to why you feel this phone is not adequate to your needs by phrasing “phone sucks”? Please enlighten us so we may have an actual conversation about it.

      1. Maybe saying it sucks was a bit harsh?
        What I meant to say is that the phone is not the best, and there is nothing new about it.

    5. this phone is amazing its sad that u dont realize
      ; /

  2. Dario probably has the European LG Optimus 2X not the US version T-mobile G2X. It’s been said that the European version is inferior to the newly released US version.

    1. Well, thats not true.
      The hardware is the same, just some radio stuff has changed.
      And the G2x is just a rebranded Optimus 2x with vanilla android (sort of).
      There aren’t any good Tegra 2 devices on the market, and there will never be either.
      But I’m personally gonna buy the Tegra 3 when it comes.
      The first generation of something is always a fail.
      The GeForce ULP doesn’t do it for me, and the name is retarded anyway.
      But as I’m a Nvidia customer i will give them another chance with Tegra 3

  3. Sucks? Hardly. Best, fastest phone on the market? Atrix. The g2x is only lacking an additional 500mb of RAM to the atrix, even engadget said it wasn’t quite atrix fast. Not to mention no qHD. Very, very nice still. With unlocked bootloader and vanilla android. Solid choice

    1. I gave up the atrix and constant .5mb download speeds and throttled upload speeds for the g2x. first speedtest=6mbps. I’ll take the low amount of ram and the developement following over the atrix with poor call quality, lame hspa, motorola bugs and 2gb cap on that low bandwidth. I was so fed up with at&t and that pos phone, i left a family plan for three to pay more for better service. waiting until 4am for anything over 2mb download isnt worth it, because im at home on wifi by then.

      The display was nice on the atrix, I could see my speedtest fails in ultimate clarity!

    2. all the specs on websites say it ships with half a gig, mine shows 1.45Gb of system memory

      1. Thats storage, not memory

  4. They need a mac solution for rooting this phone. Yes, I use a mac. I know, I know. It’s the devil. haha

    1. Sounds like you are bragging about using a piece of shit?
      Telling us about how you got scammed isn’t interesting at all :P
      But if there isn’t a way of rooting it on a mac now, its gonna be possible very soon.

      1. Neither is this comment. Or your dozen+ on this post

  5. Only a day old and already we have root! FREAKING AMAZING!! :D

    1. Nexus S got rooted 3 hours after release.
      Beat that :P

      1. *growns*

        Numerous devices have been rooted before their release. The Atrix, Transformer, Galaxy Tab, Thunderbolt, etc.

  6. The vibrant is amazing.. condoms hardware is fxckn awesome but it’s not they only hardware that is fxckn awesome. Personally I’m waiting for the SGS2 as I have the Vibrant now and everyday I look at my screen like damn. The speaker phone sounds great too.. That’s why I bought my girl the epic and not the evo.. :) but cmon.. The hummingbird is smooth but.. definitely would be nice to have a good from right out of the box! I HAD to root my Vibrant to make it awesome!

  7. my only complaint about the vibrant is the gps. i am tempted to get the g2x as the tegra2 chipset is awesome, but i have seen what samsung is doing with the galaxy s2 and i am impressed. i just hope that samsung fixes the gps. and tweaks touchwiz so it’s not as laggy. i have rooted mine, and made it run smooth. however, even stock it still ran better than 90% of the competition. it’s a hard decision, but i think i am going to get the galaxy s2.

  8. former rooted tweaked vibrant owner. you idiots, the g2x is far superior to galaxy s, because you get out of the box, the speed you can only get after major tweaking. when developers tweak this super phone, it will put all to shame.. oh and the screan is better quality then super amoled, trust me…. The vibrant does nt have a shot against g2x and galaxy s2 will be great, but guess what , the g2x is great too… so personal opionion on thenew ones

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