Toshiba’s Honeycomb Tablet Coming to Japan in June


Despite being tagged as “coming soon” by Best Buy, Toshiba isn’t quite ready to let the cat completely out of the bag concerning the US release of their Tegra 2 Honeycomb tablet. In Japan it’s a different story, as the 10.1-inch slate has been given its marching orders en route to a June release. The tablet will be known as the Regza AT300 and will retail for ¥60,000 (~$723) when it touches down toward the end of the summer month. As mentioned earlier, the name and price for Toshiba’s tablet are still out in the US.

[via Engadget]

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  1. That’s expensive. I thought Toshiba tablets were going to be cheap when they get released in the US. If it’s this expensive i still think i’m going to get the 10.1 Samsung Tab.

  2. The pricing has already been stated for US. The see that the conversion to US dollars is not an accurate price for what it will actually sell for here. But yea 10.1 tab looks pretty nice.

  3. Similar specs, similar size, there’s not a lot seperating the Honeycomb tablets. Hopefully Toshiba will see sense and make the price the most impressive aspect (for the right reasons).

  4. It looks extremely thick from the pictures. Also, from the position of the rear facing camera, it seems the preferred position it should be held is in portrait. I think other pictures show the front camera in same position. Most annoying as most people would be using it in landscape mode (gaming, web browsing, video watching etc). I can only think of viewing documents or reading email to be used in portrait).

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