Meizu Wants in on the US Market with Plans to Open California Office


Jack Wong treats them like their his babies, Steve Jobs alleges they infringe on the copyrights of his own toys. Certainly, at least one member of Meizu’s family of phones could easily be mistaken for a cut-rate iPhone clone typical of Chinese manufacturers, but Wong, CEO of Meizu, isn’t letting that stop him from opening up shop in Apple’s backyard. According to statements made by Wong on Tuesday, Meizu is hoping to bring their business to the US market and wants to open an office in California to aid expansion.

The move could see handsets like the Meizu M9 and upcoming MX land on American shores, devices that take the manufacturer’s designs to more original ground. The Meizu M8 was the center of a lawsuit not unlike the one currently facing Samsung. Apple argued the M8’s look and feel copied the iPhone too closely and had sales of the device temporarily halted. A patent technicality got Meizu off the hook. A move to the US could open the wounds anew as Apple attacks Google and Android from all fronts.

No certain details are available as to when Meizu would open their new offices, and even less can be said about when we might see the first devices shipping. The M9 shows some promise with top-tier hardware and a sleek design that tempted us from the Far East, and the MX looks to continue the tradition. Consider us hopeful we might see both on US airwaves in the future.

[via Electronista]

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  1. Enter the clone wars… sorry couldn’t help myself. ;-)

    1. come on….. really?
      btw they don’t look that similar, the sgs doesn’t look anything like the iphone in person, everything is different other than having one physical button on the front.

  2. Hi. English please:
    > Jack Wong treats them like their his babies
    > Jack Wong treats them like they’re his babies

  3. He better look out. He already had a taste of the Apple empire last year. I do like the fact he used the same screen res as the iPhone 4’s. Wish some other Android manufactures in the US woulda done the same last year.

    Interesting line from this article:

    “A patent technicality got Meizu off the hook.” This doesnt bode well for Apple in the Apple vs. Samsung case. Especially after Samsung has a phone released back in Feb 2007 that came out before the iPhone that looks like the iPhone. The F700.

    1. Yes, and really that Meizu looks a lot closer to the iStuff than samsung.

  4. Meizu come to the US and make make a 4.0 or 4.3 inch phone with Retina or qHD please.

  5. I’m kind of torn on this one. I like to see competition and I think Meizu makes a decent product but at the same time they do copy certain aspects of Apple. Maybe not the whole phone (after all a black thin screen can only be designed so many ways) but for instance look at their speaker design. Apple can go overboard but there is definitely some truth to their whining.

  6. Does that mean iphones are clones of the samsung and the meizu phones?

  7. You know it would be nice to see China come here and bring jobs so I’m all for it. Plus his phones look nice.

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