Freshly Leaked RUU Suggests Thunderbolt Update in the Near Future


A new version of the HTC Thunderbolt RUU has appeared online, which appears to be that of an upcoming system update for the handset. The actual file has been stripped of much of its identifying information to keep the source of the leak cryptic, but you can find an upgraded radio firmware version ( and fixes abound. Among those fixes are better handling of 4G LTE to 3G transitions, one of the major complaints some have had against the Thunderbolt. Also covered are tweaks for GPS location services, audio recording, video playback, and the SQLite API.

If you want to install the new software, it is possible if know how to handle a rooted Thunderbolt. Otherwise your best bet may be to wait. All signs point to this one going official and heading down to the Thunderbolt soon enough. Of course, in the world of Android updates nothing can ever be soon enough.

[via AndroidCentral]

Kevin Krause
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  1. The grammar in most articles on this site is just atrocious. Clearly not a single pass at proof-reading. It’s SO distracting and takes away from otherwise interesting and useful content. It has gotten much worse in the last months. A real shame.

    1. It’s OK bud. I think we get the jist of the article. I understand your frustration, but these guys blog on their own time/dime.

      1. If you plan on writing in a blog for the general public, especially one as large as this, it looks more professional if there aren’t any spelling or grammar mistakes. Especially now since this type of blogging is also classed as journalism.

      2. First of all, it’s “gist”, not “jist”.

        Secondly, Randy is right. The grammar is atrocious. It makes it hard to even read the article. It HAS gotten worse in the past months – to the point where I’m starting to not even bother looking at Phandroid altogether.

        1. Then don’t come on here. It’s that simple. smh

          1. That’s my point. It used to be a very respectable blog and now we’re getting this crap. I guess Phandroid’s happy with losing readers.

          2. If things like grammar stress you out then get that stick out of your arse and go for a walk. It’ll do you good.

          3. I see the SAME. EXACT. COMMENTS on bigger sites like Engadget, Gizmodo, etc..

            There will always be mistakes. Especially when we’re rushing to get an article out to our readers in a timely manner.

            Its just… life.

        2. Sounds like the best thing for you to do is read somewhere else if this site is not your cup of tea. People hear are not doctors or lawyers or even college professors so since that’s the case then view your content else where and stop down grading people. Plus most people that access this site are not sitting on a computer in some fancy office they are using there actual smartphones…This site is for information which we all need let’s NOT LOSE SITE OF THAT.

      3. I agree Yaw. The article is just fine, too bad it’s not for the Grammar Nazis.
        May 4, 2010

    2. I agree. I’m not one to freak out over minor mistakes, but this article has a couple of rather annoyingly obvious ones that affect its readability.

      1. People read here daily and perfectly understand what the point of all these articles are about. Being specific and proper spelling with everything means exactly what???
        As long as the point was recieved that is all that matters. Mission accomplished….It’s sad how people come on here thinking they are hollier than thou as if they are all that and a bag of chips when they are not…Must be alot of frustrated people in this world I know the names of all of them that frequent this site daily..

        1. “here”…it’s spelled “here” and not “hear”. It’s a 4 letter word, yet you misspell it multiple times. As for the holier (not hollier) than thou reference, rarely do I see a post where you do not act “holier than thou.” Seriously, I see an article I get excited about, I finish reading it, and in the comments I see you state how your service/phone (sprint/evo, for clarification) is better than the service/phone mentioned in the article, belittle it’s users, and completely act in such an arrogant manner.

          On a side note, are there grammar mistakes? Absolutely. As I get fast-breaking, important information from phandroid, do I really care about said grammar mistakes? Not in the least.

        2. “As long as the point was recieved that is all that matters.” REALLY?? So you couldn’t care less if the newspapers, magazines, major online news sites, and every scrap of the internet had misspellings? We’d have a whole generation of people who wouldn’t know how to spell correctly! Half the people in my college can barely spell as it is! COLLEGE!!!!! And we’re supposed to be the leaders of the future? How are we going to do that when we can barely even spell?! I’m not saying that there isn’t a time/place where misspellings and grammar mistakes are somewhat acceptable, but not in news articles. Admittedly, comments to the articles are grey space, but generally the better you spell the smarter you appear. We’ve become a lazy society. I mean, there’s no excuse for not running spell check at least. I’ll admit, I use it frequently, but not before I’ve tried to spell it out (correctly) on my own. If a 20 year old (me) can do that, there’s no excuse for article writers/ a 40+ year old “man”. And having proper spelling/grammar generally means a good education, something I would assume the writers of this site would have. I certainly wouldn’t want you writing the articles even if you wanted to.

    3. You’re a jerk.

  2. Level 2 tech. support told me there was an update in the “very near future” for the Thunderbolt this passed Sat. I just took it as a “yeah one day” kind of thing. Perhaps they actually knew something.

  3. Good to see that they are listening and have a fix in the works for some of the problems people are experiencing.

    1. Enjoy your wait

  4. Not a grammar Nazi here nor do I play one on TV. However, I do enjoy articles that have a feeling of craftsmanship about them over those that feel slapped together in a great rush.

    I’m not a spring chicken anymore, so I have to read what I write before sending it out or I’m almost guaranteed to screw something up, but it is a sound practice for anyone. I’ve not seen many messages that are more than a paragraph that escaped review without some amount of polish.

  5. shut the fuck up grammar nazis.

    1. Capitalize the first letter of your sentence. Also, an exclamation point might be a better choice to end that statement. LOL

  6. Hopefully it will fix the data disconnect issue. I returned my TB because of this, but I will go get another if it is addressed with this release.

  7. Here some proper Grammar. Randy ur a grammar douche bag.

  8. Welkome to the word where the unedgukated rule and the dumb dumbs are SOOOooo dumb, they not only don’t notice, they trash those taht du!!

  9. Dude that’s a pretty lame response. Indirectly we ‘do’ pay for this site in the sense that we come here as users of Android. If the quality lacks, eventually NO ONE will come here, so boom…no more Phandroid.

    1. People will always come hear that you don’t have to worry about…Phandroid is the first stop many of us android users make every day sometimes 10 to 20 times daily so your thought of nobody coming here anymore is BOOM….SO STUPID

  10. I pay for this site every time I view an ad on the page. I want this site to be a good well respected site. So I would recoemmend you fix the editorial problems. Get an editor or look over your own work more carefully before posting. It will help grow the site and bring more eyeballs to the advertising on these pages.

    nofan: You must enjoy being a mindless bully. Most publishers would appreciate good editorial advice. Just bacuse you dont understand grammar doesn’t mean everyone is as ignorant as you.

  11. I posted that original comment about the bad grammar here this morning and was just scanning the articles and saw all the response I elicited. Wow. Funny.

    For the majority that got pissy over my posting, a few thoughts:
    – I was not rude, or threatening. I didn’t use profanity.
    – My intent was/is to get the author(s) here to pay more care, because others care.
    – I always want and solicit constructive input for my own work product. It’s only smart and mature to do so.
    – I’m not alone. You don’t have to be an ass, or a “grammar nazi” to strongly prefer to read something that uses basic proper elementary school grammar and spelling.
    – It has nothing to do with whether I “pay”. I don’t. It has to do with whether the author(s)/owner of Phandroid would rather have more or fewer readers, more or fewer advertisers, and be taken more or less seriously as a news and information source.

    I’ve been hitting this site daily for over 2 years and enjoy it a great deal. Honestly, I see it as a service to the authors to try and help them improve their work product and the quality of the entire site.

    Oh, and if you don’t agree well… don’t agree. Free country. I couldn’t care less.

    1. Randy you are not providing service; you are giving criticism. I did not see you indicate where corrections are needed. And that is fine if that is what is important to you, but don’t try to tell us that you are doing anything but trying to feel superior by telling the author his grammar is poor without giving examples of the correct grammar.

      1. I appreciate dissenting opinion, but your post is just stupid. You really think that for me to give “constructive criticism” I should have done a line-by-line correction of the article for the author? I mean my elementary school daughter could read the article and fix it in single pass, but the “journalist” that wrote it needs me to point out each individual glaringly obvious problem so that he can follow my detailed instruction and fix the post. Right… I’m sure if I’d done that, you would have been fine with my original post. I’ll make sure and do that in the future nimrod.

  12. For the people commenting bad go to another website and read your posts there nobody’s forcing u to read here

  13. Cool! Thanks for the heads up. I’ve downloaded the files, checked the md5 sums, and flashed it. So far, so good!
    I honestly have to say that after reading this comment thread, that in my opinion, some of you seriously need to get laid. Or at least out in the sun once in awhile Yes, the grammar is annoying at times, but 30+ comments about it?! Good lord, by the time I got to the bottom of the thread, I forgot what the article was about and had to go back up to remind myself.

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