[Edit: Now Available] Angry Birds Seasons Easter Update Trailer [Video]


Easter’s this coming Sunday and Rovio promised they’d release the update to Seasons before the holiday makes its way to the forefront of our calendar. (Perhaps a “Good Friday” release is in order?) It only makes sense that this trailer has appeared online for all to get excited about bunny ears and colored rabbits. Check the video out above.

[Update]: And just moments after I post the trailer the game itself is up in the Android market. Be sure to grab the ad-supported version from here, free to download.

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  1. i have already the update

  2. Just checked and the update is available in the market now.

  3. looks like it’s has not arrive on Amazon’s Market for the add free version yet.

    1. Yeah, odd. I thought part of Amazon’s deal was that their apps got updated at the same time as the Android Market’s. It’s technically not the same app, but still…

  4. Still no go for the Amazon appstore. Looks like Amazon wont be a good deal if they don’t get the updates at the same time. Guess Rovio wants the ads out there first then update the paying customers later, or Amazon just fell flat…. wonder which one it is.

  5. I’d almost rather deal with ads than wait for stupid Amazon to update apps a day or 2 later than Google. I wish apps downloaded off either market could be updated wherever, not specific to where you downloaded them. Makes updating a hassle.

    1. I agree. The worst part is, you can’t redownload from the android market unless you uninstall first, and then you’d lose all of your data.

      Looks like were at Amazons’ mercy. Let’s hope they realize that PAYING customers do not want to and should not have to wait for updates when non paying customers already have it.

  6. Where is Updates from AmazonApps????? Just only Android Market that come with ads… what i paid it for from AmazonApps without updates????? Shame on you amazon!

  7. I had the Ad free Angry Birds seasons from Amazon Marketplace and downloaded Angry Birds seasons from android market place and all it did was update my Angry Birds seasons with the Easter update added on. The kicker is I’m still add free.

    1. Yep. Just did the same thing. Still ad free, Easter is installed and all the progress is intact. And the bonus: updates will come from Android Market now.

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