Samsung DROID Charge Launch Imminent With Beginning of Training


Looks like Verizon’s bringing their employees up to speed on their second 4G LTE device, the Samsung DROID Charge. Verizon has yet to officially name it, but the evidence is too strong to deny that’s what it’ll be called. From what we could tell in multiple hands-on opportunities, this is simply a Samsung Galaxy S with LTE radios inside – and we’re not mad at that at all. It usually takes 1-2 weeks to train so I’m hoping we’ll be able to see this thing launch at the end of this month or early next. [via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. In my point of view if is the next Droid generation phone They should of stayed with HTC, OR MOTO… only.

  2. Verizon actually gave a Galaxy a Droid-branding and not the Thunderbolt?! It doesn’t change anything, it just doesn’t make sense. A lot of misinformed people accused the Tbolt of having “last year’s tech”. This IS last years tech – only with an LTE radio (if it is indeed just a Galaxy with an LTE radio)- and Samsung’s awesome track record for US updates. There is no way in hell they are actually going to sell this thing for $300. This should be $149-$199 at the most.

  3. Bottom line is the hummingbird is just as solid as any of the new tegra 2’s and can even beat the new snapdragon dual core in graphics performance and still nearly match it in computing power. This isn’t a bad device. Anyone who has ever owned say, a EVO, or droid incredible, or even an inspire or thunderbolt, will know that those phones simply cannot match Sammy in raw horsepower. The eclair that all the original galaxy s devices launched with is crap, and laggy I agree, but that has all since been taken care of. No one knows for a fact what processor this will launch with but given samsungs track record(the behold 2 i think it was,one of the early androids) launched before the droid one, and had a far faster 800mhz processor. Sammy never let’s down in the hardware dept, ever. Just software. And if u r reading this site u will likely not use their software u will use home baked. So who cares??

  4. Gee, another mid level device being sold at a premium price by VZW. Not too sure folks will be gullible enough to fall for this, especially after Samsungs proven HORRIBLE update history.

  5. Ksizzle, the Hummingbird is faster than the 8655, but can not touch the Tegra 2. Testing the N64 and PSX app with the Fascinate and gTablet is no comparison- Fascinate is much slower, but more frames than the Thunderbolt. Ditto for more demanding Flash sites. Tegra 2 is superior, but the growing rumor is the Tegra 2 and CDMA does not mix well. Ditto for LTE.

  6. Thunderbolt is a piece of garbage, has anyone actually played with it before buying it? The screen looks like the original GM phone, shitty quality, and it requires alot of pressure from your finger to make selections. NHT made a crappy phone. Now, this phone has an amazing screen, that alone should make them sell. The price though is confusing. No dual core, but you want $300??? My second fav feature is the physical buttons on the bottom like the droid X. I hate accidentally pressing the capacitive buttons all the time….

    1. Apparently you don’t have the thunderbolt.takes the dame amoiunt of pressure as all the other touch screens … I’m know bc I’m typing on one now. And I have no problem with it.

  7. My Incredible mops the floor with any of my friends Galaxy S phones. And with all the froyo delays the Galaxy S has seemed outdated from day one. No hate to Samsung, I just hope if there replacing HTC for Goggles flagship phones they get it together. As for the charge, seems a little pricey for a Galaxy S with LTE radios.

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